Top 10 Best Pop-Tarts Flavors

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41 Dulce de Leche

They are the best! I can't wait till halloween, to have these goodies again! JUST can't WAIT! HAPPY HALLOWEEN TO ALL you NON MUSLIMS OUT THERE CAUSE WE HAVE EID WE don't NEED ALL THAT!

42 Unfrosted Blueberry

Not the best at all. But the Austin Mahoone ticks. Might be in this one! Hint, hint!

43 Birthday Cake Poptart V 1 Comment
44 Orange Cream

I love anything citrus flavored, lemon, lime, orange. So I really love orange cream Poptarts. They are so good! Also, my favorite color is orange, so that makes sense, too.

45 Gingerbread

This one and the pumpkin pie flavor are SO good!

Gingerbread pop tarts are my favorite.

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46 Unfrosted Brown Sugar Cinnamon

Unfrosted Brown Sugar Cinnamon is the best. Why? These tasty treats don't need any frosting! They taste good on their own, naked and unashamed. Just look at it lying there on the plate. Crusty goodness stuffed full of some kind of brown crispy yet soft filling! I would run down the stairs and push my grandma out of the way in order to get to the kitchen for one of these perfect little delights! More, more, more!

The frosting makes a toasted Pop Tart too brittle and adds unnecessary sugary taste. The Unfrosted Brown Sugar Cinnamon (BSC) is the perfect blend of sweetness and pastry that tastes best lightly toasted. I will drive past grocery stores that don't carry unfrosted to get to this tasty goodness and I know I'm not alone. There will be 3 full rows of frosted BSC along with a slew of the other rainbow of decadence that it is the Pop Tart aisle and yet the only row that is completely cleared out is the holy grail of the Pop Tart kingdom, that Unfrosted BSC. Listen, I get it. When you find Unfrosted BSC it is like finding the last gas station with low prices after a citywide price hike. You buy up as much as you can and then text your friends telling them that if they want in on the action, they better get down here quick!.

47 Chocolatey Caramel

This a great combination of chocolate and caramel. Of course it isn't straight up caramel but it is pretty close! You need to try these! I ate 2 boxes of these last night and they are just great! 5/5 rating.

You know you won life when your bought a box of this. - Persian

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