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1 Dino Thunder

I think this one was the best because they had really good actors, it was funny but not too much of a joke. And I grew up watching this. I loved the ending it had a good mix of people and I loved Keira's style. Very Awesome show. by the way they have the power ranger series (most of them) on netflix instant no so you can watch.

I loved dino thunder because the rangers were all so different. I think that made them stronger. I also didn't like because Tommy comes back as the black ranger. It also has the biggest lie in power rangers history. Conner says I can't believe our teacher is the oldest living poer ranger and then Haley comes in and says not the oldest just the best. That is so not true. Jason was so much better than Tommy. Tommy was always getting beaten by the putties and captured. I love how the season developes Conner's personality. The season had it's ups and down, but it's still one of my favorites.

After watching the Power Rangers for so many years both single and as a parent with my kids, I think this series embodied what I feel the Power Rangers should be. The series had an overall plot to drive the episodes. There were good villain and Power Ranger characters. (Also my boys loved the Dino zords). There was a real balance between the action scenes and the character development scenes. More series's should follow their example. I always hated fights and explosions for the sake action only. Power Rangers is NOT a Michael Bay film.

Maybe Dino thunder all team up together red ranger and yellow and white and black and the blue and the gray ranger and the pink saber tooth and the the gold ranger and the Dominus Rex Ranger and the Megalodon Ranger and the diophosaurs and plesiosaur and the mosasaurs ranger to team up together

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2 Mighty Morphin Power Rangers

MMPR had the best costumes and zords hands down. When the dinozords were replaced by the animal type ones I was devastated. The 3 power rangers that replaced the original red, black and yellow were fine but the chemistry, in my opinion, didn't come close enough to the original. Jason in my opinion again, (all my opinion) had the voice to be the leader. If you compare Rocky to Jason you may get what I mean, no offense to Rocky though. I didn't like how Tommy became leader and Jason got brushed aside, I think they should have both shared that position because Jason was a morphinominal leader too and again he had the voice.

Tommy, Jason, Zack, Billy, Trini and Kimberly were all awesome. The Show
Speaks for itself.

Without this series... They never would have made it. If they had've been picked up in the 1980s when at first Saban tried it would have been a huge fail. MMPR finally aired in '93 and BOOM! Success! Ever since the franchise has been through ups and downs but this was it's highest point with only Zeo and In Space coming closest. It's called "MIGHTY" Morphin' Power Rangers for a reason. MMPR #1!

Mighty morphin power rangers is my favorite series of power rangers I grow up with it when I was eleven back in 1993 I've always liked the red ranger the green ranger the white ranger megazord dragon zord white tiger zord ninja megazord and shogun megazord

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3 Ninja Storm

I grew up with this one and loved every minute of it. Besides MMPR, Ninja Storm had the best theme song. Also the story with the Thunder Rangers was amazing. I also liked Morphing in this series better than any of the others, especially the thunder rangers. Cam is a bad ass. He was cool enough when he was just their tech, but when he became Green Ranger, the show got even better. Also the abilities of the Rangers are more obvious in this series. Blue Ninjas could walk on water, Red could walk in the air, and yellow could tunnel under ground and destroy their targets from below (it's cooler than it sounds).

I think Ninja storm was the best ever. I love the characters and the story line. I have always been a fan of the ninja movies and series. This one drew my attention straight away. The best ever... Love the Cain character and how he fights his way to become the green ranger.

I personally think it was the best because it had the master's and had students at the school for the replacements or such as back-up for the rangers like in the last episode and simply because it was more like real life, not like MMPR, MMPR all the characters were just sitting around waiting for the trouble, and in ninja storm they actually had activities and things like the dirtbikes and surfing and the jobs like everyday life

Best theme I ever heard

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4 Time Force

Time Force is from a critic's point of view, the only season of Power Rangers that could actually stand toe to toe with your standard Prime Time television drama series. Underneath all the power-ups, morphing and action sequences, was a fantastic and well-written storyline with a well-rounded likable cast. Although, MMPR will always get props for being the ancestor of the Power Rangers Series, Time Force was truly the best season of the series!

