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21 Call a pizza shop and when they answer, say, "your pizza burned the tongue right off my daughter, you jerk you better pay for a new one!" and hang up. V 2 Comments
22 Did I leave my clothes in your bedroom?

I did this and the guy just played along saying I did lmao. I was saying I'm going to call him tomorrow to come and pick it up. Then I started hinting we would have sex when I come. It was pretty funny that he played along the whole time.

I did this on my friend Lena and so her boyfriend was part of it so when he walked out of the room without his phone I called him so lena picked up and I gave her no time to speak and I was like hey did I leave my underwear in your room last night and they got in such a bad argument it was so funny when ant the end he told her it was a prank.

This is a amazing I done it on my boy best friend and he had the massive shock of his life

That's a awesome one! LMAO

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23 Say 'I can't hear you' until they hang up.

This one is so old, best trick to wiggle off telemarketers

I did this to my local mcdnalds and I said what 3 times and then the guy said OH SHUT UP WILL YOU!

24 Call a random person then say "did you order any (random food)?"

Yes. I did this to 118118 if you know what it is. They were like sorry, I didn't understand your inquiry. This was very weird and my classmates and I were laughing so much that my teacher came up to us. My friends said that she was ordering some pizza at Pizza Hut. We were laughing even more then.

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25 Call a random number and start singing happy birthday!

The funniest prank call idea ever!

I apparently called a hospital and she said thanks and all, but I heard her yell, "SECURITY! " Then I hung ul

Lol I started and the guy was like THANK YOU NO ONE HAS SAID THAT IN MY 900 YEARS THANK YOU

Person: "Who is this? "
Person: Who are you?
Person: What?!
Person: This is Claire's, miss. -hangs up- - Emberflight_of_StormClan

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26 Call a random guy and say "children in the back seat cause accidents! Accidents in the back seat cause children!" then hang up.

This is actually funny. - KayleeKicklighter

That’s the best one ever

Okkk then...

27 Call McDonald's and ask for a Sad Meal.

The could not understand me & it was really funny!

This is so funny!
Them: Hello?
Me: Is this McDonald's?
Them: Yes it is.
Me: I'd like to order a sad meal.
Them: What kind of meal?
Me: A sad meal.
Them: Sad meal? Sorry, we don't have sad meals.

Haha I called an he was like "SIR! ARE YOU KIDDING ME!?!?

I don't know why I'm laughing so hard!

Me: -dials McDonalds-
Employee: "Welcome to McDonalds, how can I help you? "
Me: "Yeah, hi I'd like a Sad Meal."
Employee: "Excuse me, what kind of meal? "
Employee: "Sorry, ma'am, we don't serve Sad Meals."
Me: -whispers- I like turtles -hangs up- - Emberflight_of_StormClan

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28 You need to go to Safeway to buy ingredients for a better life. By the way, I'm going there right now; would you like me to pick some up for you?

My friend is always saying her life sucks so this was the best way to prank her

It said no thanks sir please put me on your do not call list my life is good

Messaging this one is better than calling them. - Animefan12

Leave a message if they don't pick up.
Super funny

29 Call McDonald's and ask "Is this the Krusty Krab?"

No this is Patrick - bravenwolfzx

I did this to Pizza Hut and the manager answers the phone I was like hello is this the Krusty crab and the manger said no it's Pizza Hut so I said o my god I'm being kid napped so get me a pizza haha try it lol!

Haha so funny the lady was so confused

I did this and it was funny but soon I started getting scared..:
This is how it went:
Lady- "McDonalds how can I help you? "
Me- "Um hi is this the Krusty Krab? "
Lady- "No this is Marrissa"
(I hear laughing a quiet talking in the background)
Me- "Is Spongebob there? "
Lady- "Yes would you like to *giggle* talk to him? "
(All of this sounded like teenagers making fun and all)
Me- "Yea"
Other person- "Yo wassup. Remember me from 6 hours ago? "
Me- "Uhh this is Sandy"
Other person- "Well you are cheeky"
Me- "Uh yea"
Other person- (I honestly don't know what they said but I remember excessive cursing and slutty words lol)
Me- "No"
Other person- "Don't you have bet-"
I hung up because they were caring me a lot... will never prank call again lol. This is especially bad because they were at McDonalds. They cursed in front of everybody. How inconvenient. Horrible.

