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61 The Art of Life - X Japan
62 Wishmaster - Nightwish
63 All for One - Primal Fear
64 Sign of the Cross - Avantasia
65 Unchain the Rain - Altaria V 1 Comment
66 Man on a Mission - Gamma Ray
67 Dr. Stein - Helloween
68 Gettysburg (1863) - Iced Earth

Most epic power metal piece I've ever heard of. It beautifully dramatizes the battle of gettysburg of American civil war. It consists three songs. The video is excellent. There is no other piece like this. Epic! - sayakbhattacharya

Actualy, this is more a heavy metal band than power metal. It's like if you vote Iron Maiden or Judas Priest as the best power metal bands, but my vote goes to this band. This is one of the best band ever and this song is so amazing. I saw also Dracula and Dante's inferno songs, but this one is really my favorite. Cheers!

69 Kill for Metal - Iron Fire
70 The Final Crusade - Iron Fire

Why so low ranked? This song is epic from the start to the end. Awesome intro and great guitar solo.

71 E.P.M. - DragonForce
72 Wings of Despair - Kamelot
73 New Religion - Primal Fear
74 Far Away - Power Quest

I think the singing was drowned out by the instruments, had this not been the case then I'd have it much higher on my personal list. Nonetheless it's a great song.

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75 Holy Water - HolyHell
76 Arising Thunder - Angra
77 Rebellion - Grave Digger

Grave Digger! Best power metal song ever!

78 Stargazer - Rainbow

Rainbow is where power metal was invented. Two songs defined power metal subgenre in the 70s - Gates Of Babylon and Stargazer. But first and foremost these songs are masterpieces.
I'm surprised power metal fans don't know the history of their favorite subgenre, main steps of its development and the most influential musicians of this subgenre (Dio and Ritchie Blackmore).
Fans of other subgenres worship songs that are not even close to this masterpiece just because those fans appreciate and respect the first songs written within the relevant subgenre.
What's wrong with you power metal people... - Metal_Treasure

79 Your Time Has Come - Unisonic

How Great! Should have Bern on Keeper albums

One of the best Power Metal songs EVER!

For me the best song in Power Metal!

So great!... For me this is Number one!

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80 The Bard's Song - Blind Guardian
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