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1 Red Ranger

I remember choosing the Red Ranger as my favorite Ranger, especially Jason due to his piloting the Tyrannosaurus Dinozord (which I love because T. Rex is still and always will be my favorite dinosaur, reptile, and animal). But now, I no longer have a favorite Ranger. Instead, I have a least favorite Red Ranger. And it's Jack because of his rebelliousness. Therefore, I like Sky better due to his love for rules.

Red ranger is the head of the team. He leads the team according to the situation. He knows how to act at all times.

The red ranger is the bravest and best fighter on the team. Come on. He gets the best weapons. There all cool, with the expection of some like Scott, come on he was playing butt darts on Spartacus. Please. He should have been the pink ranger.

Their have been some great red rangers althrough the power rangers series. Red rangers are the powerful leaders and risk takers. Forever red explains it all.

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2 Blue Ranger

Those who hate Kevin, Sky, Kai, and Theo suck big time and are liars.

Blue ranger is the reason why my favorite color is blue. They are fun, caring, intelligent and though they are second in command they do the majority of the work. Kevin and Sky are my favorites and super samurai series was the best! BLUE RANGER IS THE GREATEST RANGER!

Oops. I forgot to put "of" between "haters" and "Kevin." Sorry. What I meant to type is this sentence:

"All of you haters of Kevin and Sky go to Hell yourselves."

After all, I like those guys for the same reasons that I like Kai and Theo.

All of you haters Kevin and Sky go to Hell yourselves! They have every right to be the ways that they are. If they're nice all the time, they'd be boring. Besides, I love uptight folks because I can relate to them, Without them, troublemakers would run amok.

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3 White Ranger

I also love trent fernandez

Tommy Oliver. Enough said.

I'm glad there wasn't a white Time Force Ranger

White Rangers of Wild Force!

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4 Green Ranger

Tommy you was my obsession when I was 6 years old.

Best one mike is lit

Tommy is the single best plot-driven character; particularly as the Green Ranger, but also as the White Ranger. He is the most psychologically compelling character with the best story progression and if that ain't enough, he has his own themes in both guises (Go Green Ranger Go and White Ranger Tiger Power). Tommy all the way.

Tommy, Tommy, Tommy always. He is the most attractive bloke.

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5 Black Ranger

I like the black ranger. He is the coolest ranger, especially Dillon. He either the core team member or the sixth. The only green ranger I liked was Tommy. Since him the green ranger has been nothing but a joke.

Black is the coolest

I'm glad there is no black time force ranger

6 Pink Ranger

She is the best forever and gives hope to the team as a whole in times of distress. In every series she is as beautiful as a Queen and everyone in the team loves her. She has so many fans all over the earth.

I love Pink Rangers, they was so beautiful! I love all of them

Pink ranger is my FAVORITE!

Pink ranger is beautiful mask, off mask to woman, good fighter lady, and body fitt. Speed girl to super kick and shoot.

7 Yellow Ranger

Yellow rangers can take care of themselves unlike pink rangers, no yelling " TOMMY, TOMMY" from them

Yellow ranger are best. My favourite and the best are trini and gia.

Yellaow rangers are more powerful

Trini and Kira are great yellows

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8 Silver Ranger

Glad there is no time force silver

Zhane is the best.



SPEED RACER JR., X Racer, Spritle Racer, Lucy, Conor, Chim-Chim, Annalise Zazic, Zile Zazic Jared and Jesse Deucey, and the rest of the characters of SPEED RACER: THE NEXT GENERATION SUCKS.

The Time Force casts and SPEED RACER: THE NEXT GENERATION casts have a few things in common, they suck and their fighting style is the Cabbage

9 Lunar Wolf Ranger

The best Ranger for all time!

I'm Glad he wasn't a Time Ranger

10 Gold Ranger

I hate those who Kevin and Jayden.

I hate Jayden and Kevin!

They're not gold rangers, so your comment is rendered irrelevant.

Gold rangers are cool great fighters like ivan,daggeron & antonio

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11 Quantum Ranger

I don't like him that much because of his attitude problem.

Quantum Ranger is a badass extra Ranger of all Power Rangers.

12 Robo Knight

His costume is nice and he is best in fight


13 Titanium Ranger

I'm glad Justin is not the Titanium Ranger

I LOVE the titanium ranger! Rhett Fisher is ssso cute!

I'm glad the titanuium ranger wasnt a samurai ranger

14 Jungle Fury
15 Mercury Ranger

Screw you, Mercury Ranger hater! What did he ever do to you, especially since he's not real? he's' my favorite of the Operation Overdrive Rangers because he's the easiest of them for me to handle. Hell, he isn't as humorous and unpleasant as his teammates are.

He deserves to be in jail

16 Rhino Ranger

Best ranger ever!

17 Shadow Ranger
18 Graphite Ranger

Onle seen in dino charge and super charge as prince phillips 3

19 Blue Turbo Ranger
20 Wolf Ranger

Intrusted in new things

Love R.J. He a cool and bliss fighter

21 Spirit Rangers

An awesome set of rangers.

22 Magna Defender

He is the best swords man in power rangersost galaxy

Oh yah

23 Thunder Ranger
24 Beetleborgs
25 Green Samurai Ranger
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