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30 Call McDonald's and order food from Burger King

Lol I'm gonna do it and post it on youtube

Or order Taco Bell food from McDonald's. - Powerfulgirl10

If u call McDonald's and order food from Burger King they would say they don't have it there they have it at Burger King that is the best thing to do. But how about they still give it to u

This reminds me of one of my teachers. They went to Sonic's and asked for a DQ Blizzard. They also went to DQ and asked for a Sonic Blast.

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31 Call a pizza shop and ask if they have any dog pizza.

I did this and they were like this pizza I have little puppy chihuahua but we no eat I started screaming down the phone and he was like oh sorry call again soon

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32 Ask for their gender then say "my computer says no."

They'd be angry at you. - Animefan12



33 Call McDonald's and ask where the nearest Wendy's is

Seriously dude, if your worried about being mean, why are you even on this site? What the heck

I did this once, and the people there were just like, "This is also a Wendy's. Order your food please! "

That's kinda mean

So I called and asked why their yelp ratings were so low and this is how it went:

Them: Hello, this is McDonalds. How may I help you.

Me: I was on yelp and I saw that your ratings were only 2 stars. Why is that?

Them: Have a good day!

34 Call Petsmart in the reptiles section and quietly say, 'I like turtles' and hang up.

You should call pets mart and ask them, do turtles pike pizza because in the ninja turtle movie said they do.😂

Haha this is funny
Me: I like turtles
Pets mart: sorry we don't have turtles we have fish
Me: no turtles are better

35 Call a beauty salon and ask "can I buy 2 crates of lipstick because I want to smother it all over my lips" and say, "uggh", you know, like," uggh!" then see if they really try to sell you some.

I tried this on a local business and they said I had to make a special order!

This one is funny but I don't think it will work usually they hang up

Nice! So funny, especially the "uggh" part!

I don't like the prank. I think it is stupid and useless

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36 Call Aflac and ask for Jake from State Farm


This is'nt that funny

genius - GrapeJuiceK

Honestly, this was the best the guy even did the Aflac

duck thing

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37 Call a restaurant that does not serve American food and file a complaint because they do not serve American food

Love it laugh out loud

I tried this on a italian restaurant and they got so mad

You'd be the one who gets caught. - Animefan12


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38 Accuse Domino's of stealing a secret recipe of Papa Johns.

What if they said let's go to court

39 I have your shipment of weed, where do you want it delivered?

This is absolutely hilarious. Just call a random person ask them where to deliver the weed and they freak out. I called a random person and a little girl answered the phone and she was screaming "mommy, mommy mommy, there's a guy on the phone and wants to know where to put the weed. " The mom was like what. And then the little girl asked the mom "what is weed" lmfao



That's actually funny most of these are corny

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40 Call in the summer and start singing Christmas carols.

This isn't as funny as you'd expect in Australia

In Australia it would be winter...

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1. Call Petsmart and when they answer, say 'Hear me roar like a mountain lion!', then try to to it.
2. Call a hotel in Hawaii with bad ratings and ask questions about their rooms, like how many they have and the types of beds and stuff.
3. Call a pizza shop and when they answer, say, "your pizza burned the tongue right off my daughter, you jerk you better pay for a new one!" and hang up.
1. Use a real bad Chinese accent and say "we sell egg rolls! $20 for one egg roll! Egg rolls! egg rolls! You buy egg roll or we hunt you down!"
2. Call a business and start screaming in a horrible accent, "I've came here 20 times and manager told me that I could get coupon and I didn't get coupon and I have such sad life and whyyyyy!" (sob sob)
3. Why did you hang up on me?
1. Is Mister Wall there? No. How about Misses Wall? No. Then what's holding up your ceiling?
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3. Where do babies come from?

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