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21 Wildlicious Wild! Cherry


22 Blueberry

Yes, it's really good

Best one of them all

23 Confetti Cupcake

So good.

24 Strawberry

Wait... The original is way back here?! My all time favorite flavour of Pop tarts. My ancestors love this flavour like me. I'm outta here.

The strawberyyy is the original how could you not beat that!

Never tried it in a while, one word, BYE-BYE STRAWBERRY!, one more ore more, NO MOAR!, MOAR -Mr. Krabs, What's even better? Hot Fudge Sundae. Comment or post below! so where was i? oh yeah! one of the most beloved flavors. then, bye!

25 Cherry

Not a lot of people like it but differently on my list

My favorite used to be Unfrosted Strawberry. Then I tried this.

26 Blueberry Muffin

These were our new favorite. The filling inside is so creamy and they make the house smell so good when toasting. We are on our last box because I can no longer find them. I hope they will return some day.

it is clearly the best... I have never had cinnamon roll, but blueberry muffin is so good, I know that cinnamon roll can't beat it... I love BLUEBERRY MUFFIN!

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27 Frosted Wild! Berry

Purple frosting with blue squiggles? Best kind guys,

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28 Peanut Butter

Amazing the best pop tart ever. Not just for the soft peanut butter interior but also the soft buttery crust on the outside with the slight sprinkle of sugar! Most pop tarts have the crust they break off and throw away. Not with this flavor!

I love the soft peanut butter inside also how moist the crust is. I eat them for breakfast and for a snack any time of day

Wonderful! One of the very best -- and I've tried almost all flavors. Satisfying, luscious, cozy.

These are the best hands down.

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29 Vanilla Milkshake

Delicious, especially when toasted!

Viva La Vanilla Poptarts! The greatest thing to happen since the founding of America, if these aren't brought back I will die!

The company should bring those two falvors back. They were so delicious

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30 Mint Chocolate Chip

They took these out years ago. They always were my favorite

It's amazing, especially if it's frozen Seriously, try it!

Mint chocolate chip was my favorite ice cream but now it's breakfast pop tart

They took these way before I ever got the chance to have oneā€¦ But sounds delicious I love anything mint

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31 Oatmeal Delights Strawberry

Strawberries plus oatmeals. What could best it?

I really enjoy this flavor! I love strawberry and then plist the oatmeal? Amazing!

32 Apple

If you made it to 44/10 on this list you have too much free time, end your life.

What does apple taste like

Tasted like apples

33 Strawberry Milkshake

These pop tarts were my childhood, and it really was my all time favorite. I hardly ever ate the other flavors.

These things were the bomb! I remember eating them frozen all the time (SO GOOD! )
Recently I've been craving them badly and can't seem to find them anywhere

This flavor was my 2nd favorite so berrylious out of the freezer! I wish they still made these!

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34 Peanut Butter & Jelly
35 Birthday Cake

These taste like awesome in a box! They're the bomb! c:

36 Confetti Cake

Best Flavor Ever!

37 Frosted Concord Grape

BRING THIS BACK! An entire generation has yet to experience what was truly the best pop-tart flavor ever!

Used to eat them after doing drugs and girls!

Nobody needs to know about your life doing drugs and girls. Thank you very much!

38 Pumpkin Pie

Easily the best flavor out there! I don't even like pop-tarts but I love anything pumpkin so this was an automatic win for me!

I long for fall so I can have these again!

I awlways love to have these around Halloween

39 Sugar Cookie

Chocolate fudge is my other favorite but it's already listed so I will bring up this flavor! Christmas is my favorite time of year and this is one of my favorite things to have around it! It tastes just like a sugar cookie and the icing has adorable pictures on it that done affect the flavor! Toast it and it's even better! I always eat poptarts for dessert and I have no regrets! :D

! Amazing! Smores was always my favorite until these came out. Seriously, you have to try them before winter is over! They are limited addition... Tastes exactly like a sugar cookie! The crust is good too! Nomm

40 Chocolate
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