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Barack Hussein Obama II is the 44th president of the United States of America. He was elected in 2008 after serving in the Senate from 2005-08, beating John McCain and becoming the first African-American to be elected President of the United States. He was elected again in 2012, beating Mitt Romney.


Although Obama's most famous attribute is the milestone against racism he represents, that is not why he is the best president in the history of the United States. He has helped stop the foolish and unnecessary wars waged by George Bush. Within our country he has put millions of Americans back to work (and by Americans I don't mean only white middle aged straight men), he created Obama Care, which has aided millions of Americans with medical insurance, and he has helped rid the United States of America of the barbaric sense of inequality some people (such as Donald Trump and his supporters) make us known for by, for example, legalizing gay marriage. When he became president he was handed with one of the hardest tasks in our history, and he accomplished so much of it so persistently and smoothly, that he made his job look easy.

President Barack Obama was one of the best president of all times. He should be in the top 15 presidents. He accomplished much even when Republicans vowed to block everything he tried to do. President Obama inherited the worst economy of all times and was able to create over 500,000 jobs. Through Obama Care (Affordable Care Act), he made it possible for many people who had no health insurance for the first time be able to obtain health insurance for themselves and their families. President Obama showed care and concern for all people. He understood that he was the president of all people and throughout his administration he lead this country in this manner. There was never a question as to whether president Obama was "presidential", intelligent and one of the best orators of all times. He was a family man who showed love for his family. He was and is a good role model for what it means to be a good person, a family man, a man with morals and a person who worked hard to be the best ...more

It's a shame that this president Barack Obama has done things that no president has ever done in 6 months; which was past 27 bills, find ways to catch murderers in other countries without starting war's against innocent people and say oh I/we found mass destruction and weapon; so lets go to war and kill Americans in the process. No he did not perform these acts while in office. However; people in this so call great country still use racist and anti social demeanor against him. This country is in great need of social classicism and put away their racists attitudes and up bringing and learn how to get along with all people. Stop hating, it's not God's word or way.

How is Trump higher up on the list than Obama when he was just inaugurated this year?

Many may disagree with me, but Obama deserves more credit. He pulled us out of the recession, passed the Affordable Health Care Act (which isn't as bad as Republicans make it), gave us two great Supreme Court Justices which helped make same-sex marriage legal in all 50 states (one of them being the first Hispanic SCJ), and took a lot of crap. Seriously. People questioning whether he was actually American, having a Republican majority House and Senate that wouldn't agree with him, whatever Bush had left him with in wonder why his hair got so white!

Even with all of this, he remained a pretty composed and even humorous guy. "Time flies...even if turkeys don't." still makes me crack up and he overall seems like a nice guy.

He's not perfect by any means, no one elected in office is (yes, even our beloved Founding Fathers have some faults), but he isn't a nightmare or a ...more

A great president for our time. If there is such a thing as an honest politician, I think it is Obama. He's good man who has tried so hard to do the right thing. As the first Black president, he has been under constant pressure to perform and indeed he has especially with an obstructionist Congress. He brought a suffering economy back, lowered unemployment to less then 7%, has been a good steward of the planet, created the Affordable Care Act, opened up travel and possibilities of trade with Cuba, has been vigilant in protecting the US from more terror attacks and has worked toward tighter gun control. These are just a few things he has done as the first African American President. Honestly, if he could be elected for another term, I'm sure he would win hands down.

It warms my heart to see that not everyone hates Barack Obama and that there are still Americans who know he is making the right choices. Fellow visitor, I honor you for your incredible speech for this nation's first African-American president. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

You can tell how much Obama accomplished just by seeing how much the Republicans are trying to undo. Now the numbskull who succeeded Obama is trying to undo the progress in Cuban relations. I swear that if Obama had cured cancer, the Republicans would be trying to think of a way to bring it back. We are now climate change deniers, along with one other country in the world (Syria). However, thankfully hundreds of mayors and governors are still taking steps to keep their cities and states environmentally sound. You can say what you want about Obamacare, but it would be working a lot better if Republicans hadn't removed funding for the program's subsidies. And the new Republican plan? Take health care away from 24 million people! Trump held a big party when the House passed that awful bill. Then the other day Trump called the bill "mean". Whatever. Your "populist" just says whatever is convenient at the time. He can't take a stand on anything since he has no principles. I REALLY miss the ...more

Reasons why Obama sucked.

1: The economy was at it's worst during his presidency. Yet the Liberals make it seem like it was George W. Bush's fault. Many people were unemployed during his term, especially African Americans.

2: He founded ISIS by withdrawing troops from the Middle East. Sure, he did sever the head of Al Queda. But terrorism is like a Hydra. Sever off one head and 2 more grow back. The only to defeat it is if you burn the stumps where the heads were. He just let 2 more heads come into place as Al Queda and ISIS.

3: Obamacare destroyed Healthcare. He said that you could keep your doctor and keep your plan. But many people lost their doctors and their healthcare plans. I'm not even sure if Obamacare is going to be repealed in 4 years.

4: Crime has been expanding during his presidency. In his hometown Chicago. 3,000,000 have been shot and killed.

Obama sucks. Worst President ever.

