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41 Call Dominos and ask the phone number of Pizza Hut.

This was so funny, I nearly pissed myself, do it do it do it!

My dad works for dominos and when I did this he answered and when he got home he told me about it and I started laughing and he realized it was MEEE! - CodaMarie

This was so funny! We had like a full conversation too. Lmfao hilarious!

Or call Mcdonald's and ask for the phone number of Burger King.

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42 I'm looking for (enter name) to confide that I got AIDS when we had sex.

That is not funny you can ruined relationship and marriage is like thatthink before you post!

On the off chance of you actually getting the guys name right you can't ruin a relationship

That's stupid you could seriously ruin a relationship!


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43 Do you have a large variety of chapsticks?

If they say chapsticks? Then say yes the sticks on your lips

You got that off a YouTube video what

I did this to face values and they said of coarse, WE ARE A BEAUTY STORE!

I'm a big lady and I need something that will make my man go "uungh" LOL - Discord

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44 I hid the body. Who is the next victim?

Then when the person says"I think you got the wrong number" hang up.

Call back 2 minutes later and say " Heather, I accidently called the wrong number about the body! "

Don't do this! It can actually get you in a lot of trouble.

Yes I would I love prank calling the numbers real numbers

This is awesome

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45 Call a boy and tell him you're pregnant with his child.

This was so funny I did this and the guy started screaming his head off going nuts he actually had had it and said he didn't use a condom and that he already had a wife and 5 kids!

That would be so hilarious. Totally doing this at my sleepover this weekend!

I do this all the time. It's best if you add in some years.


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46 I've found the body, where should I bury it?

This really works! I've gotten responses like where they play along & where they start out! Haha this made me cry my eyes out from laughing

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47 Hi this is Sarah from Victoria's Secret, your red fleecy G string is ready for pick up, along with your 30g of Viagra and black strap on.

I did this and it went something like this

Me:hi this is Sara from Victoria's secret your red fleecy G string is ready for pick up along with your 30g of Viagra and black strap on.

Them it was a dude: I didn't order this buts it perfect for my girlfriend We were planning to have sex tomorrow I'll go pick it up if you have some I'll also take a red lace bra and a red lace pair of panties

Me:ok we have that it will be ready at 1:00 today thank you I hope you have fun having sex

Him :I will thanks bye I'll see you with the next order

My friend and I had actually used this situation in prank calls often, in which one victim was furious after finding out the news. And actually shouted at her 20 year old daughter, suspecting that she ordered the items.

It's the best. You need to try this.
❤ - K

This is brilliant! Used it on my boyfriend, he freaked out. He was like what?! Then I told him it was me, he reaction was hilarious!

My friend and I called two guys, one of them said he ordered an edible g-string, and the other said he ordered a purple dildo for his
mother. it was a really funny experience and I would definitely use this again

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48 Call 867-5309 and ask for Jenny

If you call this number in my town it plays the song!

Dude I see you posting this number everywhere but you literally NEVER put the area code!

K I need the area code it wont let me call her

Oh yeah, this song! - lovefrombadlands

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49 When someone picks up your call, say in a metallic voice, "I'm sorry, your call has been disconnected." V 2 Comments
50 Say in an accent "Hello this is Martinez, would you like to buy a penguin named Pablo?"

Great! I tried this once and the guy played along and said yes and that he had been looking for a penguin named Pablo!

This reminds me of the backyardigans but if someone said would you like to buy a kangaroo named Austin I would probably freak out and say Yes.

Thanks I will try this I'm really good at making fun of accents and people
This is what I will try

Melanie Martinez? - lovefrombadlands

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51 Call a convenience store and ask if they have cotton balls. If they say yes, ask them if they tickle when they walk.

I tried this on Walmart... Was dying the lady was like what... ?

Me and my friend called walmart and the lady hung up on me right after I said cotton balls. I'm like LADY I wuz like I'm talking to U.

This is so funny

I'm dying!
Me: Do you see cotton balls
Them: Yas?
Me: Do they tickle when you walk?
Them: Umm... I think you have the wrong number
Me: No! Can you deliver them to me
Them: Sorry...
Me: Aww thanks!
Them: Um... No I can't... Sorry... I think...
Me: Byee
Them: Wait! Um... I don't know what to do!
Ne: I said bye

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52 Hello, thanks for calling Joe's Strippers, when you got the dough, we got the hoe.

I actually called a strip club... Whoops

I did this to my friend and her phone was on speaker. Her mom heard and said that if she didn't find out who it was she was gonna call the cops

This one is really good!


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53 (In sexy voice) "Why didn't you go harder last night"

That is funny. It works well.. His reaction was than come back tonight for more than he gave me a reaction that was actually come now. Laugh out loud

This is funny. but I would never have the guts to do that.

It work like really I love this joke use it

My mom caught me doing this one time and got all maddd and so I prank called her later

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54 Tell them that you are in need of help and when they ask you where you are say "behind you."

LMAO! This is so funny! We called multiple people, funny every time!

I called my dad and he was all "you're in trouble now young lady! " laugh out loud!

This is so not funny dick heads xxx

I did this once and I said help rely loud and they screamed and droped thear phone

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55 Burt, Burt they know what we did. And now they're after me. Wait is this Burt? You gave me this number; what did you do with Burt? Don't lie to me. When you talk to him, tell him he owes child support. V 1 Comment
56 Call McDonald's and ask if they have Jack in the Box's phone number.

Laugh out loud the was like pissed off

Better yet KFC or Wendy's

Should of said Burger King's number

These 1 are funny

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57 Will you marry me?

This is Hilarious! I did it and gave this whole inspirational speech about how much I loved my girlfriend and then I proposed in the end! The guy on the other end of the line said " Sounds good to me but I am also a guy. " it was so funny!

Before you say that say "Sorry the line brpke up" - VideoGameTiger

That is a basic one. - Animefan12

Yas. I will.

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58 Call someone in an English accent and say "go check on your dog, quick quick quick, some dude is trying to eat it"

Haha so funny and people usually listen to British people

I can do this in my normal voice

Random Guy: I don't have a dog!
Me: Sorry for wasting your time……


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59 Say in a sexy voice; "Hi, this is Tanya. I had a great time last night. Wanna go again?"

I tried this and she said sure an she told me to meet her In person now we are best friends I explained the whole thing to her laugh out loud

Haha got a lot of peep in that one, so funny, lmfao

Oh my God. I need to try this one. - Powerfulgirl10

Sure, hunny!

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60 I hid the body. Now what?

Very alarming if you're the one getting it

Lol funniest thing ever

I'm going to try this!

I called walmart and did this exept they threatened to call the cops and so not doing that to a business again

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