Best Post-movie Spongebob Episodes

Though Spongebob has been going down the drain ever since season 4, there have been some great post-movie Spongebob episodes!

The Top Ten

1 Krusty Towers

In my opinion, I think Season 4 is still part of classic Spongebob, giving us episodes like Fear of a Krabby Patty, Skill Crane, Wishing You Well, Dumces and Dragons, The Lost Mattress, Shell of a Man, and this. The humor in this episode is great, the transitions are smooth, the characters are all likable/get compensation, and the story is entertaining and believable. Definitely one of, if not the, best Spongebob episode of all time.

This should be #1. There is not a moment in this episode where I didn't laugh. After the episode Night Light premiered (season 5) Spongebob started going down the drain.

I Had No Idea This Was A Season 4 Episode Until I Looked It Up It's That Good It Has Fantastic Humour, Awesome Story And Squid ward Acutely Getting Pay Back For Once. I Could Watch This Episode A Million Times And Still Love It More And More It's Not Only My Favourite Post Movie Spongebob Episode But It's One Of My Top 10 Favourite Spongebob Episodes of All Time

I really thought this episode was another trash squidward torture porn before I watched this, but boy was I wrong, I really love this episode, its obviously on my top 10

2 Sand Castles In the Sand

The worst part is... Patrick rips off his skin. - LapisBob

I just watched this episode and it is amazing! It should be in the top 3. The whole episode feels like it actually has reason unlike most post-movie episodes. The fight was absolutely epic and I like the shin dig joke toward the beginning. It really does feel like it could be a pre-movie episode.

This felt like a Season 3 episode. The animation steals the show, and the music fits the action perfectly. However, I would vote for Krusty Towers if the writers of Atlantis SquarePantis didn't make this. This proves that, if Nickelodeon and the writers (specifically Zues and Casey) try, they can make an episode that rivals classics like Chocolate With Nuts or FrankenDoodle. This episode, like FrankenDoodle, uses animation to its advantage. Every joke works. It feels like a Season 3 episode.

This episode deserves to be at #1, it feels like this episode was part of the first 3 seasons

3 Roller Cowards

This is my favorite post-movie SpongeBob episode for many reasons. One, being that this is very relatable, and it teaches a good lesson. Never be afraid to tell the truth, never hesitate. Two, there is so much comedy and humor into this, like the talking ice-cream, or the conversation with Patrick with the other Patrick in the mirror. Three, SpongeBob's and Patrick's behaviors are really understandable, and relatable too.

Didn't know it was post movie and that means something's

My Favourite Post Movie Spongebob This Episode Is In Top 5 It's So Relatable And Hilarious It Has A Great Plot And Conflict And Unlike Some Other Cartoons The Characters Modulations Are Completely Understandable Spongebob Don't Wasn't Want To Disport His Friend And Nether Does Patrick Everything In This Episode Just Works For Me Brilliantly And that's Why It's My Favourite Post Movie Spongebob Episode

Love this episode! Shows that the new writers can make a good episode when they really try. There are very few of the new episodes that make me laugh out loud but this is one of them. It feels like one of the old episodes from season 2 or 3. By far my favourite post movie episode!

4 Have You Seen This Snail?

This episode shows how much SpongeBob cares for Gary

This episode is my favorite episode of all time. This episode literally made me cry when I first watched it, but in a good way. This is a soap-opera themed episode done right (which we wouldn't see until Plankton Gets The Boot). It is sad, heartwarming, funny at times, and the sub-plot is just classic. My grandma likes this episode due to that sub-plot. It's literally an evil grandma that hoards snail shells. Like, that made me ask "what?! ",but it was because it was so fun to watch. Also, the song is the best song in Spongebob, that's right, better than "Never Give Up" from "Hello Bikini Bottom", and the song from "Two Thumbs Down"!

Who’s this Lisa person

Everything a special should be, it is funny and heart warming, along with one of the best songs... why can't you do more of this, new writers?

5 Plankton's Pet

One of my favorite sb episodes, up there with No Hat For Pat, Band Geeks, and Dunces and Dragons - Cohaki

This is the episode I've been waiting for literally my whole life. There is some actual character growth here. On top if that it's cute, funny and if episodes keep coming out like this, I'd say SpongeBob's back better than ever! Too bad Spot hasn't made a reappearance yet though...

I like seeing Plankton's compassionate side in this episode and seeing him really care about something that doesn't have to do with stealing the formula (I know he tries to steal the formula in one part but that's not the main thing the episode).

