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1 Him

He is powerful and capable of destroying the girls if he wanted.

I mean come on Him is the most powerful of all the evil villains, First he has the most powers to either have laser eyes and turn water into lava and sharp crap pinching claws and he can transform to grow bigger and taller also his voice even changes from a tiny horrifying voice to a deadly mean one, also he lives in hell, and he is the only villain that when you see or say his name a sinister sound of music comes on. Now if that is not scary to you than I do not know what is, also he is the only villain that not even looks very scary but he can also fly and not only that go inside thing and he is so disturbing that even you don't know his name, when asked to know his name it is so scary to even say that the characters go into a state of shock and if you say it it can blow him up but he will get you. He even scares me when on an interview with the person who plays him Tom Kane, even said that you can't say his name and even one time when the professor said his name he was even scared ...more

I knew that Him would be number 1. I mean, he can grow super big and a bunch of other stuff.Even his NAME is scary to say! And what is really cool about Him is that he learns from his mistakes.Even his voice is terrifying. I mean, come on, man! He even looks like a devil! (But the best thing about him is that he's my favorite character! ) Therefore, Him definitely deserved the number one spot...

Him is the creepiest and best villan in the series. Who knew a lobster in drag could be so terrifying and yet so awesome?

2 Mojo Jojo Mojo Jojo Mojo Jojo is a fictional character from the American animated television series, The Powerpuff Girls, created by animator Craig McCracken for Cartoon Network.

He is the true arch nemesis of the Powerpuff Girls, like how Joker is to Batman or Lex Luthor to Superman, Mojo Jojo is the main enemy of PGs. He is a true icon.

Come on, he is so funny and is the most important out of all the villains. I also like Him (the villain not Mojo Jojo) for being creepy and a crab demon thing. Both of them deserve to be number 1 even though on TheTopTens you can't choose 2 as number 1, but I would vote for Him to be number 1.

Mojo Jojo is hilarious. He technically steals the show and he is the most interesting and the most memorable out of all the villains. I loved his design and his voice.

My family STILL has at least nostalgia in Mojo. Mojo also created a trio of a taste of their own medicine.

3 Brick

The Rowdyruff boys are without a doubt my favorite.

Brick should be number 1 because he is definitely much more fun to watch and funnier than Mojo and Him. Besides he is more enjoyable to other people and seems to be the one everyone talks about.

I want to make my own version of the boys called "The Tackytuff Boys".

Love him

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4 The Amoeba Boys

These guys are lame

I hate the amoeba boyd

They are so adorable. I love them with a passion.

I only one I like is Bossman, and he just happens to be my favourite character in the show. - Consequently

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5 Butch

He is so violent he literally twitches before a fight. He is a sadistic monster who hurts just to hurt.

He is my secret crush, he is hot/insane/awesome!

My least favorite RRB.

Butch is my absolute favourite of the Rowdyruff Boys. His material is the escargon, like Buttercup's material is spice. His first image of hair is a simple cowlick, his second one consists of hair similar to Vegeta. Plus, Butch's eye colour is forest green. I want Butch to have a major antagonistic role of a PPG fanon season all to himself. Which would make Butch an awesome villain. Mojo Jojo, HIM, and ABSOLUTELY, Butch, are my favourite PPG villains of all time.

6 Princess Morbucks Princess Morbucks

I Hate that spoiled brat so much!

I love princess morbucks so much! She is definitely my favourite

Morbucks should go drown herself. - TwilightKitsune

She is the worst and most annoying villian ever.

7 The Gangrene Gang

The Gangreen Gang are more annoying than Hyp Nod and Mutt. I like Hyp Nod and Mutt way better than the Gangreen Gang

I have to choose this, just cause I have a soft spot for Ace, who knows why.

Least to favorite- Grubber, Ace, Big Billy, Lil Arturo, and Snake! Snake has some personality of his own you know.

