Top 10 Best Pop-Tarts Flavors

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1 Frosted Brown Sugar Cinnamon

This is the best pop tart


Beat hands down

This was my childhood, even though my mom says that when I eat this I'll get diabetes. Cinnamon pop-tarts by far dominate the pop-tart industry. They're life changing!

2 S'mores


I agree people are terrible. Pop-tarts infinitely better.

I love them they are way better than most people.

I like to roast mine over a fire

3 Cookies & Creme

The best and Devin Bezzant is wrong

When I tasted those pop tarts I felt like went to heaven then came back

These are pretty good chilled in the freezer. It makes them taste like an oreo milkshake. Good stuff.

I nutted when I ate it

4 Hot Fudge Sundae

These are delicious and I love them. I ate a box of them just yesterday! They taste like melted awesome!

Hot Fudge Sundae is my favorite Pop-Tart flavor! Well, all my Pop Picks (as I call them) come really close to each other. Confetti Party Mix is delicious, and I'm not kidding. Also, have you even took a bit of Chocolate Fudge?! Well, I pity if you haven't! But overall, Hot Fudge Sundae is looking' HOT! Never. Ever. Miss. This. Flavor. If. You. See. It. I'll see to it if you do!

Me and my best friend used to get these every morning before school from the vending machine, and they are BEAST! The best, hands down.

Simply delicious

5 Frosted Strawberry

Better than cookies and creme


Everybody else is wrong

Strawberry is the original and nothing beats the original. Every other flavor falls to the wayside. Strawberry all day everyday.

6 Chocolate Fudge

It's the best! Vitamin fortified cookie! I can't believe it isn't number one! You cinnamon people need to try this

The best flavor possible for pop tarts. It does not get any better, these are simply the best pop tarts I have ever tasted. In fact, I am eating one at this very moment.

Eating it right now and I've got to say it's really hitting the spot, I was totally craving chocolate and this definitely is doing it for me :P

As a kid these we always my favorite and topped all of the others, I am surprised brown sugar cinnamon is voted best; I thought it was pretty bad to be honest

7 Chocolate Chip

It tastes good but it tasted like chocolate chips

My favorite

I love it, eating one right now

Are you kidding me who the heck likes brown sugar cinnamon what morons... Chocolate chip is the best. The only reason why people like the others better is because they've never had chocolate chip.

8 Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough

This is the best. Fight me. - CrypticMemory

The only good pop tart flavour in my opinion! I don't eat other pop tarts anymore because this is the best!

The strawberry Pop tart is disgusting simply horrible! The hot fudge sundae would be my 2nd the. The brown sugar, then the s'mores m. You can't go wrong with cookie dough...doe it does need a splash more

Seriously, I can barely stand any other pop tart because this one is so much better than any of the other flavors I've had (and I've had almost all of the others). They taste delicious toasted or un-toasted, you just can't go wrong. Best flavor by far.

9 Red Velvet

Red Velvet tastes really good!

I love it so much. after I toast it, it just melts in my mouth! They need to keep it forever not limited edition

Red velvet isn't my favorite flavor in general-but Red Velvet Pop Tarts are THE BEST! They are so delicious and I even smear cream cheese on mine after I toast them. I think anyone and everyone would love these, but especially those red velvet lovers out there, you need to (YOU HAVE TO) try these amazing masterpieces.

The best pop tart ever hands down! Please don't keep this a limited edition. When I buy, I must buy in bulk, I mean at least 5 boxes. My friends steal them because they are so good and I can't eat just one! My favorite!

10 Frosted Rainbow Cookie Sandwich

Ok - this one? ORGASMIC! The cream filling is literally like vanilla-icing and the fact that it isn't completely frosted provides a perfect balance between the icing-filling and chocolate-drizzle frosting! By FAR the best Pop-tart FLAVOR!

They should sell this one more often it is definitely top best three pop tarts!

Yep this is the best one!

By far the best poptart I've ever had! The filling inside is amazing and creamy just like icing and the outer part complements it perfectly! If you've never tried this you're missing out! I eat at least one a day - Jesusismylove


The Contenders

11 Frosted Blueberry

The best - WWEWBMortalKombatFan

Frosted Blueberry is the best. I don't know how those other flavors got to the top, but blueberry is where it's at.

Was at a five-star restaurant earlier today and the server asked, “Would you like to see a dessert menu.” I literally could not think of anything else other than blueberry pop tarts. Not the Nutella melted cake with chocolate truffle ice cream. Not the 24k shaved gold lemon tart. NO! I told the server that I wanted the check so I could go to Target and buy BLUEBERRY POP TARTS. And you know what? I started eating them before they made it to the checkout counter. So yes, I vote for blueberry.

Who voted for Brown Sugar #1?

12 Cinnamon Roll

These were the best, but just disappeared from the shelves. They need to come back, I would eat them everyday if possible. they nailed the test to match a actual tat of a cinnamon roll

These are THE BEST without a doubt! Our Walmart in Spearfish, SD, used to sell them, but all of a sudden no longer. We can't buy them anywhere. Please engage a retailer near us so we can be happy again!

