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41 Center of the Universe - Kamelot

No this can't be true! This is one of the most famous and greatest powermetalsongs of all time! Why place 29?

Easy to listening with stabil music

42 Carry On - Angra

Best Angra's song! That's perfect!

Dude listen to the screams at the end!

Incredible song! With the voice of André Matos it reaches your heart
The solo is awesome!

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43 Nailed to the Wheel - Edguy V 1 Comment
44 The Way of the Warrior - Hammerfall
45 I Am - Theocracy

Should me much higher than #43. This song is really good although the band isn't well known. - Metal_Treasure

I'm not baby, but I will cry to this.

A work of art. Sheer brilliance

46 Carolus Rex - Sabaton

One of the best songs I've ever heard, deserves to be in the first 10.

Sabaton is one of the best power metal bands, and this is one of their best songs.

57? This is the most powerful song ever made. Should be number 1.

Deserves a way better place.

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47 Fury of the Storm - DragonForce
48 The Dragon Lies Bleeding - Hammerfall

This is the first song that comes to mind when I think of power metal. If only all power metal were this catchy...

Why is there no hammerfall on that list! This is the greatest power metal song besides emerald sword, and the bards song.
The best power metal bands are:
#1 Blind Guardian
#3Rahpsody{of fire}
#6Gamma Ray
#7Iced Earth
#8Sonata Arctica

49 The Unicorn Invasion of Dundee - Gloryhammer

A beautiful song by an amazing band. It's cheesy, it's cliche, at points it's downright facepalm-able, and I love it all. Also it's a song about an army of corrupted, undead unicorns invading Dundee. Like, dude.

50 Dracula - Iced Earth
51 A New World - Dark Moor

The intro is alone makes this song deserve a higher position.

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52 Dawn of Victory - Rhapsody

Emerald Sword makes the top 10 but Dawn of Victory doesn't?

what man?

This should be in the top 10

Epic power metal song, Luca Turilli speed, elaborate keyboards an a memorable riff

Yeah, the riff is really memorable - do you remember the riff of Breaking The Law by Judas Priest? Unfortunately it’s the same riff. - Metal_Treasure

53 White Pearl, Black Ocean - Sonata Arctica

Lyrical masterpiece that holds a very deep meaning, should be much higher.

This is the Number 1 Hit!

It's one of the best song in Power Metal world!
Should be in top 5 lists!

When you have the change one song to hear, Then Sonata Arctica WHITE PEARLS, BLACK OCEAN VOTE IIITTT

54 Scars of Yesterday - DragonForce
55 Find Your Own Voice - Stratovarius
56 Highlander (The One) - Lost Horizon

This is more than just a song man... It's like one of the most epic things my ears have ever had the pleasure of hearing

Best song I've ever heard.


57 Hunting High And Low - Stratovarius

Probably their best song

58 Silent Revelation - Galneryus
59 March of Time - Helloween

Listen to this music, and you will blow up. Just give it shot

60 Rise of the Chaos Wizards - Gloryhammer

First song I ever heard from glory Hammer. I blew me away! So epic and nerdy! I absolutely love Rise of the Chaos Wizards!

This song is proof you can make a parody of Power Metal and still make it good. - Penguincamp

People think this is overrated. Well, it isn't.

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