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Blossom is the leader of The Powerpuff Girls and one of the three main protaganists of the show. She was created in 1992 by Craig McCracken. She has long, red hair up in a ponytail with a giant red bow, pink eyes, pink dress with black belt, and white socks with Mary Jane shoes. She is intelligent, more.


She should be NUMBER ONE. She's the prettiest, smartest, nicest, and most amazing of the girls. I totally think Blossom is the BEST powerpuff girl, and all my friends totally love her. She's so utterly amazing, and she's so special. Everyone I know loves Blossom. Everyone SHOULD love Blossom. She ROCKS.

She is my second favorite, she is very useful in the team and a pretty flawed character. She gets most of the bad endings, which I kind of feel sorry for her being the most underrated and has bad luck. People just do not realize how useful she is to the team. How many times how she has helped the team? Many, so many,but people do not value her. Everyone goes for the cute ones. Just because a character may be cute does not mean they are the best. Personality is what matters to me. I am not saying everyone is like this. - AnimeDrawer

I'm gonna vote for Blossom till the end of the world! I hate how the writers always pick on her! Why do they hate Blossom so much?! There aren't that many episodes dedicated to her that shows her good side! This is why many people hate Blossom! The writers rarely show her good side and the kids are made to be believed that Blossom is a jerk.

Blossom is my most favorite character from the powerpuff girls she is sweet, incredibly kind, nice, and not even mean. But blossom reminds me of brittany from alvin and the chipmunks a little bit.

I love Blossom. She is the best powerpuff girl. I don't understand why everyone else likes Bubbles and Buttercup more than blossom. Buttercup is a tomboyish powerpuff girl but yet I like her. Bubbles is so cute so I like her too. But my favourite is Blossom. Her hair is really pretty.

She is so pretty and takes charge. She is not always sweet like bubbles or always tough like buttercup she is the perfect blend of tough and sweet.

Wish they focused more on Blossom because when you compare the girls' own episodes, she has the least amount of episodes about her. Geez, Buttercup and Bubbles usually get some slack if they make mistakes in Townsville but take a glimpse at an episode dedicated to Blossom and she'll be humiliated or yelled at. And don't say she deserves this, because she's flawed, not some boring Mary-Sue. She was the only one fit to be a leader and is naturally smart and a goody-two shoes, there's nothing wrong with that. Sure, she's bossy, because, well, that's just how she is. I love all of them but wow, she's really hated for silly reasons. And to some haters that say the team would be better without her, the Powerpuff Girls would never exist in the first place without her leadership. She's there for a reason, ugh. She's also human��"she doubts herself when she's the leader, the blame falls on her when a plan doesn't work, and look at episodes about her. Personally, I find her situations the ...more

I think Blossom is the coolest with the ability to change into anything. You probably pick the others because 1: Butter Cup gets mad most of the time and 2: Bubbles can change to animals.

I honestly love the three equally, but Blossom is underrated. She can be relatable and responsible and those are good qualities to put in a character.

well she's the smartest and the most energetic outta the three girls and also the most adorable and the cutest one

Blossom is criminally underrated. Her sisters, especially Bubbles, hog all of the attention away from her. Seriously, who doesn't love her ice breath power?

Blossom by far has always been my favorite Powerpuff girl she's the smartest and the most humble of the trio. The PPG wouldn't have gotten really anywhere if Blossom wasn't there. You can say "maybe she just likes Blossom because u relate to her". I completely agree with it however, think about the PPG without a great leader like her. If bubbles were to be the leader they wouldn't do anything and would lose every battle. If buttercup was the leader, they would all be brutes and Townsville wouldn't appreciate them as kind and sweet. See blossom is the PERFECT leader and should be the most loved Powerpuff girl

Blossom is the best! She is the prettiest, smartest and is the leader!
She is the most responsible and always makes the plans.
Without her, the team wouldn't be as great.
She's just the best.

Blossom is so adorable! Come on, she was incredible. Everybody loves Blossom.

She was the leader, she was the best. She helped and was sweet! She was my inspiration

Blossom thinks the world revolves around her. I hate her

Blossom is cute and powerful power puff girls

Why she is the least favorite? I mean she is cute as like her sister. I like underrated characters. They are way better than overrated characters - ChatNoirFan18

At least you dislike Buttercup by her character, not by her looks, which is completely fine with me. - AnimeDrawer

She's like me and why is bubbles the cute one blossom is way more cute and why is buttercup the tough one she's really tough and at least she's smart and makes good descisons plus she's the peace maker like me!

I love that she is so organized and she is funny to me

You ding dongs, Blossom is clearly the best. She's the glue that holds the team together. Craig McCraken specifically said that she was supposed to represent intelligence! Without a little smarts, Bubbles and Buttercup would be in the dark (that sounds like a song). She's confident, capable, and cool. Go Blossick!

She is an idiot she should not be on third she should be in no where in the pretty side

My second favorite. She is the nicest PPG. She treats her sisters equally and seeks justice. She cares about other people a lot. She has high class and intellegence.

People are probably going to hate me but I don't like Blossom. I feel she's bossy and Mary Sue-ish. For people who don't know what that means Mary Sue-ish is a character who is nearly perfect in Every. Single. Way. Ugh

I like Blossom the most,she is really cool and in my opinion the most complicated.I personally really dislike Buttercup she is so mean in some episodes for absolutely no reason.I like Bubbles but they really made her very ditzy and naive in some episodes.