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Abraham Lincoln was the 16th President of the United States, serving from March 1861 until his assassination in April 1865 . Lincoln led the United States through its Civil War - its bloodiest war and its greatest moral, constitutional, and political crisis .


I believe that Abraham Lincoln was one of the best United States presidents to have ever held office. That said, I make no statement that he was absolutely perfect--no human is! --I just want to point out that his unwavering faith in the Union and unfaltering moral compass is one of the reasons why the United States exists today. He deserves to be remembered as one of the greatest. Now, some of the comments had stated that he was never an abolitionist to begin with (He, himself, never considered himself one), and while that is true, he does deserve the credit for abolishing slavery with his Emancipation. While the Emancipation had only freed slaves in the South, it was a starting point to abolish all slavery. Some might point out that he had done so so that the African American people would join the Union's cause. Whilst I cannot state for sure that this was his actual, actual intentions, it does not deny the fact that he had freed slaves. To use the freed slaves as an extortion tool ...more

Let's be brutally honest here, he's literally given his life for America

I'm not saying that presidents like Washington or Kennedy didn't, but the only reason he was assassinated was because he was hated so much (even more so then James Buchanan I think) for supporting the then-inferior black Americans instead of the then-superior white Americans

Not that Obama didn't try, regardless of how much of a shady president Obama was, but unlike Obama, Lincoln patched up his predecessor's mess (again, James Buchanan, he technically started the civil war), which therefore benefitted the future, he's one of the few reasons why America are still united today, he's one of the few indirect reasons why Obama's even in the White House, so to all Obama haters, if you hate Obama, you're hating Lincoln for his efforts, sure Obama was a mediocre president at best, but consider how much of a mess America was after Bush, ok, back to Lincoln.

As I've said earlier, he literally gave his ...more - MalcolmatorX

Lincoln is the best president of the United States, and probably the best U.S. president there ever will be. I doubt if any other man, or woman, could match his fidelity. I laugh at leftists who say Klansman-appointing, segregation-enforcing, Japanese-interring FDR was the best, and even at right-wingers who state that Reagan was the best. Both of them pale in comparison to Lincoln's greatness. The more I read about Lincoln, the more I admire him. Now, a lot of people say that Lincoln is the best president. That is true and correct, but a lot of their justification for it is a bit off. Lincoln is not the best president for freeing the slaves, great as it was, for there were many people who could have done that by force of military and legislative action. Besides, ending slavery was the culmination of a lot of people's work over the course of many years. Lincoln deserves credit, but he was not the only one. What makes him the best president is his clear view of what was right and ...more

Lincoln molded the nation into his image. Politically astute, he had wanted to crush slavery slowly and from within (America's original sin.) However, he turned revolutionary and crushed it. One forgets he lost a son while in office and personally suffered the losses of war. He saved the union, fought to give African-Americans the right to vote and full citizenship. He did not compromise when it looked like he would lose the election of 1864. Frederick Douglas, the great African-American statesman, said "because of his fidelity to union and liberty, he is doubly dear to us, and his memory will be precious forever." We have yet to live up to the expectations of this Great Emancipator. No other president comes even close to this great and humble man.

Abraham Lincoln helped America take one step towards a better country and is the one and only man who stopped slavery in the US. He is such a good, amazing man that it's almost like he's part of a fantasy. Read one biography about him, you look at all our presidential candidates and they look like terrorists. Abe Lincoln's idea of a perfect world "IS" a perfect world. He knows what people want and he knows how to get it. He knows what must be done in every situation and knows how to solve problems in the way God or Jesus Christ would, and he has never turned towards a violent solution. Abe Lincoln wouldn't hurt a soul if he could, even members of ISIS, and he would peacefully convince them to stop what they're doing. He would stop poverty and create world peace, that's what makes him a legendary president and that's why I think we should make a clone of Abe Lincoln.

Lincoln freed the slaves because of all the money the south was making off of the cotton fields, to his dying days he was leaning towards sending them all back to Africa. What you should remember him for is why he is truly an amazing president, possibly the best, he kept the south from acceding from the united states, Imagine if half of the US wasn't the US it would be completely different today. Not to mention he fought one of the biggest wars of all The Civil war, In just 3 days in Gettysburg 23,000 Union soldiers and 27,000 Confederate soldiers were killed, in just a matter of 3 days and Lincoln never gave up or doubted his intentions because there was never anything to doubt.

