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81 Raymona's bakery, we bake cakes, pies, brownies cookies, cinnamon rolls, you name it, we bake it!

Here is a good one say bobs dog groomers if you're dog is durty well make em purty

There's a reason why this is 69

This is a turd


82 Muffle your voice.

It will be if you had your hand on your mouth when you are calling someone

Call someone you know, but stuff a load of food in your mouth first, and ask if MFFUDFUF (their name) is there. See how long it is before they work out that it's you, or how long it is before they hang up.

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83 Call McDonalds and ask for Wendy's number

I'm already prank calling McDonald's

I called and the person on the other end answered
"We don't have a wendy's."
"Are you sure? "
"I've lived here my whole life"
"No I think there is one."
"We use to have one but it's not anymore."

I did this, except I called Pizza Hut and asked for Dominoes number.
This is how it went.
Them: Hello, this is Jenny from Pizza Hut, how may I help you?
Me: What is Dominoes number?
Them: What?
Me: What is Dominoes number? (louder this time, and also without the excessive laughter)

84 Call a bar and ask if they can give out kids meals V 2 Comments
85 Ask about their baby penguins.

I Did this it was hilarious they were like who is this the I hang up!

Penguin prank calls are the best. It is just so random.

86 Call state farm and ask, "What are you wearing, Jake from State Farm?"


Ok so this is how it went:
Me: Hello, Jake from State Farm, what are you wearing?
Them: Um, did you hear me?
Me: What are you wearing, Jake from State Farm?
Them: Um... Is there anything I can assist you with, ma'am?
Them: Uhh, Kakis...

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87 Call a bar and tell them you left your thong in their men's restroom.

Ok I tried this and the guy keep saying. Did you have sex in there haha

Not nearly as exciting in Australia... - 16_and_savaged

How it went.
Me: Is this the Ice harbor brewery?
Me:oh thank god! Okay listen, I left my bright pink thong in the mens bathroom, and I was wondering if you can get them so I can pick them up?
Guy: Ma'am what are you-

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88 Hey mom, it's (your name)! Are we still going out for Taco Bell tonight?

I wish I could do that, but we would never have the money

I did this was my dad and he was like I don't think so and then I said daddy you promised so then he took me it is a great way to go get some tack out food I toataly recommend it

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89 Hey...I got bad news...I'm pregnant and I think it's yours.

I tried that and he almost made me have sex with him

Laugh out loud he actually fell for it

I think it is not really that funny

I ended up having sex with him

90 Call Starbucks, order, and tell them you're Primrose Everdeen. When you go to pick it up, they'll call out, "Primrose Everdeen." Shout, "I volunteer as tribute!" People will laugh like crazy!

This is actually clever, and if the person claiming to be employed at Starbuck's is really feeling offended then they really do not understand the joke. The location isn't that important, it just needs to be a place where yelling out customers names is common practice.

I'm starting to wish I read all of these before voting, I keep wishing I could vote on this but I can't...hilarious! I'm SO gonna try that...once I get a driver's license to drive myself over there to pick it up..3 years to go!

I tried this, and the employee was like WOAH, your gonna have to win to get this mocha then.! LOL!


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91 OMG why did you do that last night?!

Ok so call someone and ask them why they didn't have sex with you like they said they would?...
Then when they ask who you are tell them you are the girl/guy from there dreams...

Me and my friend did this one and she got really confused so we hung up! Lollololololololol! For all of the prank callers out there, I suggest to do this one!

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92 I like the way you're chewing your gum.

I did this once and the person was actually chewing gum this is how it went:
Me: I like the way you're chewing your gum

Person: Thank You

Me: are you actually chewing gum

Person: Yes? Then she hung up

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93 Sing the "Campfire Song Song".

Me and my friend did this in school once. Just got up and sang it. Hilarious

Awesome! I'm singing it now!

Sit around the camp ⛺ fire

Me: -dials random number-
Person: -picks up phone-
Me: Let's gather around the campfire and sing the campfire song!
Person: What? Who is this?
Me: Our C-A-M-P-F-I-R-E-S-O-N-G song!
Me: If you don't think you can sing it faster then you're wrong, but it'll help if you just sing along! Bum bum bum! (really fast) C-A-M-P-F-I-R-E-S-O-N-G song, it's our C-A-M-P-F-I-R-E-S-O-N-G song!
Person: WHAT THE -censored-, WHO IS THIS?!
Me: Ifyoudon'tthinkyoucansingitfasterthenyou'rewrongbutit'llhelpifyoujustsingalong! IT'LL HELP! Yeah, it'll HELP! If you just sing ALOONG! -hangs up- - Emberflight_of_StormClan

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94 Hello, who is this?

Hahahjj hilarious did this!
Me:hello who us thi
Them:your the one that called me
Me:LIAR your accusing me of things when you're the one that called
Them:ummm you're the one that called
Then hang up

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95 Hi, I'm calling to say we lost your extra small and thin condoms

Lol, I did it and the guy started swearing at me and saying, HOW DID YOU FIND OUT ABOUT IT!

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96 Mom! You left me at JC Penneys! Don't you remember?!

I did this then the person actually offered to pick me up. I was like ah hell na

Laugh out loud I did this once and it was awesome

97 Congratulations, you've won one million dollars!


98 Call a pizza place that does delivery, ask a normal question about a pizza, then say "Wait a minute, I know your voice, what's your name?" And when they tell you their name say "(Insert name) it's been so long! Don't you remember me?"

We went to bed wetters camp together last year! " And continue saying things like "You told me that your mom had to give you special sheets and that you find it incredibly difficult to get adult diapers! " Then order a pizza and don't give your adrress and hang up.

With me that might just be believable

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99 Call petsmart and say "You ordered 3,000 dogs, they're shipping right now. I just wanted to know when you were going to pay for them. Your total is $60,000" And argue with them until they hang up

Funny! And Weird!

That's good



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100 Hi this is Raul and I have found your missing magic pigs. If you could just give me your address, I can bring them back. Then maybe we could... [hang up]

Laugh out loud I am so gonna have to try this one

One guy said girl you drunk

He gave me his address!

Magic pigs? excuse me?

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