Best Porter Robinson Songs

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1 Language

This Has Gotta be The First Electro Song With Not Just Best But Perfect, Vocal, Bass and Start & End... Well Basically This Is Just The Perfect Electro Ever... Period!

Best of PR

2 Spitfire
3 Shelter


4 Sad Machine

I love the two perspectives and the melancholy of the lyrics...just perfect.

5 Unison
6 The Wildcat

Intense, and really worth an EDM hit. Uses elements of house and dubstep

7 Goodbye to a World

Do I really have to pick a favorite song from Worlds? Fine then. I guess the one that stuck with me the most is "Goodbye To A World" (maybe because it's the last song on the album? I don't know.) It's just an all-around beautiful work of art. It's sad, but hopeful. The production, like the rest of the album, is masterful. I just love this song so much.

Most emotional song by far - HeyImAsher

good x 2

8 Say My Name
9 Fellow Feeling

Personally one of the best electronic tracks alongside with Strobe by deadmua5. A symphonic masterpiece.

10 Divinity

The Contenders

11 Lionhearted
12 Easy
13 Polygon Dust
14 Hear the Bells

I LOVE Porter Robinson, all of his songs are damn near perfect, but lately Hear the Bells has been really getting to me. LOVE IT

15 The State (Skism Remix)
16 Fresh Static Snow

The best, most emotional song on the Entire worlds album and of 2015

17 She Heals Everything
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