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61 Spongebob vs. the Patty Gadget

Perfectly paced, with a great use of storytelling.

Squidward has brought in a machine that makes Krabby Patties. But SpongeBob is more than ready to fight back.

The episode is told in a 'Dr. Seuss' type of manner, entirely in rhyme. And it goes by so fast. It's hard to believe this is a Season 5 episode, actually.

62 Night Light
63 20,000 Patties Under the Sea

Obviously, I don't like Post-Movie era SpongeBob in general, but 20,000 Patties Under the Sea is my personal favorite of all the Post-Movie era episodes along with Sand Castles in the Sand. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

64 Mimic Madness Mimic Madness
65 House Fancy

Even without it, it's very boring, especially the first few minutes which have no plot at all.

It was OK minus the toenail scene. - Garythesnail

I don't care about the tonail you all over reacted still pretty boring though

66 Don't Look Now

This one is funny - cadespencer

67 Little Yellow Book

This one was funny like One Coarse Meal

You're right. One Coarse Meal wasn't funny! And so wasn't Little Yellow Book! It was hypocrisy all the way! - ModernSpongeBobSucks

This is so bad. - creed99

This one sucked! - Goatworlds

68 Krusty Dogs

This is a great episode that no one really thinks about.

69 Enemy In Law
70 Patty Caper

It's about time the Krab get whats coming for him!
And he DOESN'T end up printing money!

71 I Heart Dancing
72 SpongeBob's Last Stand

My favorite post movie episode.

73 Whale of a Birthday

Unlike most post-movie episodes, this has a good ending, the characters are likable, and Mr. Krabs cares about his daughter more than money ("Nothing is too good for me daughter! ").

This one was planned for Season 3, and so were The Lost Mattress, and Mrs. Puff, You're Fired. - Goatworlds

74 Séance Shméance

Very addicting special, full of moments.

75 The Great Patty Caper
76 Mermaid Man & Barnacle Boy VI:The Motion Picture

This was another episode that was supposed to be in season 3. The best parts were SpongeBob saying "actors", sandy blowing up MM &BB, and the reappearance of the patty vault "it would be funny to put squidward and SpongeBob with his "you like krabby patties, don't you squidward " face on inserted on the scene! SOMEONE PLEASE DO THAT

77 Chum Fricassee

I thought this one was hilarious, however it had some Squidward torture in it - matty925

78 New Digs

I think this one should be higher on the list. It ticks all my boxes, I laughed at this episode in a way I haven't been able to laugh at most other post movie episodes, all the characters were behaving the way they used to as well, no displays of the newer stupid personalities and it actually ended on a genuinely humorous note instead of a flat one like many of the new ones.

I think Season 4-onwards and the movies should of been made like Season 2-3 with designs, voices, and quality. In this episode, they should of used SpongeBob's crying tone similar to the one from "Christmas Who".

This episode is really funny. I can't really say anything else

79 Driven To Tears

The episode when Patrick gets a driver's license.

80 The Card

Let me explain his phrase, Patrick is still stupid, he just said he spices it up to keep Spongebob strong, which sounds more like improving his life. Its like a General spicing up his strictness to make his soldiers stronger. Patrick never said he faked his stupidity, he just intentionally increases it to make spongebob stronger. Plus I don't see him doing it in any other episodes so... - poopmckenzie

Whoever put The Card on the list hasn't remembered the fact that Patrick was acting stupid on purpose and was trying to ruin SpongeBob's life, he's such a prick.

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