Michael Jackson

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Michael Joseph Jackson was an American singer, dancer, and songwriter born on August 29, 1958 in Gary, Indiana and passed away on June 25, 2009. He donated (at least) a remarkable 500,000,000 dollars to charity. Michael is also known as The King of Pop (a title given to him by Elizabeth Taylor) or under ...read more.


Simply the best. Influenced ever pop star that came after him, even though none of them have been as original or as inventive as Michael has. Easily one of the best voices ever heard in the world, his range is incredible and can nail notes that no other singers can not even come close to. Incredible dancer that no one has still been able to emulate. His lyrics were precise as well. He was truly the total package in a world superstar. He spoke across race and class lines, and continues to be heard throughout the world even today. His music and legacy will never die, and his mark in music has been engraved forever.

He was the best because he was the complete package: he was not only a supernaturally talented singer and dancer who gave incredibly explosive and powerful on stage performances. He also had incredible charisma, style, and mystique. One also needs to include the fact that he was a devoted humanitarian who championed the plight of those so much less fortunate, and in fact gave tens of millions of his own money to charities. He was a gentle person who had a sensitive and fragile nature and was someone who the media made out to be a monster, and for that, the world should feel ashamed. Although we will always have his music, I will always miss his presence in the world.

Michael Jackson is the only person who brings the whole world with different races together untie as one. Its really sad that he was been innocently accused for 2 time child sexual abuse. Know Michael well before judging him. People are using him to make money. He died as if he is homeless. No one saw him cry. No one knew how he felt all the time. Is really sad that he died at the age of 50. But is a heart touching thing to find people all around the world pass on his legacy and name. Tributes from all around the world, had deeply touched my heart. Rest In Peace King Of Pop, Michael Jackson, no one will ever take over your place! King Of Pop lives on!

He is always the King of Pop... Nobody has become so famous as he was. I am from Kerala, India. Even illiterate old people in countryside from my hometown (people who didn't even know to write their own names in English) knew this one name "Michael JACKSON"... Even though they had never even listened to MJ's song or seen his photographs, they had an idea that Michael Jackson is somebody who sings, dances, has long hairs, and wears glittering jackets... Wow Michael, you are so wonderful... I LOVE YOU...
Chippy Krishnan, Toronto, Canada.

Please, use your head.

Madonna is good like Britney, Pink or Justin. But how is JUSTIN BIEBER at number 3? he doesn't have one nice song, how can you like him? He sucks! He is not a good singer and obviously not a legend... But MJ was amazing. He can't be beat.

The best pop singer who ever lived


Michael is immortal and nobody can beat him forever. He is all-rounder. His beautiful voice and rhythmic dance, his compassion, his love to the poor, he is innocent like child and charming angel. Songs like earth song, heal the world, man in the mirror are truly inspirational songs. But now the pop singers sings only for commercial and fame. He is the only king of pop now, then, and forever.

Sir michael jackson is one of the popstar who had won 8 grammy awards.He created his own style of dancing, that is mj style.Not like justin bieber copying style of other guys.Mj is the king, himself.He had ruled the world with inspirational songs and dance. But, unfortunately Sir Michael Jackson died on 2009 29th of June.Mj is died but.he still lives in our hearts.Can see mj through the dance of mj style.May Sir MICHAEL JACKSON soul rest in peace. We all love you Michael Joseph Jackson.

Michael jackson is the best showman dancer and singer ever. I like the way who he did for the women and I like all his concerts, especially bad and dangerous tour. He 's the king of pop. Michael you are the best! I love you. I am in more favourite your fans. Michael Michael Michael Michael!

Michael Jackson is the greatest pop-artist and entertainer of all time. He is also the most successful artist of all time with an estimated sale of over 23 million albums each year since 1979 til now. His album thriller have sold more than Lady Gaga and Justin Bieber have sold together.