Definitively the best season for the audience that were no longer the kids that watched Mighty Morphin. For the first time the writers saw that the audience may not just be kids below twelve, but teenagers and young adults. If "In Space" teach them something was that family issues was a topic this audience where interesting in, so they gave a bit of more maturity to their plot. For the first time the villain had a proper reason to hate humanity, and a very clever plan to destroy it, however his biggest weakness was not 5 teenagers and a huge Megazord but the love he had for his daughter. We see a young man defying his father, not because he is a teen and is on his rebel years, but because he hates the power and influence that by, being a millionaire, corrupted his father. So, rather than runaway, get drunk and chase girls, he stumbles over 4 people who he shelters even though they are practically strangers. We had the first real anti-hero who, through economic and self-value ...more

Time force is the best PR series of because the plot is simply amazing! It has the best writing of the series and I love how not only is it more realistic than other series it also focuses on the pink ranger which is the best can also be the leader and just how everything plays off so smoothly and an ending like no other series.

Its greatest power rangers series

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5 In Space

The epic and unforgettable Zordon Era couldn't had a better ending. In my opinion, the best plot of the entire saga, with Astronema/Andros story, the not-so-slow-but-still-slow shipper of Andros and Ashley (finally the Yellow Ranger got some attention), Ecliptor and Darkonoma rivalry and the mind blowing side of events on the end involving Zordon; the costumes were one of the most cool (the only one I think that beats them is Tommy's White Ranger costume); the cameos of Adam, Justin and the Teenage Mutant Turtles were satisfactory and, of course, the character Andros, in my opinion, was the most natural Red Rangers I've ever seen. He REALLY was born to do that, great character with a great development throughout the season. And to those who claim Lost Galaxy to be the best because of the deaths involving: ZORDON DIES. JUST ZORDON. Do you need anything else? By the way, the opening theme is the best, along with Turbo. If you don't think it's the best, it gotta be on your Top 3. Truly, ...more

Absolutely my favorite PR season, even though MMPR will always be in my heart, In Space brought character, drama, adventure, humor all leading into the greatest finale ever. Mention my favorite moment of this season, when for the first time the Power Rangers were revealed to the public, upon their struggle to fight off the invasion.

This season also had very interesting characters, Andros is indefinetly the best red ranger followed by the hottest villain: Andromeda. Ecliptor is my favorite villain. He is agressive and very powerful, not like the previous villains from the other series who act more like a joke. Bulk and Skull are still funny along with the new proffessor.

This show also does a fun job joining other seasons and other characters like the Ninja Turtles.

Overall 10/10. Season its on netflix so rewatch and enjoy your childhood memories

In Space without a doubt is the best series. After the complete utter fail of Turbo. Space was intended to be the last. And yes it did go out with a bang. Killing off Zordon to save the universe. But due to the massive boost in ratings, more series' were made. Space should be #1 for changing the game, making the series dark and giving us the one of the best story arcs, The Psycho Rangers. I wont compare it to MMPR, the 2 series are just too different in writing style. Space is a much darker and more emotional tone and tied together everything that came before into a huge blockbuster story. If I were to compare the 2. Space is better than MMPR.

In space is the best for me no doubt

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6 S.P.D.

Loved how all the rangers came together and had to coexist for the greater good. Jack, the reluctant leader, had a real chip on his shoulder and by the end of the series, put his stake in on being one of the best red rangers ever! You really saw why Doggie chose him to be the red ranger over Skye. I hate he left the force, but he wanted to help others in a different way. Great series; I really enjoyed it!

I really liked the ending. I think it was awesome that Sky got to be the red ranger. I just don't understand the part about his father. The helmet that Sky has looks exactly like the time force helmet. I think it was one of the best series because it was a little darker than the other series, but not to dark. Bridge is kind of the comedic relief. I think it's awesome that not even the other rangers understand him. This is a series I will never forget.

This season had a great cast whose characters were more developed than in most other seasons. Episodes were extremely well written individual but also had a great level of continuity between them. Some of the notable moments and arcs are: Sky's struggle to become red ranger like his father, the return and defeat of A-Squad, Cat's moment as a power ranger, the epic finale.

