Best Powerpuff Girls Season 6 Episodes

The Top Ten

1 Little Miss Interprets
2 Oops, I Did it Again

I Agree

3 Aspirations

Sedusa deserves to be bald in this episode

This episode made the Gangreen Gang even more likable. I didn't think that was possible.

4 A Made Up Story
5 Night Mayor
6 Coupe D'Etat
7 West In Pieces

What a boring episode, just the story of how the girls were created, but as a wild west story. The girls fought with engines? They don't need engines also why did they replace Mojo Jojo with Mojo the Kid? This episode was too stereotypical and bland.

This episode does not include the powerpuff girls in it what a boring episode

This episode was boring.

An okay episode but yeah this is boring!

8 Makes Zen to Me

Hilarious. Buttercup changes then its funny when Mojo Jojo attacks the monk and Buttercup is like "What should I do? "

Monk: Kick his butt.

Kick asses

9 Simian Says
10 What's the Big Idea?
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