Best Post-hardcore Albums From Actual Post-hardcore Bands

Post-hardcore albums. I shouldn't have to describe this.

The Top Ten

1 Repeater - Fugazi

There would be no post hardcore without Ian mackaye and fugazi

2 Relationship of Command - At the Drive-In
3 We Are the Romans - Botch
4 The Artist In the Ambulance - Thrice
5 Worship and Tribute - Glassjaw

It's only the second most influential album to actual post-hardcore bands on this list. First being "Relationship of Command".

6 Full Collapse - Thursday
7 Catch for Us the Foxes - Mewithoutyou
8 Wildlife - La Dispute

La Dispute are one of the best bands out there. Definitely one of that strongest lyrical band out there.

Raw, emotional, powerful. Really good album

9 Black Diamonds - Issues
10 Discovering the Waterfront - Silverstein

There's so many types of post-hardcore... hard to pin down the "real" ones. Oh well, Silverstein defines their style post-hardcore. I'll vote here because whoever made this list was obviously aiming for Silverstein's sound. - ThatStrangeKid42

The Contenders

11 Terrorhawk - Bear vs. Shark
12 Digital Renegade - I See Stars

The best album I've ever heard.

13 Conversation Piece - A Lot Like Birds
14 Number[s] - Woe, Is Me
15 Kingdoms - Broadway

Unbelievable album every true post-hardcore fan has to have this album in their collection

16 3-D - I See Stars
17 Something for Nothing - Chunk! No, Captain Chunk!
18 Genesi[s] - Woe, Is Me
19 It's Now or Never - Make Me Famous
20 First Born - The Plot In You
21 Could You Watch Your Children Burn - The Plot In You
22 Wife Beater - The Plot In You
23 The End of the World Party - I See Stars
24 We All Have Demons - The Color Morale
25 My Devil In Your Eyes - The Color Morale
26 Yours Forever - The Seeking
27 Pick Your Poison - Famous Last Words
28 The Ascent - Secrets
29 This Is How the Wind Shifts - Silverstein
30 To Plant a Seed - We Came As Romans
31 Understanding What We've Grown to Be - We Came As Romans
32 The Ghosts Among Us - Our Last Night
33 We Will All Evolve - Our Last Night
34 Age of Ignorance - Our Last Night
35 We've Been Holding Back - Our Last Night
36 Building Cities From Scratch - Our Last Night
37 When We Don't Exist - Like Moths to Flames
38 The Royal Thousand - Glass Cloud
39 Best Kind of Mess - Get Scared
40 Metrics - Honour Crest
41 A Change In Perspective - Honour Crest
42 Green Light Go! - I See Stars
43 I See Stars - I See Stars
44 Gentlemen's Brawl - Broadway
45 Your World On Fire - In Fear and Faith
46 Imperial - In Fear and Faith
47 In Fear and Faith - In Fear and Faith
48 'Til Death - Capture the Crown
49 Deceiver - The Word Alive
50 Life Cycles - The Word Alive
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