Best season - Deathcoristul

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7 Mystic Force

I love this Season and it's all mystical and the ten terrors they are the best mostly Itassis

there are a group of friend and they have to destroy everything in they path and I wil like clare she is funny and udonna help then and could chip, nick, vida, xander and madison vanish evil for ever

It was amazing how they used magic spells and the story was not basic as it showed creativity and exitment

I Love Mystic Force

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8 Wild Force

Best power ranger ever. Best cast and best costume. Agree? Vote please.

This is just epic the best characters zords and the characters the best personalities they should of kept broadcasting it

Best ever with the best zords and some really powerful orgs also had the strongest and most powerful monster ever aka master org. The ending was so good it was much better than all other ending only in space ending was almost as good.

When wild force aired it becomes one of the most eye catching series ever. The casting is very good and their acting skills are excellent considering the time when it aired. The number of rangers is just right and also the villains too. The theme is very new and very catchy and very unique compared to the previous power rangers series. They creatively introduces zords after zords and every one of them is unique to one another. There were a lot of megazords in the series. And in my opinion this series has the most number of zords/megazords compared to others. Because there are so many combinations that can be created with so many spirit animals. And the final fight might be one of the most iconic fights in the power rangers saga.

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9 Lost Galaxy

I like it because their costumes have zig zags on 'em. That's what I remember it for.

The only one I watched fully as a kid. Love this series for sure the best and most memorable.

Quasar sabers had to be the greatest PR weapons ever in history without at doubt but also how they brought back mike to play the magna defender was amazing

Five words for ya, Kendrix killed by Psycho Pink.

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10 Zeo

Zeo in my opinion was the greatest PR series ever, Greatest Red Ranger, one of the Greatest Pink Rangers ever, One of the greatest if not the greatest assembly of rangers ever not to mention the greatest zords ever especially the Zeo Ultrazord!

Zeo definitely isn't one of the best seasons. I hate that Tommy's the red ranger and that Billy's not a ranger and Katherine is the pink ranger. The only episode I ever watch is A Golden Homecoming because Jason is the best.

I admit I like zeo but it is not the best because kat is a ranger and billy isn't I do like Jason though

One of the most epic seasons. - Gehenna

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11 Lightspeed Rescue

What makes this season interesting is that this show is the first season where humans made their own Power Rangers

It's technology to battle evil.

Technology vs Magic.

This is the first season where secret identities are omitted

Everyone knows who the Power Rangers are

The best! It's the most logical series. It's the first series were the rangers did not know each other before. Which makes sense because the best candidates shouldn't be necessarily friends. We see that the Red isn't as smart in the first few episodes. Which again makes sense because experience is needed to be successful. Rivalries between Demons themselves to gain the top spot. Here, everything makes sense! And it's in my opinion, THE BEST! And plus, Diabolaco was just a badass lol!

The acting was better than a lot of the the other power rangers (it wasn't perfect). The plot was realistic (compared to others). It was the one I grew up with and always nostalgic for me to watch it again.

Power rangers light speed rescue repeat that about 100 more times then you have the theme song.

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12 RPM

Power Rangers RPM had excellent characterization, with each character developing and growing as the season went on. The Zord battles, while cheesy, weren't the main focus of each episode; indeed, as the season progresses, less and less time was spent showing the Zord battles and transformations, and more time was devoted to the ongoing plot. This is I season even non-Power Rangers fans won't want to miss.

Without a doubt one of the best PR series, if not THE best. The story telling was some of the best in the shows history, the dialogue was fantastic. Lots of the fights and the villains were very creative. And best of all this series was not afraid to try something new such as the villians had already destroyed the Earth, one of the Rangers slowly dying, one episode which I thought was well done see's the Rangers go on the offensive for once to take out a Venjix facility.

For me this was Power Rangers at it's best had it been the finale it would have been a fitting end to the series.

Very different from the average season. Manages to show the optimism of humanity, despite the post-apocalyptic-ness. Most of the characters were very well characterized, the only exceptions being Scott & Summer. The virus-taking-over-humanity thing was very well done as well. Love the finale, and how that, though it's not billed as such, it really is a 4-part finale.