Oh My Gosh, I thought Season 9 was netterbthan 5-8, but this episode just proved that it is! Plankton has never been so happy!

6 Krabs a la Mode

I lol every time I think about that thermometer scene I don't know why, it just always gets me

Think about it now, I only like a few episodes more than this, this is definitely an episode that belongs in the pre-movie seasons, it can definitely win against a lot of golden pre-movie episodes, all characters are in perfect personality in this frozen wonderland. It's just beautiful in every way. - BlueBobYT

Extremely great

Amazing, could definitely compete with pre movie this used to be my favorite episode of all time

7 It's a Spongebob Christmas!

I honestly didn't like it that much.

SpongeBob and Christmas just go together very nicely because this and Christmas Who? Are some amazing episodes

Funny, Heart-filled, just a perfect post-movie episode!

A funny episode about my favorite holiday. 12/10 if that's possible

8 Skill Crane

It's a good episode with one of the memoriable lines being "Close your eyes and be the crane."

One of a few Post-Season 3 episodes where Squidward deserved his torment, unlike Good Neighbors (my least favorite episode. Yes, worse than APFG and OCM, which are bad enough). He was aggorant about the crane and he actually deserved it. Patrick the Game (another overhated Post-Sequel episode) did the same thing, except that he insulted Patrick's games.

A post movie episode where Squidward gets loads of torment and they do it right. They make Squidward really arrogant about the machine and so he actually deserved his torment in the episode, even there they don't go too far to make it a Squidward Torture Porn.

I'd say season 4, with the exception of a few atrocious duds (Good Neighbours, Gift of Gum, Funny Pants), was a fantastic and really successful season. There's a few episodes here that could even be up there with the best Pre Movie episodes, such as Krusty Towers, Have you seen this snail and Mr. Puff, You're fired!.

Good episode unlike it's sister oh and there should now be list's for the post sequels

9 Dunces and Dragons

One of my favorite sb episodes, up there with No Hat For Pat, Band Geeks, and Plankton's Pet - Cohaki

In my honest opinion, Dunces and Dragon is a Top 10 all-time SpongeBob episode. I just love it that much. The 12th Century adventure was amazing, SpongeBob and Patrick were as hilarious as ever, and the different takes of their friends (and enemy) were entertaining. It's the most rewatchable episode for me.

I love this episode with a passion. It's so funny and creative, and the characters are all at their lovable personalities. Up there with Band Geeks and Chocolate With Nuts. - Garythesnail

Nice pun on Dungeons and Dragons by the writers, though. Plus, I actually loved Dunces and Dragons. It felt like a pre-movie episode. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

10 Squidward In Clarinetland

This episode is brilliant. I love the scene with the guy going to pick up the loose change, just for Mr Krabs to run up to him acting like an animal. - Rocko

The writers probably thought "Hey! Let's write an episode while on LSD! " This leads to a weird, unique episode that feels like it shouldn't be a SpongeBob episode. Recommend it.

This episode is weird but great it's pretty funny in a way

I don't know why I hated this episode when I was younger. I actually like it now! - Datguyisweird666


The Contenders

11 The Lost Mattress

Probally in my Top Ten Favorite Spongebob episodes in general

Honestly this episode is very underrated

Hilarious! This should be #2 (behind "Krusty Towers").

Great episode

12 Friend Or Foe

Great! Good for post movie Spongebob, and that’s saying a lot!

This is one of the most original concepts of a SpongeBob episode (and I mean all of SpongeBob) The premise is how Krabs and Plankton became rivals, but before then, they were best friends. This is easily my favourite special, and is in my top 5 favourite episodes.

This episode actually makes sense, unlike other episodes.

This is about the origin of Plankton and Mr. Krab's rivalry. And how crappy Mr. Craps became. - TeamRocket747

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13 Wishing You Well

This is basically one of the best SpongeBob episodes ever made! I love the claustrophobic quote!

Squidward: I'm claustrophobic.
Patrick: What does that mean?
SpongeBob: It means he's afraid of Santa.
Patrick: Ho Ho Ho!
SpongeBob: Stop it Patrick! You're scaring him!


Squidward is afraid of santa

This is among the best in the series. But what do you expect if this aired in season 4? - Goatworlds

This is a very funny episode. - TeamRocket747

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14 Sing a Song of Patrick

This has got to be the funniest modern episode. And it has the funniest spongebob song - Wudzer

I like and hate this episode. - TeamRocket747

Uhhh no? this episode is just patrick being an ass the whole time

Funny poem,songs,and every thing.cotton candy can't throw a riot without cotton candy! LOL

15 Mrs. Puff, You're Fired

This is a good episode had some good moments - trains45

This episode feels like a pre movie episode.

