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61 You and I - Lady Gaga

The vocals in this song is just really makes this song over the top - u_maddox_bro

I love every song on born this way

It's such a great song.

I like.. That song.,

62 Happy - Pharrell Williams V 2 Comments
63 Dark Horse - Katy Perry

I love this one of my favorite Katy songs

Katy perry voice is incredible.

V 1 Comment
64 Blurred Lines - Robin Thicke
65 Americano - Lady Gaga
66 Complicated - Avril Lavigne
67 Waterloo - Abba
68 Drops of Jupiter - Train
69 MMM Yeah - Austin Mahone V 2 Comments
70 Love Shack - The B-52's
71 I Gotta Feeling - The Black Eyed Peas

Best pop ever. Deserves top 10 at least.

72 Hung Up - Madonna

Best dance pop song. Finest example of pure pop song

Great abba sample - ChatonNoir

Hung Up is #1!

73 Diamonds - Rihanna

This song keeps me relax and calm

This Song Makes Me Relax And Chill For A Minute

V 1 Comment
74 Anything Could Happen - Ellie Goulding

I love this song. Please vote for it!

75 Piece of Me - Britney Spears
76 She Will Be Loved - Maroon 5

Most beautiful pop song of our time

Ok I don't know who it is, but someone on this list is mest up in the head I mean this is the only m5 song on this list!

This song is awesome. it should be number one.

77 Crazy Kids - Kesha V 1 Comment
78 Built This Way - Samantha Ronson
79 Heartbeat - Annie
80 Remember the Time - Michael Jackson
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