The gangrene does not seam to be real criminals just a bunch of orphaned homeless kids who seam to commit crimes because of the situation there in and they never learned right from wrong there teenageboys who have none one but each other and properly get mistreated because that and how they look Townsville is known for descriminaton even the girls and they commit crimes like gaff it and stealing food mostly can and toys things immature children would do the girls seem to do and the fact the girls go to far and there no foster care there just impoverished illiterate kids not criminals.

8 Sedusa

I hate Sedusa

Yes, sedusa

She has live hair, and actually uses her seducing abilities. She is cunning, knows what she wants and how to get it. Sedusa can fight to, and knows how to take advantage of men. Sedusa doesn't act sickeningly modest; she flaunts and abuses her looks. She isn't too overpowered, either; once her hair is snipped off, Sedusa loses her powers. This makes her less of a Mary-Sue. Even then, Sedusa can still be a threat without the use of her hair by using her seducing abilities (Remember that episode with the Gangreen Gang? ) Sedusa is a clever villain, and deserves to be higher.

Based on the greek tale monster, Medusa!

9 The Beat-Alls

All the PPG villains group together to finally best the girls... until the lead Beat-All is seduced by a (gasp) femme fatale. Only then do things start to fall apart for the nasty villains. It's Get Back all over again... - mgenet

a mix of princess mojo him and fuzzy - superlover

All of the best PPG villains make up the epic team. It says it in the name people, fear all of them!

10 Boomer

Boomer is awesome, even though he isn't, well, the brightest bulb in the chandelier. With him playing with the fly, he is an awesome villan even though he can't concentrate. Also, Bubbles saying, I want the blonde, I think he's cute! Priceless.

I kind of feel bad that Brick and Butch always bully him.

Boomer is the best I think he's funny and cute

Aww, he's cute. I really like him. - TwilightKitsune


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11 Fuzzy Lumpkins Fuzzy Lumpkins Fuzzy Lumpkins is a fictional character from the American animated television series, The Powerpuff Girls, created by animator Craig McCracken for Cartoon Network.

I love the episode were Bubbles was coping Fuzzy Lumpkins. He is always calling his banjo and OHH! I remember the episode were he was president just got telling the Mayor (SHUT UP)! Love Fuzzy

Two words "Meat Gun".

I love that hillbilly Fuzzy. #GET OFF MY PROPERTY!

He's Fuzzy and a Lumpkim I love him

12 Dick Hardly

He actually almost got away with killing the girls! Probably the most ruthless villain ever. He surpasses Him a bit.

He's eviler than Him the demonic figure of the show... some much unpleasantness

I honestly couldn't care less.

13 The Gnome

I love this Gnome he's awesome


14 Allegro the Panda

He's so adorable and he can destroy people with joy I absolutely love him he's also so cute and who does not love a panda?

HE'S SO CUTE! BUT his dance (the one move were he,Bubbles, and Blossem are shaking there BUTT) is weird annoying

15 The Boogie Man

Don't think he's scary cause he'll go to your house and scare you! Lol Jk

16 Abracadaver

Come on evil creepy zombie whom we thought murdered Blossom until we learned it was Blossom in disguise. He gets cool points.

17 Snake

Snake is my sec favorite. Not only because he's a villain, he tries his hardest to please his boss, Ace. Although he does need to think before doing things, but it's makes him unbearably adorable. Ace needs to understand that Snake has a different way of thinking. I'm saying I hate Ace because he's my number 1 favorite, I'm just saying he needs to except Snake the way he is.

He is just a lovable little bae. <3 I'm always sad when Ace hits him.

18 Eye Monster

He's a monster with an eye what else is there to say.

19 Mask Scara

Simply the best

I liked her. - Anonymousxcxc

20 Bianca

I know she's from the new series but she is one of my favorites.

Is their really a villain named after a singer that had the privilege to go to the Supervowl

21 Octi

Have you seen this giant octopus, Octi is so beast, she almost destroyed Townsville in the first series.

22 Manboy

He's a man in a boy's body what's not to love and don't forget he's also hairy and strong.

23 Roach Coach
24 Lenny Baxter
25 Sandman
26 Harold Smith
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