Best Post-movie Spongebob Episodes

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141 Sand Castle In The Sand

This Was Already on Here - ChiefMudkip

Already on the list - themets05

This episode is just very funny I love it

142 Yeti Krabs

The episode was alright, until the ending.

This episode is so disgusting (especially with SpongeBob soaking grease, unrealistic). I think Patrick

143 New Leaf
144 The Abrasive Side
145 Safe Deposit Krabs
146 The Original Fry Cook
147 Best Day Ever

This episode is the best modern episode and the fifth best episode of all - Wudzer

Mobrosstudio why do you hate this episode I love it

EXTREMLY OVERHATED and Charlesjrosenbaum your a big idiot this ain't crap at all it's Awesome

148 One Coarse Meal

You guys aren't funny. - toptenzen

I actually don't mind this episode. Not as bad as The Splinter, Gone, Stuck In The Wringer, Demolition Doofus or Pet Sitter Pat. In fact, neither this or A Pal for Gary would be in my bottom five (although A Pal for Gary would be #6 on my bottom ten episodes list).

One of the worst episodes, Mr. Krabs treated Plankton to suicide.

Worst Episode - ChiefMudkip

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149 Truth or Square

This was definitely the 2nd worst special behind Atlantis Squarepantis.

It's a little underrated in my opinion (I remember the premier with the 48 hr marathon they ran 5 years ago) and cutting the patty parts its still enjoyable.

Why MoBrosStudios hates this episode and the people who voted there really dumb this is awesome the guest star the plot was great

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150 Kenny the Cat

One of the worst season 9 episodes of all time, the writers barely wrote.

You stupid just look at little yellow book

151 Gullible Pants

So This Person Thinks "Gullible Pants" is The Worst Post-Movie SB Episode? I Don't Buy it - ChiefMudkip

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