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241 Love Isn't Easy (But It Sure is Hard Enough) - Abba

Of all of ABBA's songs, I would have to say that this one interests me the most. I find it both pleasant and amusing to listen to. The song is about a couple, or two, who are arguing. The guy just wants peace, but the woman is upset with him. They never make up in the song either, but they do in the video, which is hilarious.

242 Back to December - Taylor Swift

I love this song!

The best song in this list!

243 My Heart Will Go On - Celine Dion

This song have to come in the top#1 position. Awesome lyrics and excellent music ever!

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244 Baby - Justin Bieber

horrible - PeeledBanana

245 Somewhere Only We Know - Keane

It just has that sad happy tune that makes you think. One of favorite's, and always be one.

246 Take It Off - Ke$ha
247 So Yesterday - Hilary Duff

Hilary Duff will always be the queen of pop. Her smash hit album "Metamorphosis" revolutionized the sound of popular music. This song is classic and sets an example for what TRUE pop music should be about. This song must not be forgotten!

248 Man Machine - Robbie Williams
249 Popular - Eric Saade
250 Shake It Off - Taylor Swift

What, why is Taylor's most popular song near the bottom of the list?

Say catchy and pleasing to the ear

251 Animals - Maroon 5

Its just a kinda awesome song that I never heard

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252 Lean On - Major Lazer
253 Hey Soul Sister V 1 Comment
254 Your Love is My Drug - Kesha
255 Radioactive - Imagine Dragons

They're not pop, but they are my favorite band. All the others besides Michael Jackson on this list suck. I mean come on, call me maybe at number 7? This should be number one or any of imagine dragons songs. All these other songs suck.

Just listen then you will understand...

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256 Rock With You - Michael Jackson
257 Delta Dawn - Helen Reddy
258 Let's Dance - David Bowie V 1 Comment
259 Blowing Me Kisses - Soulja Boy
260 Cheap Thrills - Sia
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