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121 Oral Report
122 Karate Island
123 That Sinking Feeling

A bit of a squidward torture porn but otherwise one of the best season 7 episodes

124 Demolition Doofus

Mrs. Puff is the spawn of Satan in this one. - Goatworlds

I have a feeling Spongebob sorta deserved it, because Ms. Puff went through near death experinces because of spongebob ever since his first day in boating school. Plus Spongebob entering the derby was a pretty cool idea - poopmckenzie

125 Blackened Sponge

Easily the best Season 5 episode. Matches seasons 2-4 - Goatworlds

I can't believe I had to add this

126 Slimy Dancing

SpongeBob and Patrick keep making Squidward fail at the limbo is sooo hilarious! This one and Squidtastic Voyage are the best on this list.

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127 Kenny the Cat

One of the worst season 9 episodes of all time, the writers barely wrote.

You stupid just look at little yellow book

128 Yeti Krabs

The episode was alright, until the ending.

This episode is so disgusting (especially with SpongeBob soaking grease, unrealistic). I think Patrick

129 New Leaf
130 Tutor Sauce

This Episode is actually really funny for a Post-Movie episode. I love the arcade machine part

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131 Lost In Bikini Bottom
132 Money Talks
133 A Life in a Day
134 Chum Bucket Supreme
135 BlackJack
136 Gramma's Secret Recipe
137 Pull Up a Barrel
138 The Krusty Sponge

I feel like a lot of people forget this episode! Lot of good quotes!

This episode should be in the top 30! - Goatworlds

139 What's Eating Patrick?
140 Company Picnic
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