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1 Nintendo DS Nintendo DS

The thing is with the DS what should make it number 1 on the list is that it opened up the gaming world to virtually anybody. Where PSP made more serious games, the DS had games that appealed to everybody, no matter the age. The DS is much more diverse, and it has sold tens of millions of copies more than the PSP. That's why the DS should be number 1.

Far better than psp, the only thing going for the psp is graphics, the DS is original, and has way more great games than psp. Its also more durable incase anything would go wrong

Obviously, everyone on this site is a fat 13 year old who blindly hates on Nintendo for no reason. Otherwise they would win hands down. Heres why:
-Stunningly large library of games with every conceivable genre.
-Easier for game developers to make games on than other consoles
-Easy communication with other systems
-Cheap, and VERY hard to break accidentally
-Responsive, bright screen/touchscreen
-more than one colour
-Games suitable for all ages
-Great mix of hardcore and casual games
-small size means easy transportation
-used carts instead of tiny discs like the PSP, so VERY hard to damage the games, and no overheating
-much easier to download and use ROM/ homebrew software compared to other consoles
-On the DSi and DSiXL, Virtual Console and DSiWare

Need I say more?

I just like it in every way. Everything is on it including Final Fantasy and more! It's all I need

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2 Nintendo 3DS Nintendo 3DS

I had this console and took it wherever I went until one day when I took it to the swimming pool but my point is this can play 3ds games gb games ds games dsiware and gbc games (and the game and watch collection

This is so the best! This should be number 1! All the non-Nintendo ones should be removed especially the ipod touch. The ipod touch is not, I repeat NOT a game system.

I got it on Christmas last year and I love it my favorite games are cooking mama and style savvy

New Nintendo 3ds XL is the best handheld console ever should be number 1.

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The PSP is still the best portable gaming console today compared to the PSP2 the PSP2 may have a bigger edge on gaming and graphics but the old psp's are still very very good. I currently own a PSP 3006 and the color is pearl white and my sister owns a psp 3006 and her color is radiant red and one day I have an idea on what to do with my psp because I got pretty bored with the color of my psp and then I change the color of my psp and made it to a mix pearl white and radiant red colored psp 3006 system

Until 2013 there's tons of new title release for psp so why should they claim that psp might going to kick off from the gaming industries? Must claim it as one of the best-of-the-best console we ever own for years

Best handheld device in this world. Psp is the best game because it's portable and can be taken anywhere and anytime

With the library of games it has, plus all the emulation capabilities it is a no brainer what is the best portable console.

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4 PlayStation Vita PlayStation Vita

Graphics similar to PS3
Dual analog sticks
Touch screen similar to I-Pad
Dual camera (front and back)
What mare can you ask for

Dream Gadget. Has no worthy competitor. Simply put, "Top of the line".

It's the best come on it has 3g wifi, touch screen and it can play as the ps3 controller and for the ps4!

Should be at 1st best graphics

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5 Game Boy Game Boy

This did not release in the 60s, this released in 1989.

Started handheld gaming. Should be #1.

Really good for old times

Looking at this thing gives me a nastolgic boner

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6 Game Boy Advance Game Boy Advance

Great handheld with excellent fit and finish. The original GBA uses just two AA batteries, pop in new batteries and it works like new to this day. The only drawback is no backlight but this gives the GBA an incredible amount of battery life for cord free game play! Other handhelds using proprietary batteries are dead in the water due to the battery no longer holding a charge.

GBA is like a portable 16 bit, and has much more entertaining games than the newer systems above it. - uweuan

Great game library on an older system that was way ahead of its time

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7 Sega Game Gear

Very sleek design, comfortable to play, some games ported from genesis were actually better on game gear. Full colour display, better than master system slightly. The machine itself came in different colours. It was ahead of its time. Just needed better support from other parties. Battery life can be improved with a LED mod, or even just use rechargeable batteries...done!

Full Color desplay and a backlight! But the worst ever battery!

8 Game Boy Advance SP Game Boy Advance SP

This is the best gameboy I mean you can play all gameboy games on it

One word "Mother 3" one of the best games ever created.

It's awesome and is backwards compatible with all the old games. And you can play some recent-ish ones too. Best ever!

Back-lot screen, original games, awesome ports (namely SNES classics and PC games like Doom and Wolfenstein 3D), backwards compatibility, and unbelievable power for a handheld at the time. This is the best console for retro gamers.

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9 Game Boy Color Game Boy Color

It is a blast from the past the good past and I know this without this we wouldn't have #9, #5, #6, #3, #4

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10 TurboExpress

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11 Neo Geo Pocket Color

Microswitched stick, 40 hour battery life, an insane selection of games, and the ability to link to a Sega Dreamcast should put this system on the list.

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12 Nvidia Shield

Graphics should alone put it at number 1! The other companies aren't even trying anymore besides Sony.

This is the most powerful machine on this list. Nothing even comes even close to it and it can emulate almost this entry list.

Nvidia is the best as it has the best design and overall game library compared to the others

This is the best because it is just different! It's a controller/tablet/gameboy so you can play games,watch youtube,and easy interface

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13 Atari Lynx
14 Wonderswan

The Wonderswan is a great console with a unique design and good library of games. It is very underrated in my opinion.

15 PSPgo

Psp go is good its way too underrated

It is awesome! No problem for me! You Justin have to master don't follow wich is am easy this game in my opinion!

The best handheld console fits a pocket and also better than the original PSP or even the nintendo 3ds

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16 New Nintendo 3DS XL

This device has face-tracking 3d(awesome) which allows you not to be so stiff when you play. Also, Pokemon and Super Smash are both on there! What else can beat that?

17 Nintendo 2DS

We can play all games Nintendo games on it

Opened lots of youtubers the idea to make funny videos of the non-existent 1DS

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18 Nintendo DSi Nintendo DSi
19 PSP 3000

Psp 3000 is awesome its way too low it should be in top 10

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