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141 Pretend to be a stalker and ask can you stalk their friends while they sleep so they can blackmail them and spread rumors around them V 2 Comments
142 Put on a really bad fake Indian accent and ask if the person wants to buy a camel



143 Call the nail salon and ask if they will paint your pet spider's nails pink for its Bar Mitzva
144 Hello this is so and so I am an inspector you have an inspection today

I did this at my job because yhey are like si dirty un the back room and they aleays want me to clean it so I called in sick amd sure enough when I went the next day it was spic and soan

I done this this is how it went

Me: Hello this is Wendy Savage I am an inspector and you have an inspection today
Them: What? No I don't
Me: Yes you do and they will be at your house in approxmatley 10 mins(Hang up)
Do this prank call on this number this is the number I called:

145 Ask for a former world leader (e.g. George Bush, John Major, etc.).

Hell, please can I talk to King Henry the Eighth?

The guy said george bush!? He is still alive

146 Call taco bell and then ask for KFC's phone number


This is how it went

me: can I have KFC's phone number

guy: no I'm sorry this is not the phone directory

me: where do I file a complant

guy: for KFC

me: no for taco bell

147 Call a locksmith and an Indian technical support at once
148 Where did you leave the baby?

I'm definitely gonna try this... and for anyone else that does pranks don't forget *67

149 Call an old lady and say "Grandma, mommy left me at Toys R Us" In a little kid's voice

Its also funny if the person is not even old! It made them so confused!

I pranked called my aunt with this joke, I wonder what's she's going to do and say about it?

This could send people in panic...

V 1 Comment
150 Call Donut King and complain about the holes In the donuts

LOL I called this other donut place and this was the conversation

Me: Hi, I just bought a donut from here and unfortunately, my donut had a hole in it.

Girl: um.. Sorry say that again?

Me: my donut had a hole in it

Girl: what donut did u get?

Me: strawberry

Girl: *laughs* They are supposed to

Me: well I don't like it so I'm come back to get one without holes

Girl: okayyy

me: I'll see u

Girl: bye


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151 Ask where the dead bodies are and ask where to drop them off at. V 1 Comment
152 Call a bar and ask for a Happy Meal. V 1 Comment
153 Ask the guy you knew where Immapenas is. They'll say I don't know where Immapenas. (Pronounce it I'M-A-P-NAS) Then you say no no no no no it's pronounced Immapenas (Say it like this: I'm a penis) Say it in any accent you want until they say I'm a penis!

So funny and hilarious I'm A PENIS I'm going to try that. I bet I couldn't do I though because I pranked my boyfriend and I couldn't even do that!

Say the whole joke in any accent you want! It's so hilarious! Laugh out loud!

This is hilarious! I'm going to do this! Haha I started laughing just reading it

154 Call Dominoes, order 300 dollars worth of food, tell them your next door neighbour's address, and wait until they appear

It's illegal to do that kind of prank call

Most Delivery food places call to confirm the order before making it, insisting on a land line to confirm, or ask customer to pay by credit card, before making the food., No fun I know...

Well its funny I did that to a random neighbor and I stood outside waiting to find out what was going to happen and then the pizza guy came, knock at the door,and then the person was like "I didn't order anything, I think u have the wrong adress" and then the pizza guy started cussing at the IT WAS HILARIOUS..

V 2 Comments
155 Call a home security service in an Indian accent and say: hello I was wonder if your home security system protects me from my mother

I did it and the guy started laughing and I was like "what are you laughing at. I curse you to die in the depths of tartarus! "

156 Call in a Captain Price accent and ask for Soap

Here are some helpful tips:
(1) If they tell you that soap isn't there, tell them "I know where you live!, " and then hang up. (2) Call a restaurant for a much better response!

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157 Repeatedly breathe heavily

I did that and the lady was like, "The blood of Jesus, the blood of Jesus, The blood of Jesus, the blood of Jesus, The blood of Jesus, the blood of Jesus, Satan you're a liar' and I couldn't keep in my laugh so I hung up

My brother and me did that once and it was to some weird Japanese dude.

158 Call State Farm asking for Jake refusing to hang up until you get him and scream random things about Narnia and Hogwarts when they say Jake isn't real V 2 Comments
159 Your dog crapped on my porch

Call a random number and say, "Your dog just crapped on my porch again, come and clean it up! " Then when they say, "I don't have a dog! " you say, I don't have a front porch either!

That would be hilarious if it was your neighbor and they actually had a dog...

160 Call a random number say purple elephant if they say what say screw sat
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1. Call Petsmart and when they answer, say 'Hear me roar like a mountain lion!', then try to to it.
2. Call a hotel in Hawaii with bad ratings and ask questions about their rooms, like how many they have and the types of beds and stuff.
3. Call a pizza shop and when they answer, say, "your pizza burned the tongue right off my daughter, you jerk you better pay for a new one!" and hang up.
1. Use a real bad Chinese accent and say "we sell egg rolls! $20 for one egg roll! Egg rolls! egg rolls! You buy egg roll or we hunt you down!"
2. Call a business and start screaming in a horrible accent, "I've came here 20 times and manager told me that I could get coupon and I didn't get coupon and I have such sad life and whyyyyy!" (sob sob)
3. Why did you hang up on me?
1. Is Mister Wall there? No. How about Misses Wall? No. Then what's holding up your ceiling?
2. Ask for some random person and then hang up when you are told you have the wrong number. Call back later with a disguised accent, and say you're [insert name used earlier] and ask if there are any messages for you.
3. Where do babies come from?

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