Best president ever he was awesome if he was president now I would have so much fun I would not even have to worry about money because I would be able to buy anything I would want and the gas prices would be down a lot I would have the best life ever my life would be sooo awesome and he has pretty cool facial hair his beard is awesome who ever was married to him would be lucky I wonder how rich he was probably very rich but he was tall too he was the world's tallest president that has ever lived but still for sure he was very rich he probably had money that was in the millions some where but he was awesome I wish that he was president right now or he would live until I die and and he would still be president or he would be president forever and all around the world now that would be awesome because nothing bad would probably like seriously that is how good of a president he was

If you think he's the best president you clearly know nothing about Lincoln. Let's, begin with the fact that he wasn't an abolitionist. He wasn't pro-slavery but he wasn't fussing over the deal anyways. Second of all his emancipation proclamation. He wasn't going to ban slavery in border states, which were pro-slavery states that were in the union, just slavery in the confederacy. Claim that he couldn't risk using those states. Go ahead, say so. If or if you didn't claim such, just have this FYI: he literally said that if he could bring the union and confederacy together WITHOUT banning slavery, he would do it. I bet you a dollar that most people voted for this guy cause they thought he was against slavery. Most people have to go back to their middle school history text books.

Abe was, in my opinion, a great president. I'm not saying Washington was a bad president, or that JFK was a terrible leader, or Obama ruined our country, but to be honest, Lincoln deserves to be #1. With both Democrats and Republicans against him, he won the election and brought the Union and the Confederacy together. He wasn't perfect, but he did his best under pressure from war-hungry Democrats and Republicans with assassination attempts. He's on the $5 bill, he supported the freedom of slaves and was one of the greatest men America ever knew. I think this vote goes to Abe.

The American Civil War had about as much to do with slavery, as Beef Wellington had to do with Waterloo. At the start of the war, there were more slaves in the Union than in the 7 states who initially secceeded. And Lincoln wasn't interested in freeing any of them. I believe he was even quoted somewhere saying he wouldn't have freed any slaves if it meant the dissolution of the Union. Lincoln and his Republican cronies new if the Southern States secceeded peacefully, they would lose an immense chunk of tax revenue that would stymie their plans for the grand, central government we have today, where billions of dollars can go missing, and no one is held to account for. America would have been a much better place if Mr. Booth had gotten to him sooner, rather than later.

I think that with out Lincoln things could have turned out horrible...he didn't just believe that ale very was bad but that Europe almost all of it decided to stop slavery so he thought "yeah if you don't do something about it (getting rid of slavery) they are not gonna negotiate with us"... And also if you think about it that if we would have still had slavery today then we would be controlling land in Africa... Why is this bad? Because with us taking Africans on a ship and take them to the USA in the present all of America could have had Ebola and other worst things could have happened in the past so we should be thankful that Lincoln was a president and did what he believed in what needed to be done in America and that was so that all men and women should be free and not to just follow what the people believed in to be elected president of the United States of America and he stood out like I said in what he believed in it is truly incredible definitely best president of the USA ...more

Lincoln helped heal the nation and brought and end to slavery, which was absolutely awful.

For those naming Obama as the worst president, he's not my favorite but he's definitely not the worse. The Republicans played a crucial role in blocking any type of negotiations with the president to try to fix the nations problems. They put their own egos ahead of the American people and created a sharp divide that I don't know if even Lincoln could fix. For those blaming Obama for the huge recession, Obama inherited the economical crash so don't try to blame one person for it.

Open your eyes people. Look on Botha sides before making a judgement based on emotions.

Without Lincoln's resolve and leadership during the divided directional mindset of the Nation and difficult times of succession and Civil War, there would not be a United States of America. The North American continent would be like Europe, a multiplicity of independent nations! Furthermore, the US would not have progressed as it did into the Industrial Age and prospered economically as long as slavery continued to exist! Slavery had to be eradicated and the Union had to be preserved intact!

Abe LIncoln was BY FAR BEST. here are my top ten.

1. Abe Lincoln

2. George Washington

3. Thomas Jefferson

4. Teddy Roosevelt

5. Ronald Reagan

6. Harriet Truman

7. Franklin D. Roosevelt

8. George Bush Sr.

9. Eisenhower

10. John Adams

My worst presidents are...