This episode was planned for Season 3 actually, so it's not a surprise. - Goatworlds

A quality episode. Good guest characters.

Way better than spongebob you're fired - cadespencer

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16 Planet of the Jellyfish

This episode was so weird but I love it and twisted

I used to think this was S2. - IcetailofWishClan

An epic episode from the post-movie era? Who would've thought?

Season 4 is post movie and that season was epic. You're surprised because the episode we're talking about here is season 8 (a bad season) - Goatworlds

This episode is awesome. Period. - TomKellyCartooning

17 Enchanted Tiki Dreams

The beginning was stupid, but it gets good when you know... Spongebob and Patrick care (in seasons 4-8. I know. Dun dun dun)

The beginning is pretty weak and filled with a lot of 'Squid Abuse', and the ending is great but it goes by way too fast.

The part worth watching for is the middle. After their foolish antics make Squidward run home crying, SpongeBob and Patrick feel bad for him and want to make it up to him. The scene with Squid curled up under a chair at home is a powerful, heartbreaking scene that's played for genuine pathos.

Come on people! #24? This needs to be at number #1 ( in my opinion)!

Why the (dolphin noise) is squids visit higher than this? I'm sorry, opinions are opinions, but I just don't get it

18 Fear of a Krabby Patty

Copy of graveyard shift duh. And ONE episode in after the movie

I had no idea this wasn't post-movie until a few weeks ago

To be honest, this might be my favorite episode in the entire series.

This was a very funny episode of Spongebob Squarepants. This was probably the first post-movie episode I have seen and it really felt like an episode from season 3! Definitely my favorite episode of season 4!

19 The Two Faces of Squidward

Two words I can say about why this episode is great: Handsome Squidward.

I love this episode! Patrick and SpongeBob were annoying at first, but then after the bandages come off, the episode feels different! It felt just like a Season 3 episode

Type in "attack on titan SpongeBob" on Google Images, you're bound to find Handsome Squidward acting like the Colossal Titan. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

This episode is very great. Just the meme was horrible and ruined it. - TeamRocket747

20 Patrick-Man!

Hilarious! Patrick isn't as stupid in this episode! He actually tries to help people but fails hilariously!

I love this episode.

This episode is so funny

I love this. - TeamRocket747

21 What's Eating Patrick?

AMAZING EPISODE, should be number 1
5 best post movie episodes
5: Sand Castles in the Sand 3: Krusty Kleaners
4: MM and BB VI 2: Roller Cowards

22 Squid's Visit

This episode actually gave me nightmares on one occasion.
But hey, at least it's unique. - Rocko

Why is this here? This episode is just creepy and weird.

Squid's Visit?! I wanted to punch SpongeBob in the face for causing Squidward's house to burn down! - ModernSpongeBobSucks

No this one shouldn't be here

23 Perfect Chemistry

I agree with mr. Enter, this is easily the funniest modern Spongebob episode. The only modern Spongebob episode that is at least close to this one by terms of comedy is Krusty Towers. This one should be at least #2. How is it #23? My 4th favorite period.

Should be at least above Squid's Visit, Fear of a Krabby Patty (i like that one, but this one is a lot better), What's Eating Patrick (i like that one, but this one is a lot better), Patrick Man (i like that one, but this one is a lot better), The Two Faces of Squidward (i like that one, but this one is a lot better), Enchanted Tiki Dreams, Squidward in Clarinetland, Have You Seen This Snail. This is my personal #1, but I understand the episodes I didn't mention are above this one.

This is the 4th best Spongebob episode of all time, and is #19 here. Unbelievable! Enchanted Tiki Dreams had just one funny joke (word with 9 letters that means boring - Spongebob.) But the rest of it is boring. And it's ending sucks. However, this episode is great.

My favorite episode of Season 7, not even on here!

24 Mimic Madness Mimic Madness

Who Am I

Post sequel episode not post movie please remove

This is post sequel but is still a fresh start for Spongebob’s rise is quality

Should be higher.

25 Suction Cup Symphony

Finally higher than tentacle vision yay! but still lower than squids visit boo!

It seems like everyone forgets about this episode. One of the best spongebob endings ever, a unique twist, and the jokes were spot-on. I legit can't think of a joke I didn't laugh at in this episode, from the construction workers staring aquwardly at spongebob when he tries to distract them from squidward's clarinet playing, to the hilarious ways spongebob tries to "fix" patrick. In my opinion, should be #1. - PokemonRPGbro

I think this episodes pretty underrated. A lot of the gags I think work, and they aren't out of character or cruel like a lot of current spongebob episodes. A lot of the episode is sort of slapstick, though. I like this one cause it seems like one of those episodes that is gonna end in Squidward getting tortured but it ends up pretty good for him. The song in it is actually pretty good too.

