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21 Alien Rangers

It was the best, because they fight for the galaxy from space aliens

Doesn't really count as a season. - AnonymousMann

22 Energy Chasers

Because it is strong

23 Operation Overdrive

Operation brought a new idea to the table with more than one main antagonist group. The costumed are cool and the theme song was catch

Forget animals! In this season of power rangers they brought out the trucks hence the name and brought saving lives and construction to a new level

Drive should be higher on this list because it has one of the biggest secrets ever: Mack is an Android! Also very much about geology and archaeology

This should be higher up

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24 Goggle-V

Sentai series, not a PR series. - AnonymousMann

25 Power Rangers Hexagon

Would have loved to seen

26 Super R.P.M

Worst season I have seen in my life

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27 Dino Super Charge

Super charge have come tyler chase prince phillips riley ar best from all

Very good want to see talon ranger

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28 Macno Force
29 Rail Force

Would've been based off of Ressha Sentai ToQger. - AnonymousMann

30 Power Rangers Dino Super Charge V 3 Comments
31 AkaRed

Is a Sentai character, not a PR character. - AnonymousMann

32 Power Rangers Cyber Corps

Can't wait to see

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33 Power Rangers Ninja Steel

It comes out after power rangers Dino supercharge

34 Solar Force
35 Power Ranger Overdrive

This should be on the list and it should be way higher just like how Jungle fury should be higher. I think this is a trashy list

36 Samurai

Buy far this was the best season. It's much better because of the secrets and how it get better as the episodes keep on going. I can not wait till season 2 episode 16 comes out any free links you get for this episode post the link on the website. A close second id maybe SPD, Dino Thunder or Ninja storm. I do not Know why you guys and girls like the first power ranger series

Best yet I really like the Samurai team and super samurai team because it was more easy to get than any other team of power rangers there was also mega force has met my Standards of the best team but the red ranger is way more responsible in this one then any other team that is why I like this team the best

I'm only 10 years old going to be 11 on April 4th 2017 butt my dream is to be an actual Power Ranger Samurai and actual Red Samurai Ranger that is my biggest I'm only asking for Power Rangers Samurai stuff for my birthday and all of them are either the only kind that aren't Red Ranger ones are the discs the power discs but my dream is really be real Red Samurai Ranger and this is why I think this is the best out of all the other Power Ranger teams.

While the normal acting was terrible and the child acting was even worse, this series had an amazing plot. Villains trying to raise a river from Hell from the tears of depressed humans? Sign me up.

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37 Gokiager

Gokiager was an anniversary season and they had a tribute to almost all of the sentai teams before them with cameos from the actors of the previous seasons as well, which I loved, as well as transforming into other past rangers. They were also not your typical sentai/ranger group where they were only protecting earth in the beginning to find the ultimate teasure hidden on it but in the end came to value the earth for all its worth.

Why is a Sentai here, but it was a great series with enjoyable characters and some interesting tributes to the Sentai series.

Gokiager? Don't you mean Gokaiger? That's a Sentai series that everybody enjoys to watch because it was a awesome Sentai series.

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38 Power Ranger Ninja Steel

I like power rangers ninja steel becuace the red ranger and the gold ranger are brothers😍😍

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