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1 Army of the Night

Awesome song

Probably the most ''Powerwolf'' song ever.

This is the first one I listened and it made me discover the rest of the songs, if I like the group it's because of it

One of the first songs I heard, Powerful and awesome!

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2 We Drink Your Blood

This and Son Of A Wolf by far my favorites! Wicked Awesome Band!

Awesome song! Enjoyed this song on 1st visit

THis song kick as,s
this one and murder at midnight are my favorites

In my opinion, Night of the Werewolves is better.

3 Sanctified with Dynamite

Really this song is so amazing I love it.

by the way this was my first song I've listened of power wolf! - romerova

4 Sacred & Wild
5 Kiss of the Cobra King
6 Lust for Blood
7 Amen & Attack
8 Tiger of Sabrod
9 Phantom of the Funeral
10 We Are the Wild

A song and a music to make you roar

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11 Extatum Et Oratum
12 Die, Die, Crucified

Such a amazing song! THIS IS A NUMBER ONE SONGG. I can't choose wich powerwolf song must be number one because every song is so amazing! - romerova

13 St. Satan's Day
14 Resurrection by Erection
15 Night of the Werewolves

The best song! Riff is simply epic!

16 Murder at Midnight

Awesome riff! Powerwolf is so unterrated band...

Greatest solo ever! Aand a nice horor story ;-)

THis song shoul be like the 3rd or at last the 5th

17 In the Name of God (Deus Vult)

I really like the energy in this song, made me discover Powerwolf

18 Armata Strigoi

Melodic, very nice guitar work. Perfect!

I absolutely love this song so much it really deserves to be higher

19 Son of a Wolf

Very good song. It should be in top5.

20 Secrets of the Sacristy
21 Coleus Sanctus
22 Raise Your Fist, Evangelist
23 Catholic in the Morning... Satanist at Night
24 Nochnoi Dozor
25 Cardinal Sin
26 Lupus Dei
27 All We Need Is Blood

Don't understand. This song is so cool! This have to be in the Top 5!

28 Kreuzfeuer
29 Werewolves of Armenia
30 Let There Be Night

The song you play for the great, long march through the forest under the full moon, to join the apeal of the sanctified pentagram made from the blood of unholy papum.

31 Dead Until Dark
32 Blessed & Possessed
33 Vampires Don't Die
34 Behind the Leathermask
35 Higher Than Heaven
36 Prayer In the Dark
37 Dead Boys Don't Cry
38 Mother Mary Is a Bird of Prey
39 Black Mass Hysteria
40 Opening: Prelude to Purgatory
41 Saturday Satan
42 When the Moon Shines Red
43 Moscow After Dark
44 Panic In the Pentagram
45 Wolves Against the World
46 Seven Deadly Saints
47 We Take It from the Living
48 Son of the Morning Star
49 Lucifer In Starlight
50 We Came to Take Your Souls
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1. We Drink Your Blood
2. Extatum Et Oratum
3. Sanctified with Dynamite
1. St. Satan's Day
2. Army of the Night
3. We Drink Your Blood
1. Sanctified with Dynamite
2. Amen & Attack
3. We Drink Your Blood

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