Justin Bieber

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Justin Drew Bieber (born March 1, 1994) is a Canadian singer, songwriter, and record producer. He currently resides in Ontario, Canada and is Christian. He is the son of author Pattie Mallette. ...read more.


I became famous off of Justin Bieber he taught me how to dress I just like him now everything he does and I'm just like him I wear the same clothes I have my own studio and I became famous off of him he taught me how to dress he taught me how to sing and that's why respecting movies one of my favorite artists and you know I grew up watching his videos always wanted to go to his concert but you know now that I'm fame is I don't even have to go is caused you I can just asked my manager to know it's got me Justin but you know I got to talk to him first but am yeah I became famous off of you know justinebieber

He is A fabulous singer
He can sing switching his song's pitch faster than others.

Well there is no words to say about him he is so awesome! I love him the most because he sings so nice and mesmerizes with his voice. He is so nice even though he makes angry faces still it looks like a funny face. He is the third celebrity in the world to celebrate

Justin Bieber deserve to be the best and a great singer for me because he has gone many obstacles to get through each and every one of the best solo artist like The king of pop Michael Jackson so yeah justin bieber really really should be the next king of pop, I believe that one day he will be the ideal for all of us to be so cheers to justin bieber we love you sir keep on working hard I am a huge fan of yours from Bhutan.

He is too cute... I like him very he is so handsome. In whole world I would say he is most handsome singer. His voice is very strong. He sings in low voice but he sings with his heart. My dream is to meet him. I would also like to become a famous singer like him. I love you Justin Bieber...

He is the best famous pop star now he can sing, dance, play piano, play guitar, play drum he can act (CSI) he is smart, talented, amazing haters gonna hate on him but it is what it is he is the most powerful star now much love for him

He is just so god damn talented! He has an amzing voice, can play four instruments, whisc he all learned by himself, is a very good actor, can skateboarding AND he is very very good looking! Bit the best thing is that he always give back, he said it's important to him! He brake the'make a wish' record and that's only ONE of MANY records he broke! He visits hospitals and little kids with cancer he makes them smile and that's all that matters for their families, to see their little boys and girls SMILE one last time before the world lost another fighter. He always shows his love for his beliebers and how thankful he is to have us. Yeah, he made mistakes, and he will do more! But he's human! Everyone makes mistakes and only because someone is popular and rich doesn't mean he is an alien or something like this! He's still a normal 19 years old! And teenagers make mistakes, Its normal! For me he is the best idol you can have! I saw he was perfect and I started loving him, then I knew he ...more

Honestly, I'm not a Bieber fever type person. But he deserves a higher rank. He is after all a better song artist than 'gaga'. And I hope you vote for him as well... It is he who is now a teen sensation all across the globe. It was all one song then another... That I think made a big change in lives around the world.


No one can sing like him at this much small age. I also think that no one can start drumming at the age of 2.

Justin is a young world wide sensation... Even after having so much fame at such a young age he is still down-to-earth a great guy who always keeps his fans first, love you Justin!

Justin beiber is just awesome and he deserves to be right in second place after MJ. Who the hell brought in spears, gaga, beyonce, swift in between?

He is great... And would be great.. In the later years too and I being a belieber would every time support him for his music and for all the kind things he does for his fans.. And himself being a 19 yr old teen has inspired me and all of his fans.. To believe in themselves.. He is perfect as an teenidol.. And has the best voice in this whole world.. Just believe..

I love Justin so much he's so cute and is a huge inspiration to me. He's the best, I'm a big fan a real true belieber. Some of his songs make me cry, they truly touch my heart. He's my idol, has a beautiful touching voice and I can just go on forever.. Love you!

I am middle class girl from India. There's deepness inside yr voice that always inspires me. So thought of writing English songs and you know what I wrote many but the only thing is to compose them. I always wanted to become pop singer like you and Taylor but here nobody's interested in such songs. I don't wanna know about your personal life but please help me to become a pop singer. I'm voting you as well as Taylor swift. I hope you'll help me.

Justin Bieber is the best not only in his personality but he has the finest voice and he has the most marvellous lyrics and the best dance moves and he is too sexy and he has everything a girl wants in a guy and everything a guy wants to be simply he's not perfect He is PERFECTION he got the talent that nobody has or would have

I just love Justin Bieber most cute singer and most efficient singer I have listened in all songs songs are so amazing over again to say that he is the best singer on the earth I want to keep I'm on the top he is the best Justin Bieber is the best... if I want to die and to meet him really I will die for you I just love him

Justin Bieber created a new way of finding talent. He was the first singer to be found on the internet and made famous. He also stands out because most artists take time to get to get huge.. Justin was like a overnight sensation. He sold out Madison square garden at age 16 in 22 min. He sold it out again when be was 18 in 2min, for both shows on that tour. Justin is no doubt the biggest star today. He changed music forever.

I love Justin Bieber he is my boyfriend he rocks I go to all consorts he rocks the is so stupid in how you people are scaling others there is people that love Justin Bieber yeah there is some haters but for this people that who love him you rock but if people judge you take it as if it were a nice comment okay SO BACK HATERS!

Best singer ever! His songs are just the best. He is so handsome and nice. He inspires me and gets me through everyday. I love you Justin Bieber. He is my number 1 singer. His vocals are on point so beautiful. Truth is their is no words that can describe his voice and himself it's just perfect and so beautiful. His smile is just like heaven.

He is an inspiration who works hard in his career. Even with so many haters he stays strong and makes so many people happy.

I love Justin Bieber! He truly is an amazing artist, I honestly don't understand how people can hate on him so much, it is so pathetic! Be happy for the kid! He achieved his life long dream and all you're going to do is put him down? Be supportive! If you were in his shoes, you wouldn't like tons of people hating on your talent so why hate on his? Grow up people, honestly! #BELIEBER (;

He is very very talented guy. He is very cute and he meets all his fans too so I wish that he also meets his fans in India like I and my cousin and all our friends are staying in A. P and are very excited to visit him. By beliebers

He should definitely be number 1... The music he provides us are just insanely awesome... He has been famous for just few months and look where he has landed.. Give him a year or 2 and you wont even remember Michael Jackson - maddogg316

(not a fan) but I believe Justin Bieber is the most recognizable name on this earth, no matter where you go, in the whole world you can say "Justin Bieber" and they will know who that is. I can't see another name, that is more recognizable worldwide. This guy is the most famous person and entertainer alive and therefore probably the biggest pop-star after MJ, you can't deny that. He should be ranked #2.