Easily the King of Pop. Started as one of the Jackson 5, soon his talent was noticed. He has the best selling Album and Video of all time and a countless number of number 1 hits. Controversial and mind blowing. Michael Jackson is truly the greatest Pop Star of all time. R. I. P X

He will always be the king of POP and a legend too. I will always be his die hard fan. I love him and wanted to meet him but unfortunately it will not happen. A great loss of the music and pop industry. He was the greatest entertainer of the world and best and greatest singer and dancer ever walked in this universe. Love you michael forever and ever till my last breath of life

Michael you are amazing! I love you! I am a big fan of you. We love you and we miss you. You had the best voice in the world and you are the best dancer ever!

Yeah! I'll be honest, I didn't like Michael when I first heard him, but when I heard his songs like Beat it, or Thriller, I thought he was a fantastic singer. I wish he didn't pass away...I would attend all his concerts. He dances AMAZINGLY, and his swag is GOAL. And for those FALSE rumours, I cannot BELIEVE people would make those up. Michael is NOT a children hating, drunk, attention-seeking snob. He is amazing, his songs are wonderful and he's the greatest popstar of all time, alive or dead. WE LOVE YOU, Michael!

Michael Jackson, the king of pop. This man changed the history of music and has killer songs. Whenever I hear Smooth Criminal, I just wanna get up and dance. He deserves #1. R.I.P Michael.

Michael J. Jackson is not just a name. It's the name of a man, that changed Pop forever. If I hear Pop, I think of Michael. He was the greatest singer that ever lived. His voice was so kind when he was talking and could be so aggressive when he was singing. His songs are perfect, each one of them, he sang what he felt. That's why they touch hearts. I am a proud Moonwalker, and I will always be. Michael, you will live in our hearts, now and ever. Rest in Peace and teach the angels in heaven how to do a moonwalk!

He changed the entire arabian music industry and many other cultures around the wourld like indean and korean and others and most of the present day entertainers are actualy only clons of michael.

he is between us through his lovely music! so for me he is n will always be no. 1 he is undoubtably "king of pop" but he is also a "magical mistic huge hearted star" forever!...

The king of pop inspired all the following artists with no exeption. The fact that he is now number one is because of all of his fans who care about it. He had a sense of creativity, the way of dancing, singing, writing magical songs which is I think what touched us and what made him climb to the top of this list. He was a legend and he will always be in our hearts, in our minds. Michael Jackson, forever rest in peace, we love you and wew will always do.

Yes of course mj is the King of music the entire universe will ever witnessed and he is a great man and famous till now he never used any any kind of abusive languages in his songs and in his this is it rehearsals so from this we can say how is he every reporter said that he cannot dance and talk after his death but the this is it documentary is a proof of that he is only right about him and they just wanted money so they were saying all crap fo for money that's all

Michael Jackson deserve to be the King of Pop, he is excellent in singing, dancing, and in helping other people and other artists. Many artists and singers became who they are because of MJ

Michael Jackson was different to most other pop stars here. The world sells the others, In the end the amount of trashing from Jackson haters, bad press and PR would have destroyed any other. To him it did not matter, he did not need the press or good PR that others are so dependent on. In the end what kept him in the ratings is what he created. I would just like to point out that he was special in other way. He would have respect any other artist. Including Bieber!

Michael jackson has been there for me my whole life, he has inspired me to do amazing things in my life, ever since I was a baby he has been there through his music and his dance moves we have had such a similar childhood, being hated at home and by children your own age, Michael will always hold the most valuble place in my heart and someday I hope I can make it to the biggies like him, I know I will because he will always be there by my side no matter what, I love Michael jackson and he will always be my #1 I love you and goodnight

No doubt that he is the legend and huge inspiration for all the modern artists including Beyonce, Britney spears, Justin bieber, etc the whole world. No one can ever even try to compare with him also he wasn't only a singer, dancer but also great humanitarian who gave a lot of money to the needy, whatever he had with him, he used to give by helping them. his popularity and uniqueness led many people to be jealous of him.

KING OF POP. That only you guys need to know. He been successfully since he was like 12 until his death age 50. NOBODY EVEN now can beat or achieve anything what mj did. He made his own style vocally and also in dancing.