Taylor Swift

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Taylor Alison Swift is an American singer-songwriter. She was born on December 13, 1989 in Reading, Pennsylvania. She is best known for writing break up songs and for having more than 5 Grammys. She became interested in country music when she was around 9 years old and after watching a documentary about ...read more.


Better sound with Taylor Swift, even though Michael is a stage maniac. It is simply more of a Christmas kind of albums that one might get so would vote Swift on in first place. Skills can sometimes not be the feelings to admire, there is also authenticity and brand new present to find as the nicer deal. Hope to sway the agree with only Jackson to the feminine lead of Taylor Swift instead with that idol as the best this far in sound and musical talent perhaps taste more than snaps of character alone would give. Plus it is right for first to those understanding it most, and the rest have a high lead but at least not the first place of Taylor Swift. The music industry has never been more enlightening to fans and admirers alike thanks to the modern times breakthroughs with much care at that too that the new artists demonstrate. Good! - iliescu

Not only does her music bring lyrics with such meaning but she pours her heart into her music. You can feel the emotion. That is very rare in artist nowadays. It's not just her music either, it's the way she invites fan to after-concert clubs. It's sending a fan thousands of dollars to kick cancers butt. It's visiting hospitals and sending her fans Christmas gifts. It's those kinds of things people will always remember about her. That's why she's a role model, legacy, and 'popstar'.

Taylor Swift is authentic and comes across as more spiritual to music than Michael Jackson sort of machine dance and song movement. It is a delicate matter, would vote Swift instead of Jackson though. Appreciates beauty in music as well and the dedication will prove music from Swift is somewhat more professional and charming to go with it in the domain of sound. - iliescu

She is the youngest songwriter and the BEST singer! Not to mention how pretty she is with a loving heart.

I love Taylor Swift I love that she has a heart while singing to whichever song she is singing and that she is BFF's with Selena Gomez I love her to but Taylor Swift used to date Harry Styles from my favourite pop group One Direction (1D) I love them anyway I have got 23 posters of Taylor And 21 of One Direction I love Taylor swift

WOW.. Taylor Swift is the best, there are so many incredible things I can say about her.

I won't say a lot. I just think that she is -AMAZING- and I love her so much that I even can't pass the day without hearing at least one of her songs.

I love Taylor Swift so much she is very pretty and she sings very good I want to grow up some day and be like her. She likes country music and I love country music I would love to meet her one day. her music helped me get through hard spots. I think you should be number 1. I love her and she is Amazing!

Finally I like Taylor swift as a pop singer she is amazing firstly her voice is powerful and I like her style of singing because is so inspiring you to listen to her albums and songs also I like the song with Ed Sheehan it is so awesome how did they do that?

She's the best I love her. She made my fall in love with music, her songs encouraged me and taught me, and she is the kindest pop star EVER! Her voice is holy and powerful and she sings through her heart. She tries to make people happy and her name will matter to me forever. I love you!

Her songs amazed me to love music
Her voice is sweet, fabulous, awesome, touching and incredible
She inspired me to write my own notes and sing them out loud in front on my friends and family members
Taylor Swift is just too incredible and she is so pretty, gorgeous, attracting and kind
Her songs are touching, sweet and beautiful
She is just too awesome to be judged!

She such an insperation. I think people should really stop all the hate, cause like what did she do fall in love then break up with harry styles? An ps all the other stuff you see about her is all fake she doesn't swear or do drugs or show her body for money. She writes from a place that's very personal and I really respect that

Taylor swift never have the place of 3 this list is wrong she should be at the first. How katy perry can be better than taylor swift it is impossible. Everyone love taylor swift, she is the best of all.

Taylor Swift has revolutionized the music industry probing you can cross over genres and still be amazing. She is on of the best pop writers of our time and she is a role model to all.

I think taylor swift is amazing she is a great role model and she never swears she is a very good actor and always has the crowed clapping singing and cheering.

I love taylor I met get at the capital jingle bell ball and she gave me a Christmas present! Best day ever!

Taylor swift is amazing she should be number 1# in my opinion on this chart, her songs are amazing and she has a beautiful voice (;;!

Taylor Swift is the best female singer yet! I find her very emotional... In a positive sense. She sings about hr life and feelings in the most detailed form... She is #1 compared to the other female artists. She has changed for the good, not a huge change like Miley Cyrus. GO TAYLOR! Lover your style Taylor

Taylor is the best best best best best singer song writer in the world. Taylor swift while most people know her as the girl who signings of her ex's I see her songs as meaningful Anand inspirational if you listen carefully. Taylor swift 4evr and always! Laugh out loud

Come on! Taylor Swift HAS to be number 1! She cares a lot about her fans, treats them like her best friends, her voice is beautiful and she's just perfect in every way!

Taylor Swift is amazing. Her songs are uplifting, and she has a beautiful voice. She deserves to be second next to Michael Jackson

Common Taylor swift is country star not pop star most of her music is country not pop Taylor is not even belongs to this list

Taylor swift is my idol I love her music; but my mom hates shake it off... Enjoy

Taylor Swift is an incredible artist with so, so much talent. People will hate on her for everything she does, but the truth remains the same. She knows how to give a great performance, her song writing skills are CRAZY, and her voice is powerful and full of emotion. Her songs get me through every single day, thank you so much Taylor, you have helped me more than you can ever know, and I looove you even though I don't even know you... #SwiftyForever

Taylor is the best! She's a great artist and a wonderful person! She's beautiful and sing really god! I just love her!

Taylor swift is the best artist, in my opinion, known to man! She is such an awesome singer and she is an idol to many girls around the world!