I spent most of my childhood in front of the T.V. and watch power rangers. This has to be one of thbest power ranger series

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13 Jungle Fury

Aired in 2008 and is the first BVS-produced series to introduce original Power Rangers, the Spirit Rangers. Like its Super Sentai counterpart Juken Sentai Gekiranger, Jungle Fury also featured the first Zords used by the villains that could combine with the Power Rangers' Megazord in cooperation. -

Probably not my favorite season, but it deserves to be higher on the list. This season brought power rangers back to its roots. There was a big emphasis on martial arts. Also, did no one else notice how the animal spirits seemed to resemble Mighty Morphing Power Rangers season 3? Finally RJ was easily one of the best characters in power rangers history.

Jungle Fury is easily one of my favorite seasons, the character growth in it was tremendous, and each of the characters were likeable. There are very few seasons where I can say that I like every one of the rangers. It had a goofy feel, mixed with a lot of raw emotion, especially with RJ. He was largely the comic relief, but when things got serious he was remarkable. There are not very many characters in any series that can say that.

The best story plot ever in power rangers

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14 Super Megaforce

Power rangers super Megaforce was really good. The best part in this season its to watch the legendary battle where all the seasons of PR to help the rangers to fight. It's really a tribute to watch the power rangers itself. The best part was the keys which help to morph into others rangers..

This is like my favourite power rangers series! 1. They have really cool costumes 2. They morph into all power rangers and 3. The legendary battle where all the power rangers help each other

This and megaforce and samurai/ super samurai were my favorite series. I love the way they become all the rangers ever and all the love and stuff with Jake. It's awesome.

The awesome rangers

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15 Dino Charge

Even like the others Dino Charge is also really good and awesome the most unique in this season were the energems. The rangers were chosen by the energems for their bravery and other unique qualities they have. Dino charge was based on the concept of ancient dinosaurs which was really good. To be frank all seasons of power rangers are really awesome because each and every season comes up with its uniqueness and with a new concept.

I grew up watching mighty morphin and I say this at least deserves to be in top 5.

I didn't really like power rangers until this series came along. After that, I just couldn't stop!

My favorite is chase

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16 Super Samurai

Same thing as Samurai, but their outfits has different looks after using the black box.

Come on, super samurai is just amazing and should at least be in the top five.

It was a very good season. The concept used in this season the symbols was a creative idea. Samurai and Super Samurai were very good seasons.

They have the best characters

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17 Samurai

Buy far this was the best season. It's much better because of the secrets and how it get better as the episodes keep on going. I can not wait till season 2 episode 16 comes out any free links you get for this episode post the link on the website. A close second id maybe SPD, Dino Thunder or Ninja storm. I do not Know why you guys and girls like the first power ranger series

Best yet I really like the Samurai team and super samurai team because it was more easy to get than any other team of power rangers there was also mega force has met my Standards of the best team but the red ranger is way more responsible in this one then any other team that is why I like this team the best

I'm only 10 years old going to be 11 on April 4th 2017 butt my dream is to be an actual Power Ranger Samurai and actual Red Samurai Ranger that is my biggest I'm only asking for Power Rangers Samurai stuff for my birthday and all of them are either the only kind that aren't Red Ranger ones are the discs the power discs but my dream is really be real Red Samurai Ranger and this is why I think this is the best out of all the other Power Ranger teams.

The only Power Rangers I can actually say was decent and almost interesting.

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18 Turbo

The idea of a kid ranger is awesome, it let every kid out there feel like we could eventually become a power ranger. The cheesy story lines fit power rangers as well. Plus, the departure of the originals really had you on the edge of your seat to think "What happens next? " It was great, people need to stop being babies just because they weren't selected to be the 12 year old power ranger and take the show for as great as it was.

Turbo is my 2nd favorite series of power rangers

Turbo is the bet action and its a run off of mighty morpen

Pr turbo is amazing but only the first half.I didn't like the second half very much because tommy,adam,tanya and kat left and they were replaced.The first half of power rangers turbo will always be my favourite season

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19 Ninja Steel

How long till it come out

20 Alien Rangers

It was the best, because they fight for the galaxy from space aliens

Doesn't really count as a season. - AnonymousMann

They can't even talk propoly

I don't like

21 Energy Chasers

Because it is strong

22 Goggle-V

Sentai series, not a PR series. - AnonymousMann

23 S.W.A.T

This is S.P. D's more powerful mode
Amazing this is powerful from S.P. D's Omega and Shadow Ranger

I liked the swat more than the normal S.P. D

24 Power Rangers Hexagon

Would have loved to seen

25 Power Ranger Ninja Steel

It brought me the old days back.