The flavor is unbelievable and impossible! They totally nailed the flavor!

Best Pop Tart taste ever. It's like eating a fresh, out of the oven batch of cinnamon roll.

13 Wild Berry

Wild Berry smashes out here. These are some of the greatest things I've ever had. My wife's boyfriend's kids love them!

Delicious and fun looking, not as strong as strawberry in flavor

Sweet but not too sweet, berry cool mix of colors, great flavor - Huesos

The wild berry is extra colorful and super fruity. I love the icing colors. I thing it the best of the fruit flavors. However the quality of the outer crust has gone down over the years. Pop tarts used to taste even better.

14 Raspberry

The best poptart flavor ever. It's amazing toasted or room temp. I like most poptarts.. except the fudge ones. Gross. But wow. How can't these little pockets of perfection not be #1?! About to go pop one in the toaster meow.

This is definitiley my favorite out of ALL the pop tart flavors. even though it is artificially flavored, it tastes like raspberry. this is also one of the first flavors, it is not one of the overly sweet ones

It is surprisingly good. By the way chocolate fudge sucks and strawberry should be #1.

My absolute favorite... I never make a trip to the grocery store without buying at least 2 boxes. I live off of RASPBERRY poptarts!

1 Comment
15 Frosted Cherry

This should be number 1

so good

What is this delicious pop-tart flavor handcrafted by the gods themselves doing at number 13 on this list?! I am ashamed of all of you who did not vote for this delectable treat. Eating these is like eating an orgasm.

This was my first pop tart flavor I ever tried as a kid, and they remain my favorite. These should be much higher on the list than they are right now.

16 Ice Cream Sandwich


When will people put butter on pop tarts? - FerrariDude64

17 Frosted Confetti Cupcake

Worlds best flavor... EVER!

I just ate one. So delicious! If you toast it well it's pretty much a desert. Confetti cupcake pop tarts are great.

Amazing, that's all you need to know. Its just a burst of amazingness in every bite!

These pop-tarts are the bomb when I first taste confetti cupcake this was my reaction:" it taste like cake batter" Best pop-tarts in the world, I love confetti cupcake pop-tarts. :-D

18 Chocolatey Strawberry
19 Chocolate Peanut Butter

WHAT!?!?! This exists? Where is it sold? I've never seen these in Canada, that's for sure. I hope I'm just living under a rock because I'd buy this in a heartbeat if I ever saw it! - BKAllmighty

Ok this is like my top five. It comes in a gold package for crying out loud. It’s not gross-it’s amazing! - Cakecookiespie

Come on its chocolate and peanut butter you can't go wrong with that

Tastes pretty nasty. Don't get it - FerrariDude64

20 Blue Raspberry

This one is the best. - Camaro6

I ♥ blue raspberry. The filling will put the tart back in pop tart

Bae heaven in food form😍😍😍😍

21 Wildlicious Wild! Cherry


22 Strawberry

Wait... The original is way back here?! My all time favorite flavour of Pop tarts. My ancestors love this flavour like me. I'm outta here.

The strawberyyy is the original how could you not beat that!

Never tried it in a while, one word, BYE-BYE STRAWBERRY!, one more ore more, NO MOAR!, MOAR -Mr. Krabs, What's even better? Hot Fudge Sundae. Comment or post below! so where was i? oh yeah! one of the most beloved flavors. then, bye!

23 Blueberry

I like this flavor the best.

Yes, it's really good

Best one of them all

24 Confetti Cupcake

So good.

25 Cherry

My favorite used to be Unfrosted Strawberry. Then I tried this.

Not a lot of people like it but differently on my list

26 Frosted Wild! Berry

Purple frosting with blue squiggles? Best kind guys,

My daughter says "I f*cking love these oh my god there so good".

27 Blueberry Muffin

These were our new favorite. The filling inside is so creamy and they make the house smell so good when toasting. We are on our last box because I can no longer find them. I hope they will return some day.

it is clearly the best... I have never had cinnamon roll, but blueberry muffin is so good, I know that cinnamon roll can't beat it... I love BLUEBERRY MUFFIN!

A new flavor... great warm!

28 Peanut Butter

Best pop tart ever!

Amazing the best pop tart ever. Not just for the soft peanut butter interior but also the soft buttery crust on the outside with the slight sprinkle of sugar! Most pop tarts have the crust they break off and throw away. Not with this flavor!

I love the soft peanut butter inside also how moist the crust is. I eat them for breakfast and for a snack any time of day

Wonderful! One of the very best -- and I've tried almost all flavors. Satisfying, luscious, cozy.

29 Vanilla Milkshake

This is the best and iI am so glad it is back

Delicious, especially when toasted!

Please bring these back.

Viva La Vanilla Poptarts! The greatest thing to happen since the founding of America, if these aren't brought back I will die!

30 Mint Chocolate Chip

They took these out years ago. They always were my favorite

It's amazing, especially if it's frozen Seriously, try it!

