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21 Deep River

Best. Chips. Ever.

Best chips ever! salted to perfection and rly crunchy. I bring this every day for snack.

Crunchy and salty chips. taste like heaven.

22 Chip 'n' Chips
23 Ms. Vicky's

I liek to eats them chipos

24 Grippo's

If you haven't tried grippos, you have to go to Ohio and get some! Sensation of crunchy and smooth tastes in your mouth. Get some red cream soda while your there too. (Posted while eating grippos lol)

25 Old Dutch

The best dill pickle chips on the planet! I've been enjoying them for 35 years now.

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26 Smith's

I hate it when the flavour gets on your hands like ugh

Hello creators of real potato crisps

Barbecue flavour is unbeatable.


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27 Saratoga Chips
28 Tayto V 1 Comment
29 Guttiau Snack
30 Pik-Nik
31 Piattos V 1 Comment
32 Martin's
33 Vij's Dehli-licious
34 Humpty Dumpty
35 Chitato

It's the best potato chips on earth don't argue with me

36 Tasteworks V 1 Comment
37 Sun Chips
38 Cheetos V 1 Comment
39 Corell's
40 Jay's

Lays chips are way too salty. Jay's have the same good flavor but it is salted just right

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