Best plot ever

#1 best of all

It really cool cus it has a blend of tech and asient alien power. love it

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26 Rail Force

Would've been based off of Ressha Sentai ToQger. - AnonymousMann

27 Macno Force
28 Gokiager

Gokiager was an anniversary season and they had a tribute to almost all of the sentai teams before them with cameos from the actors of the previous seasons as well, which I loved, as well as transforming into other past rangers. They were also not your typical sentai/ranger group where they were only protecting earth in the beginning to find the ultimate teasure hidden on it but in the end came to value the earth for all its worth.

Why is a Sentai here, but it was a great series with enjoyable characters and some interesting tributes to the Sentai series.

Gokiager? Don't you mean Gokaiger? That's a Sentai series that everybody enjoys to watch because it was a awesome Sentai series.


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29 Super R.P.M

Is there super rpm?

Worst season I have seen in my life

30 Solar Force
31 Dino Super Charge

Super charge have come tyler chase prince phillips riley ar best from all

Very good want to see talon ranger

Guys, I know its final eps! its... dijno extinction

The brave rangers I have ever seen in my life the rangers like koda,chase,shelby,princephillips,kendall,riley,sirIvan,jamesnavaro and the captain tyler will not be so hard to take victory from the monsters another good news in the have got all10 energems the energems are red energem,blue energem,pink energem,black energem, green energem
,gold energem,silver energem,purple energem, graphite energem and aqua energem but one more energem have been found and have come in hand of evil did the rangers will finish let see power rangers dino super charge final episode

32 Power Rangers Dino Super Charge

I like that series!

I love super dino charge because there are so many rangers my favorite ranger is the black ranger( chase )
my only critism is why heckyl didn't become a power ranger and why there is a "Graphite " Ranger instead of orange or yellow or white or an actual color. Maybe if they intended for prince philip to be the grey ranger they should have just said it otherwise this series is amazing. and I also like poisandra and sledge

Dino super charge is so amazing. I♥♥it

Best of all.
Although this series is not finished exactly, the episodes are awesome!
The love story of Shelby(pink) and Tyler(red) is the best part of the series

33 Power Ranger Overdrive

This should be on the list and it should be way higher just like how Jungle fury should be higher. I think this is a trashy list

It's a great one and should be first

I still love the fearcats

I love the fearcats

34 Power Rangers: Super Megaforce
35 Power Rangers Mega Dino Charge

I have made this film

36 Power Rangers Cyber Corps

Can't wait to see

Sounds cool

37 Power Rangers Super Ninja Steel

only fr n

38 AkaRed

Is a Sentai character, not a PR character. - AnonymousMann

39 Power Rangers Ninja Steel

It comes out after power rangers Dino supercharge

40 Operation Overdrive

Operation brought a new idea to the table with more than one main antagonist group. The costumed are cool and the theme song was catch

Forget animals! In this season of power rangers they brought out the trucks hence the name and brought saving lives and construction to a new level

Drive should be higher on this list because it has one of the biggest secrets ever: Mack is an Android! Also very much about geology and archaeology

This should be higher up

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41 MegaForce

I love it and I'm a girl some people think its stupid but if you don't like it stop watching and deal with it. No one wants your bad review and no one cares about what you think. This is a good show and by the way troy the red ranger is not dramatic and is a good actor he is also a good leader and very brave enjoy watching!

You know, to be fair, even though Troy's acting was rather unbalanced, you have to admit, it fit his character at times, and the other characters turned out pretty well. Also, Robo Knight kicks ass

I think it's the second best season first is super megaforce

Bandai ran out of ideas, so why not bring all the classics back together? Pretty good, watched it every day a new episode came out and my favorite zord is the Q-Rex

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42 Power Rangers Mystic Force

It is good.

43 Astro Blasters
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