Mint chocolate chip was my favorite ice cream but now it's breakfast pop tart

Best flavour in my opinion! They were amazingg. They need to come back! Please! Haha. Favourite flavor out of them all! They're even better when frozen as well! They're #1.

31 Oatmeal Delights Strawberry

Strawberries plus oatmeals. What could best it?

I really enjoy this flavor! I love strawberry and then plist the oatmeal? Amazing!

32 Apple

If you made it to 44/10 on this list you have too much free time, end your life.

What does apple taste like

Tasted like apples

33 Peanut Butter & Jelly

Should be number 1

34 Birthday Cake

These taste like awesome in a box! They're the bomb! c:

35 Strawberry Milkshake

Ever since Poptarts brought this flavor back I don't want to eat any other flavors. They're just so good. I hope they don't take them away again. - HamsterKing

These pop tarts were my childhood, and it really was my all time favorite. I hardly ever ate the other flavors.

These things were the bomb! I remember eating them frozen all the time (SO GOOD! )
Recently I've been craving them badly and can't seem to find them anywhere

This flavor was my 2nd favorite so berrylious out of the freezer! I wish they still made these!

36 Frosted Concord Grape

Y'all have lost your minds if you don't bring this back. Where I live in South Carolina, it didn't stay on the shelves. Just do a nationwide survey and they'll be back. Thank you,

This is the favorite of all time, I can usually find it around the starting if school

BRING THIS BACK! An entire generation has yet to experience what was truly the best pop-tart flavor ever!

Used to eat them after doing drugs and girls!

Nobody needs to know about your life doing drugs and girls. Thank you very much!

37 Sugar Cookie

Chocolate fudge is my other favorite but it's already listed so I will bring up this flavor! Christmas is my favorite time of year and this is one of my favorite things to have around it! It tastes just like a sugar cookie and the icing has adorable pictures on it that done affect the flavor! Toast it and it's even better! I always eat poptarts for dessert and I have no regrets! :D

! Amazing! Smores was always my favorite until these came out. Seriously, you have to try them before winter is over! They are limited addition... Tastes exactly like a sugar cookie! The crust is good too! Nomm

38 Chocolate
39 Confetti Cake

Best Flavor Ever!

40 Pumpkin Pie

Easily the best flavor out there! I don't even like pop-tarts but I love anything pumpkin so this was an automatic win for me!

I long for fall so I can have these again!

I awlways love to have these around Halloween

41 Orange Fanta

It's total crap for the grabs

42 Dulce de Leche

They are the best! I can't wait till halloween, to have these goodies again! JUST can't WAIT! HAPPY HALLOWEEN TO ALL you NON MUSLIMS OUT THERE CAUSE WE HAVE EID WE don't NEED ALL THAT!

43 Unfrosted Blueberry

Unfrosted POP-Tarts are on a whole different level. Unreal how low these are on here. Not a single frosted variety can compete with these!

This is the best pop tart by far. The frosted ones are too sweet.

The best ever, straight up and no icky icing to get in the way! Delish-a-mundo!

Not the best at all. But the Austin Mahoone ticks. Might be in this one! Hint, hint!

44 Birthday Cake Poptart


45 Orange Cream

I love anything citrus flavored, lemon, lime, orange. So I really love orange cream Poptarts. They are so good! Also, my favorite color is orange, so that makes sense, too.

46 Gingerbread

This one and the pumpkin pie flavor are SO good!

Gingerbread pop tarts are my favorite.

Yummy these are too delicious! - carvandog

47 Unfrosted Brown Sugar Cinnamon

Irrelevant nasty disgusting get off the charts

Unfrosted Brown Sugar Cinnamon is the best. Why? These tasty treats don't need any frosting! They taste good on their own, naked and unashamed. Just look at it lying there on the plate. Crusty goodness stuffed full of some kind of brown crispy yet soft filling! I would run down the stairs and push my grandma out of the way in order to get to the kitchen for one of these perfect little delights! More, more, more!

The frosting makes a toasted Pop Tart too brittle and adds unnecessary sugary taste. The Unfrosted Brown Sugar Cinnamon (BSC) is the perfect blend of sweetness and pastry that tastes best lightly toasted. I will drive past grocery stores that don't carry unfrosted to get to this tasty goodness and I know I'm not alone. There will be 3 full rows of frosted BSC along with a slew of the other rainbow of decadence that it is the Pop Tart aisle and yet the only row that is completely cleared out is the holy grail of the Pop Tart kingdom, that Unfrosted BSC. Listen, I get it. When you find Unfrosted BSC it is like finding the last gas station with low prices after a citywide price hike. You buy up as much as you can and then text your friends telling them that if they want in on the action, they better get down here quick!.

48 Chocolatey Caramel

This a great combination of chocolate and caramel. Of course it isn't straight up caramel but it is pretty close! You need to try these! I ate 2 boxes of these last night and they are just great! 5/5 rating.

You know you won life when your bought a box of this. - Persian

49 Strawberry Yogurt Blast

I miss this flavor. It was so good!

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