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61 Octane Twisted

This song is just beautiful. It starts with some beautiful acoustic guitar, than moves into some fantastic vocals, and lastly progresses into some startling guitar riffs. I can't believe I have to add it to this list.

The vocals at the start. Really brief, but full of sentimentalism.

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62 Glass Arm Shattering

This is the slowest most beautiful song on deadwing. Weird to see it so low

63 Phase II

Trippiest song I've EVER heard. Melodic 17 minute goodness, I could listen to this endlessly. Better than part one, though they are quite similar, this one takes the cake I think

This is nowhere near as high as it should be, it's an outright phenomenal piece of early Wilson PT and it's slightly better even than Phase I which is ranked higher.

64 What Happens Now?

Should be WAY higher!

It's not a top 10 song, but being number 82 is an absolute crime. Best song off of the Nil Recurring EP, and definitely one of the best songs in their back catalog.

65 Collapse the Light Into the Earth.

This song should be higher up. It's very simple, but beautiful and pure.

Beautiful and haunting. One of their best.

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66 Sever

This song is so underrated, in my opinion it's there greatest! - Vindictive

67 Stop Swimming

Probably has the best lyrics in any Porcupine Tree song. Definitely deserves a top 10 spot.

68 Jupiter Island

Hands down best song on the sunday of life

69 How Is Your Life Today?
70 Signify
71 Sleep of No Dreaming

One of the best songs off Signify, reminds me a lot of Us and Them off of dark side of the moon

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72 Mesmer I

DON'T CALL ME CRAZY! Superb jam, love Maitland and Edwin especially

73 Half Light

40? I'm disappointed in the PT fans of the world. Half light has been a close part of my life, along with many PT songs and frankly ranking them is just impossible and according to me stupid. But when I see a brilliant song like Half Light no where, it hurts me. Take out time and listen to PT, and only then vote.

Haven't anyone heard of dis song? Are you kidding? Its one of their most soulful nos! Gives me goosebumps

Are you KIDDING? Their most beautiful song by far, should be in the top 20 for sure.

best one!

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74 Nil Recurring
75 The Nostalgia Factory

Just listen to it once, an extremely melodious song!

76 Ambulance Chasing
77 The Sound of No-One Listening
78 Always Never

This wasn't even on the list? It's a great song, with soaring guitar lines and sweet riffs. The chorus is catchy too.

Great tune, absolutely transcending

79 Untitled
80 Tinto Brass
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