Best Post-movie Spongebob Episodes

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81 The Card

Let me explain his phrase, Patrick is still stupid, he just said he spices it up to keep Spongebob strong, which sounds more like improving his life. Its like a General spicing up his strictness to make his soldiers stronger. Patrick never said he faked his stupidity, he just intentionally increases it to make spongebob stronger. Plus I don't see him doing it in any other episodes so... - poopmckenzie

Whoever put The Card on the list hasn't remembered the fact that Patrick was acting stupid on purpose and was trying to ruin SpongeBob's life, he's such a prick.

82 A Friendly Game

I'm surprised this isn't on the list. For once, there's actually a plot, and the characters are pretty close to their pre-movie selves (it's nice that Patrick doesn't just say dumb lines).

A squidward torture episode.

Why isn’t this past One Coarse Meal? Just remove all the times Squidward got tortured, and this episode could be an actually decent one.

83 Hello Bikini Bottom

My reaction to this episode: Wow, that was actually kinda good. More like AMAZING! I love the song, and this feels like a classic.

This should be higher the songs are great like what are we wating for and never give up

84 To Love a Patty

Uh... - ModernSpongeBobSucks


85 The Whole Tooth The Whole Tooth

Good episode.

86 The Inside Job The Inside Job
87 Kracked Krabs

Way too low - smwc23105

88 Greasy Buffoons
89 Gullible Pants

So This Person Thinks "Gullible Pants" is The Worst Post-Movie SB Episode? I Don't Buy it - ChiefMudkip

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90 Bumper to Bumper
91 InSPONGEiac

Horrible - ChiefMudkip

92 Frozen Face-Off
93 SquidBob TentaclePants

This episode was funny

I'm gonna kill whoever put this on the list! JK. This episode sucks, but I won't kill that person.

94 A SquarePants Family Vacation
95 Goo Goo Gas
96 Best Day Ever

This episode is the best modern episode and the fifth best episode of all - Wudzer

Mobrosstudio why do you hate this episode I love it

EXTREMLY OVERHATED and Charlesjrosenbaum your a big idiot this ain't crap at all it's Awesome

97 Squidtastic Voyage

This was easily one of the best.

98 Best Frenemies
99 Pineapple Fever
100 Evil Spatula
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