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121 Call your enemy and say you saw a picture of them with your boyfriend/girlfriend and scold them about it.

Laugh out loud... That was so funny because they admitted to do it with a girl then started to apologize. Laugh out loud


122 Call a store or restaurant and say "Is Judy there?" If they say no, then say "Are you sure?" Then they'd say, "No, no Judy, I'm sure." Then say "Well, I'm babysitting her kid and she said she was working here and gave me this number, and I can't find the.

Think at the say I can't find him or her

123 Choose a number and look it up in the phone book/internet/etc. to gather information on the phone's owner (name, age, family, etc.). Next, call the number and tell them all the information you gathered and try to convince them you're their relative.

Our phone books are the surname and the initials of the 2 main adults living in the house. Plus the address and number. It doesn't really give any additional info :(

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124 Call the pizza guy and ask if you can keep the box. When he says yes, act very relieved.

Yes. Just. Yes.


The man on the other end was just like: Um, yea, sure! and I said, THAKYOU SIR! oh man, you have been real life saver! have a nice day! I'm laughing so much now!

125 Call your best friend and say "Sorry, wrong number"
126 Call McDonald's, say that you are representing the Heifer Company, and try to convince them to buy a cow. V 2 Comments
127 Welcome to McDonald's how may I help you? By the way, we've got the McSmack special and McSmack double.

Laugh out loud trying it now laugh out loud

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128 Do you know where I could purchase some golf clubs?

I've done this plenty! It works... Trust me!

It works! I've done it plenty trust me!

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129 Can I but a six pack of Carlton Draught.
130 Sing "Sugar" by Maroon 5

Sounds good but I have no one to do it on

131 Call a CD store telling them you bought a "Ten Inch Tacks" album and it didn't have the CD in its case.

When they say you need a receipt or that they don't have the CD in their database, you give many excuses.

There is one in Houston not too far from my house. The name of the CD store is Soundwaves. - playstationfan66

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132 It's done, but there's blood everywhere.

Bad idea you could get arrested

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133 Call Dominos and order a few pizzas for delivery. When they ask for a delivery address give them the address of the nearest Pizza Hut.

Used it and it worked like a charm, for maximum fun sit outside pizza hut and wait for the car to drive by.

How about call Pizza Hut and order a pizza. Then when they ask for address, say the number of the nearest Dominoes.

I tried this. They actually fell for it!

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134 "I always loved and why did you never love me back?!" They'll hopefully say "what?" and when they do say "purple elephant" and hang up.

The recieving persons reaction is the same as my reaction. "What..?

135 It's simple, we kill the Batman.

LOL! I peed in my pan

No! don't kill batman!

No! not batman! - lovefrombadlands

My favorite

136 Tell someone they won a date with Paris Berelc

You: Congratulations! You won our completely random sweepstake! You're going to be in Invisible Sister 2 and go on a date with Paris Berelc!
Them: Oh boy! How do I get to LA?
You: Buy your own tickets!
(Hang up)

137 Call a fast food place and ask: "Do you know where I can get some real food?"

I used on a McDonald's guy, it was hilarious! - LaST_LiGHT


138 Call Jenny Craig and ask for Mrs. Craig. When they deny to let you talk to her, ask it again, but louder.
139 Call Sheet's then say what size sheets do you have? And then hang up.

So funny! The person who answered started swearing

That is so funny!

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140 Call your Mom, claim that you have her kid hostage and that if she wants them back, they have to order you a BigMac, eat a dog, do the cinnamon challenge at post it on YouTube, friend them on Facebook, etc.

She will ask you who's name to put the order under for a BigMac

Eat a banana while riding a horse backwards?

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1. Call Petsmart and when they answer, say 'Hear me roar like a mountain lion!', then try to to it.
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3. Call a pizza shop and when they answer, say, "your pizza burned the tongue right off my daughter, you jerk you better pay for a new one!" and hang up.
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