Best Position to Hold In a Band

A lot of people dream of being in a rock band, but which position in a band is the best to have?

The Top Ten

Lead Singer

Yeah lead singer is the one who comes out to be identity of a band!

Lead singer are always identified band.

Lead singers are the ones that have most eyes on them and have to constantly train teir voice to the likings of people everywhere. These are the most noted members of te band.

The most noted member of the band the lead singer, or vocals, has majority of eyes on them, and they have to constantly train their voice to keep an audience hooked on the band.

All the girls remember the lead singers name the most

Lead Guitarist

Best position and most skill required. Also sounds the coolest.

The talent and skill that is put into a great guitar player can sometimes get them more noticed than the lead singer.

Guitarist is one of the needed person in the band!

This is my position


The drummer not only has the best seat in the house, but controls the tempo of the music, and is also responsible for keeping everyone else on tempo.

Best seat in the house, between the bass and the guitar, yes, we love the rev and lars

Even though you're secluded in the back the drummer adds heavy beats to songs.

Least Obnoxious member of the band, most chilled


Generally the guy with the most brains, most knowledge of music Theory and most talanted

Usually the most underrated member of a typical four or five piece band, but can still be just as important.

One of the most important members of the band, it connects the band.

As important as drummer. Look how people move its heads, always is following the the bass lines.

Rhythm Guitarist

More important than lead guitarist because this guy lays down the riffs everyone knows from the songs. However if you aren't going to have one the lead guitar CAN cover it, although you can't have solos with a riff which would make the song stronger.

Usually the lead singer can be the lead guitarist, but there are many bands with an extra guitarist.

Keyboardist / Pianist

Usually kind of underrated but add flairs and more emphasis on the tune making them valuable.


Basically you help to make sure the band has a career.


Keeps the beat steady


You help manage the music recordings.


The Contenders

Background Vocals

Probably the best space for me


You help set up the venue for the band.

Sound Manager
Bass Player
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