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121 Run, Don’t Walk - Hey Monday

One of the best samples to represent pop-punk

122 Josey - Hey Monday

That's what I call pop punk.

123 In Friends We Trust - Chunk! No, Captain Chunk!

Great song whys it down here

124 Reasons to Turn Back - Chunk! No, Captain Chunk!
125 Getting Kicked In the Face Has Never Been So Much Fun - Veara
126 Astronaut - Simple Plan

It's my favorite song of Simple Plan. When I feel depressed, it can give me strength...

I think this song it's not exactly pop-punk, but no matter, is as awesome as a pop punk song.

127 Only One - Yellowcard
128 Hit or Miss - New Found Glory
129 Still Waiting - Sum 41
130 Rejects - 5 Seconds of Summer

IN LOVE with this song! One of 5SOS punkiest ever (sorry if that's not a word)! Should be higher in my opinion though

Pretty good, should be higher

This song is my anthem! Wish it was higher on the list...

But 5sos isn't pop punk

131 Honestly - Cartel
132 Disconnected - Face to Face

The best. But version on Big Choice is better.

133 Girl All the Bad Guys Want - Bowling for Soup
134 Pretty Girl - Sugarcult
135 1985 - SR-71
136 Hey - The Movielife

One of the first songs to get me started listening to pop punk music. Always will be one of my favorites!

137 99 Biker Friends - Bowling for Soup
138 Ballad for the Lost Romantics - New Found Glory
139 Five Four Bros - Times New Roman
140 Bicicletta Thief - Times New Roman
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