This one should be in the top 10's it is far better than tentacle vision, squids visit and other episode's. plus the song squidward wrote is beautiful - cadespencer

26 Ghost Host

Ghost Host is great! - TeamRocket747

Ghost Host should be higher - Gangem

27 Single Cell Anniversary

I command you to be moved to the top ten

This was sweet, should be in top 10. - PokemonRPGbro

REALLY needs to be in the top ten.

28 Tentacle-Vision

I thought the part with Patrick's tongue on the T.V. was funny, otherwise bad episode - coasterjunkie196

This one should not be this high because it is so (Dolphin Noise, Horn Honking, ship's bell, seal bark, seagull squawking) bad!

I honestly like this one for the most part. - IcetailofWishClan

This is a torture episode done right. It's got some brilliant gags, and it's pretty damn funny. One of my favourite Season 7 episodes, along with That Sinking Feeling and Squidward in Clarinetland. - Rocko

29 No Hat for Pat.

One of my favorite sb episodes, up there with Dunces and Dragons, Band Geeks, and Plankton's Pet - Cohaki

It isn't the best episode dumbass.


Best episode in the whole franchise. in my opinion

30 Krabby Road

An iconic season 6 episode

31 Gary In Love
32 The Bad Guy Club for Villains

My favorite Season 7 episode! - ChiefMudkip

33 Mermaid Pants Mermaid Pants

This is post-sequel episode, so it doesn't really count. But it's still a great episode.

This episode was really funny and awesome! - kmitch233

34 Patrick! The Game
35 Chum Bucket Supreme

Very funny.

There's a shocky thingy in your potty - NostalgiaMonkey


36 The Slumber Party

The funniest Season 6 episode

37 Love That Squid

Definitely not bad for Season 7 - ChiefMudkip

38 Feral Friends

This is actually a post-SEQUEL episode, not a post-movie episode. Still, it's one of my favorite episodes.

39 Toy Store of Doom

This is a good episode had good moments - trains45

I thought this was a filler episode. - Goatworlds

This was creepy

40 The Donut of Shame

This episode shows that Patrick has a conscience. - KalloFox34

If only This came out after Yours Mine & Mine or Pet Sitter Pat :/ - ChiefMudkip

41 Company Picnic

This is a post-sequel episode, it doesn't count. - Badpun

42 Mooncation

Probably the best of the Runaway Roadtrip event which includes A Squarepants Family Vacation, Patrick's Staycation, Walking the Plankton, Mooncation, and Mr. Krabs takes a vacation. - Tyoshi

I think this is the BEST episode from season 8. It's not better than the pre-movie episodes, but it's a really good episode. It's also one of the best post-movie episodes EVER! - Svampbob164

Sincerely... this made all Season 8's worst fiascos become worth it. I'm looking at you, Face Freeze!

This one was just a poor man's Sandy's Rocket.

43 Squid Baby Squid Baby

This episode is horrible... - KalloFox34

That's my least favorite episode of all time.

44 Drive Thru
45 Pest Of The West

Glad it's above Pal now

Pretty cool western SpongeBob episode

How is this 99 and A Pal For Gary is 52?! - Maddox121

46 Gone

Gone is overhated af

That is the 4th worst epiosiode the 1st 3 are yours mine and mine are you happy now and one course meal

I mean, like, you are the worst speller of all time. Also, your grammar sucks. I'm not a nerd, but still. - Goatworlds

This episode was so bad everyone in bikini bottom had a no SpongeBob day even patpri ck! w ho is supposed to be his best friend I'm glad they had a no patrick day at the end I used to love patrick but now he's a prick ass!

47 Jailbreak

I love it. - PokemonRPGbro

Awesome episode!

48 Squirrel Record
49 Eek, an Urchin!

I Love every character In this episode - ChiefMudkip

50 Chimps Ahoy

I love the whole scene with Patrick inventing a parellel universe, that scene was really creative. - Rocko

This is a really funny episode and should be closer to #1. I'd probably put it at 12 or 13. - NostalgiaMonkey

Bad episode, Sandy's song is poorly sung, the dr. Professor Patrick gag annoyed me, and the monkeys were just stereotypes. Also, the episode is boring and one of the monkeys gets tormented in one part for no reason

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