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61 You fail!

It is so hilariuos and so my humor! Just imagining the look on that persons face.

Ha! I tried this on My Grandma!

SAY IN A BAD Chinese accent you fail test u buy egg roles u dumb

62 Do you shave down there?

Laugh out loud I've got to try this!

I an traumatized, but in a good way. Lol - Powerfulgirl10

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63 I'm stuck in the bathroom near the back of the store could you please come and help? Oh and bring toilet paper.

Laugh out loud that was funny lmao

Hilarious! I didn't hang up right away the lady ended up asking which bathroom and I said womens (i'm male) so it was even funnier!

64 Call Walmart and ask if they have condoms that are big enough for you.

This was great he said I don't know that's kind of a retorical? I wouldn't know I've never meet u before

I was with my best friend and we decided to prank call an Indian restaurant:

Me: Hello. I have found a condom in my butter chicken.
Man: Bring you're mother here, I'll show her how to use it.
Me: *cracks up* - Catlover2004


65 Call Target and push button for store operator. When they answer say "Bullseye!!!"

This only worked at home (I was trying to find a Blu-ray Disc release of Boyhood from one of the stores in League City). - playstationfan66

That'd be so funny! Lmao! - Animefan12

I did something different I said 23 +23 is 18and my name is Dparta amd hanged up the guy was all like what who is this and he said let me transfer ypu then he transferd me to his friend I said the same thing and he and his friend laughed so then I told them have the day off and that I was their boss and then 15 min later I got a call back saying I was banned from comming their so went throught the store yelling I am sparta and 23 + 23 is 18

HAHAAHA I get it! because target, bullseye. Wow too funny I did this on a guy and this is how it turned out
Target employee: huh? Umm I think you have the wrong number...
Me: wait is this target?
Target employee: umm yeah...
Target employee: hey Ralph! We have another idiot on the phone!
Me:... Rude... {hangs up}

15 minutes later I get a call from an unknown number

(Phone rings)
Me: hello!?!?!?
Person on phone (target employee but I don't know)
Me: aww shut up... I don't work at target{hangs up phone}

66 I have no friends. Will you be my friend?

Called taco bell with this and they said they couldn't help me with that and they hung up. Dying laughing afterwards.

This one is great it won't get you in trouble

Tried that one on my teacher. He actually said yes.

Called the apple store and she played along... It was so cute..I want to meet her irl

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67 Call Walmart and say "I lost my pet grasshopper; if you find it, just throw it outside."

Haha just tryed this they kept passing me to the next line trying to help me find my grasshopper then told me to ask target

Hha I tried this one and this is how it went:
Me: I lost my pet grasshopper can you help me find it?
Random: umm I think you have the wrong number.
Me: WHAT! ( out) your not going to help me find mr jumpy my grasshopper? (I added crying)
Random: no.
Me: well it's really nice of you, you big meanie!
The random got really pissed then hanged up

68 "Can I ask you a song? I know the tune not the song" in a Arabian accent. Then hum the song in an Arabian accent to make it sound like a Arabian song.

This is hilarious, use commonly known songs and act dumbfounded at the end

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69 Call a babysitter and say "Have you checked on the children?"

Haha Yes! That is such a good idea! It only works if they have seen When a stranger calls - (the movie) Or you could watch it with them before they go and babysit, so you will definitely know. Also you could get the kids parents in on the prank and ask them for their home number, and get them to call the person who is being pranked, and get them to tell him/her where the kids beds are and/or something like that!

There was a story, where a babysitter was babysitting and someone called, and said did you check on the children? She said no and he called again and again until she called the police. When the police arrived they said she was lucky because the call came from upstairs in the house, and so on.

Wow this is hilarious I will use it next time. :) just genius overall laugh out loud


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70 Why is someone else under your bed?

HILARIOUS! This would totally freak me out! I probably wouldn't go to sleep that night. I would be too busy searching under my bed and probably the whole house!

Oh my god this is genius! I bet if someone did this to me I would spend the next hour searching every corner of my house.

Wow I am so tempted to do this now

Them: Uhh.. What?
Me: Excuse me, I SAID, why is there someone else under your bed?
Them: -tons of cursing and language not suitable for any audience-
Me: That doesn't answer my question.
Them: -censored- off!
Me: -leans really close to the phone and whispers- I like turtles... - Emberflight_of_StormClan

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71 You are the chosen one.

Ahhaha I used this! It was so funny because they where very religious and stuff and yer! Have to try

Laugh out loud hilarious I said that once and the person went insane! Yelling I'm the chosen one I'm the chosen one! '

Laugh out loud I gate


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72 Call Walmart and ask for 50 pounds of mustard.

Laugh out loud he said it has ten dollars

Trying this

Lol that was halerios littirly gosh

73 Call a man and tell him and convince him you are his baby mama

LOLOLOLOL gotta try this!

74 Call State Farm to insure a car and see how long it takes them to realize you're trying to insure the Batmobile.

What, just because they're on rural estate they don't know most of the media?!

Laugh out loud the person started telling me I was a video game freak & stuff like that & get out of the basement totally gonna do that again!

What is state farms number?


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75 If you have friends over, take turns calling the same number asking for Jeremy.

Have the last person pretend to be jeremy

76 You have no proof. You can NOT prove that I did that! NO PROOF!

If they ask what happened say in a panicked voice "I've said too much! They might be listening! " and then hang up.

Really funny, me and my friend are cracking up

That is just so random... Perfect!

Them: What?
Me: Darn giraffes in the kitchen! -hangs up- - Emberflight_of_StormClan

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77 In a Chinese accent, call and say "hello, this is (some random name) at your local CVS pharmacy. We just wanted to remind you to pick up your pimple cream."
78 Call a fish shop and say 'I bought a fish and it's on its period'. Then go on about how you want your money back.

A little kid answered and told his mom he was scared! Lmfao

I tried this on two pet shops. The first one was Pet Smart, and they tried to calm me down ( I started hiding my laughter by crying) and they didn't believe me. Then my friend pretneded to be my mom. It was hilarioius!


Haha Lol I did that and they actually said I should come and collect the money tomorrow

79 Say something really weird, or continue to pester them until they ask "Who is this?" or something similar, and then yell "THIS IS SPARTA!"

I tried this one a few minutes ago! It's the best! The person was totally confused!

This one was the best! Definitely worth every second!

Lmao, I'm so doing this one at my next slumber party. This is a funny one.

Lol so trying this out

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80 Raymona's bakery, we bake cakes, pies, brownies cookies, cinnamon rolls, you name it, we bake it!

Here is a good one say bobs dog groomers if you're dog is durty well make em purty

There's a reason why this is 69

This is a turd


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