1. Jimmy Carter

2. Barack Obama

3. Andrew Jackson

But but but... andrew jackson was a loser and not a nice man, he was to trying to be to powerful, by moving the native Americans, WHILE THOMAS JEFFERSON, made the Louisiana purchase, which was A HUGE SUCCESS, JACKSON DID NOTHING BUT MOVE THE NATIVE AmericanS TO IndiaN TERRITORY (aka Oklahoma) Obama is not a leader and has NO IDEA WHAT HE IS DOING! JIMMY CARTER JUST STUNK BECAUSE OF THE GAS PRICES AND EVERYTHING. REGAN IS 8 TIMES BETTER THAN CARTER AND OBAMA COMBINED

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The Emancipation Proclamation did not call for the Border states to release their slaves because Lincoln could not afford to let them secede, or the Union is screwed. He ended the worst event in American History, and brought freedom to all blacks. I would put him as #2 as Washington created this country, and Lincoln as the second as he saved it. Now the Confederacy would probably have disintegrated anyway if the Union lost as slavery was already dying, and the southern states did not get along.

He was a great man. He had hairy eyebrows, but he was a good man. (don't hate me...) He abolished slavery, for one. I'm white, but I still feel a lot for slaves and the African American history. He also lead us through the Civil War, which was one of the worst moments in our country's history. If it weren't for him, it probably would've been at least another few years before slavery were abolished. He brought this country together after it was so divided.

He was a great orator, a humble man, loved his family and hated the war. He wore his grief of it on his face throughout the war. The day after the war ended staffers and colleagues noticed relief and relaxation on his face. He already had plans to build back up the South and spoke of his ideas that final day. He would help the South ease into the new world. I am glad that on his last day he was able to feel relief, some happiness and optimism. He deserved that. If only Boothe knew the man and that his actions would cause major consequences for the South. I guess he should have understood that the enemy you think you know is better than the one you don't. This is all besides the obvious reason he is number one POTUS:: he abolished slavery and reunited the states.

Lincoln was so intelligent. He made up his cabinet of all his rivals, very smart men who could help him. He was brilliant in so many ways. He had patience to wait for people to see that change was necessary. He spoke eloquently which left people thinking differently than they had before. He never had an easy life so was willing to go through the hell of trying to keep the nation united. I could go on and on. Lincoln stands out in so many ways that if I kept going I could write a book.

He is always credited with keeping the Union together but he didn't. The Confederate states of America had its own laws, leaders and constitution. It was a completely independent country and the "civil war" was a war between two seperate countries in which one country tried to conquer foreign land. The south had every right to leave and it was perfectly legal and constitutional "How can a country be free if it doesn't let people leave"- Ron paul - maverick88

Lincoln Is a great President. Fought a war with weaker generals and won, helped the economy, built new infrastructure including the trans-continental railroad. Signed the Homestead act and rose the protective tariff. Yes the Emancipation Proclamation Didn't include border states but wouldn't you be scared if more states in your country would leave. Also, he did all he could to pass the 13th Amendment which actually did outlaw slavery.

Overrated as hell. He was not for racial equality nearly as much as many believe. Slaves were only freed for military and economic reasons, not out of morality. This president was actually a slave owner himself and even considered deporting all the slaves to Africa if they were given freedom, not equal rights.

I can't stand that people still go around bashing Bush 43. That is not productive other than to deter the awful Obama presidency. The worst president of the last generation is Jimmy Carter, hands down, one of the worst ever. If you speak of Bush or obama being bad and not mention Carter than you don't know your history, facts, and are just relaying sound bytes from these despicable and not worthy candidates from both parties.

Abraham Lincoln was a reflective man, learning from experience and changing positions as he gree intellectually. He was the complete opposite of an ideologue. He was a man of principles but he was not a prisoner to those principles. He was able to learn and grow throughout his life, while retaining a firm grip on his humanity. That's greatness!

This guy was responsible for the deaths of almost 3/4 of a million people. Not a few of whom were children and non-combatants, who didn't care about slavery one way or the other. They were simply American citizens trying to get by, and live their lives. You can't just murder people who want to leave you. What he did was domestic violence on a grand scale. You could expect behavior like that from a despot, or a member of the mafia, but not from someone who's supposed to be the leader of the free world.

I think that Abraham Lincoln was the best President of the United States was because he ended slavery. The only problem was, in a way, another kind of slavery came to life: Segregation. After that, it was just plain hate crimes and racism. I think that Abraham Lincoln did his best to end slavery and when he did, I hope that everyone in the end wishes that he was the single best president.