Best Powerpuff Girls Season 3 Episodes

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1 Meet the Beat-Alls

Ah heck yes the Beatles ruled this episode

But as they say tomorrow never knows, I'm Stuart Best and this has been A Day in the Life - jp12960

2 Criss Cross Crisis

I don’t like this episode
Switching bodies is kind of a stupid concept

But if you like this episode that’s fine I respect your opinion

3 Child Fearing

I mostly like it because of Blarney the Singing Sea Serpent. That made me laugh during the saddest time in my life!

I like child fearing because Mojo Jojo babysits the power puff girls and I especially the bunny rabbit song.P.S if I were a bunny I'd HOP HOP HOP, HOP HOP HOP.

4 Jewel Of The Aisle
5 Bought and Scold
6 Candy is Dandy
7 Town and Out

Who put this terrible episode on this list?

8 Super Zeroes
9 The Mane Event

Blossom's hair really cheered me up after a very special blossom season 2 and it's sister episode fallen arches god those two episodes are so cruel and horrible but this did better mainly because there's a book of it along with ice sore (snow off) and not so awesome blossom

At least it had a good ending unlike its sister episode fallen arches since it was bad I hated the way bubbles and buttercup there sister there

The ending was great buttercup and bubbles deserve what they gotten for treating their sister badly and for laughing at her in this episode

10 Bubblevision

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11 Moral Decay

Buttercup and bubbles deserve another thing coming

12 Ploys R Us

Profess sleepwalks

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