I'm writing this on Jan. 14, 2016, and we have had a great example in the last couple days of the difference between this man and his critics. On Tuesday, word came that ten sailors were being detained by the Iranian government. Eager to cash in on the xenophobia of their base, the Republican presidential candidates immediately called on Obama to cancel his State of the Union address scheduled for that night and deal with this "crisis". New Jersey governor Chris Christie, who is apparently no longer grateful for the help Obama gave his state during hurricane Sandy, was particularly harsh in his criticism. When the sailors weren't even mentioned during the address, the candidates doubled down in their condemnation of Obama and said the nuclear deal we(and four other nations) struck with Iran was foolish. These candidates are now busy wiping the egg off their faces. The next day, Iran released the hostages after a phone call from Secretary of State Kerry. They were unharmed, there was ...more

Without Obama in office we would have not have been able to escape the scariest economic disaster in most of our lifetimes. He has supported every ideological thought and idea that this country was founded upon. Just as well he has still been able to put his own, and the country's own spin towards every pressing issue that we have faced together. Every right-winged media outlet and hardcore conservative has pushed him under the microscope beyond belief. Everything from his birth, his family, his views and of course his politics have been dragged through the mud of our "politically correct" society. The man stands up for what is right, what is both morally and fundamentally sound, people in this country just can't admit the fact that a man of race/nationality pulled us out of a dark place in our history. That a "true-blue" born American family man wasn't the one to do it. It was done by a man who no-one asked or expected to do so. He has the right to be compared to Lincoln, Washington ...more

Amid unprecedented opposition and partisan obstruction politics President Obama did his best to stay above the fray. For all that disagree I ask you to name another president who had the opposition party actually nice and make a vow to obstruct everything this president what tried to do without wavering or even considering compromise. All the excuses under the sun has been made but it had nothing to do with anything but this man skin color. If anyone else had manage the accomplishments this man has made with his meager beginnings, with his stellar Ivy League education, they will be hailing him as an example of the American dream.

Obama has faced more resistance from a divided populace than any president since Lincoln and has still succeeded in most areas. He ended wars, got Bin Laden, insured millions of Americans and improved health care, reversed the negative job growth we had under Bush, and the stock market is at record highs. And he managed all of this despite a right-wing that's refused to help on any level and has tried to sabotage progress. He has a far better track record than Reagan, and if any Republican had half the accomplishments Obama's had, Republicans would be wanting to put him on Mt. Rushmore.

President Obama was handed an absolutely collapsing country and despite being forced into blame for the spending of the previous administration he has turned the country around. We're substantially more energy independent, crime is down, saved industry, low spend, pro gay rights, zero scandals, saved market, saved consumer confidence, huge reduction in health related bankruptcy, steps toward single payer, slowing of healthcare costs, Bin Laden, huge success in attacking ISIS, and all while congress actively did nothing to help America. Obama is nothing short of amazing and it's upsetting to think how much more could have been done had republicans not cried so much. -Former Republican.

He is doing everything he can to avoid war and deal with diplomacy. During the past 8 years, if anyone else would have been president, we would be going through WW3. Some say he is weak because he refuses to use military in difficult situation as much as possible. The thing is, it takes a very strong man to stand up and stick to his guns even when it is not the popular thing to do. That is what real courage is about. He kept thinking about what is right for the country, not what is right for him. He may have gotten the Nobel peace prize early, but he worked very hard to earn it ever since! I am a white person, but I could see through out both terms how much racism he had to face with the Republicans. But he never let on.

He was handed the worst economic crisis since the Great Depression, a myriad of foreign relations problems, a war, and all the other screw ups of the Bush administration. All while having to deal with racism and a congress that stubbornly refused to let him accomplish anything. Cut to 2016 and we are on the rise. Unemployment rates are down, trade deficits are down, and he created 9.3 million jobs. Around 15 million if you don't count those lost because of the people before him. While fixing the economy he also brought health care reform and supported marriage equality. Meanwhile he fixed foreign relations with many countries, specifically in Europe where Bush's policies had left us with shaky standing. All while being kind, funny, charismatic and smart. Obamacare may have had it's flaws, and debt may have gone up, but this man will still remain one of our greatest presidents.

Obama seemed to be of good intentions but his policies had fundamental flaws. The most notable was Obamacare, in which the underlying purpose which was to put those who cannot afford health insurance and people with pre-existing conditions under health care is a good idea. The core issue is that all of the red tape eventually caused a monopolized health insurance industry, substantially increasing rates, and decreasing public opinion of the bill. It's rather terrible because the public sees the concept of coverage for more people as something bad, but really it's simply due to the incoherent plan Obama implemented. Obamacare has made it much harder for younger people to sustain themselves, for small and large businesses alike to steadily grow, and for a lower-class or middle-class family to spend money and contribute to the economy. Even when one looks at Obama's economic policies, there are fundamental flaws. To start, the handling of the 2008 financial crisis was poor to say the ...more

Obama is not the worst president in my opinion--I'd rate Buchanan, Pierce, Andrew Johnson and some others worse. He was singularly unprepared for the position, does not seem to have learned on the job, could not get along with people, represented those who voted for him and not those who disagreed with him, came up with an atrocious healthcare system that has driven up costs dramatically, screwed up the Iran pullout, can't seem to get anything done in Afghanistan, can't seem to close Guantanamo, mountains of ineffective paper pushing regulations, etc. He can't even effectively improve race relations. The last thing he did that I agreed with was raising the fuel efficiency rates, which was long overdue.

Obama has done a great job with the economy, the wining Republicans hate the fact he has done good, they hate the fact he won both times with a land slide, Bush left the white house a mess Obama fixed it and is still fixing it, all other polls show bush consistently among the bottom ten, while Obama is consistently among the top 20 and in some the top 10, hands down he is a much better president that Bush end of story.

Barack Obama isn't the best. However he is much better then most people make him out to be. He repealed Don't Ask, Don't tell. He passed the Affordable Care Act giving millions who were previously uninsured healthcare. He has had unemployment go from 10%(highest during terms in October, November and December) to 5%(lowest most recent recording October 2015). He made a national deal with Iran and numerous other super powers to prevent Iran from producing a nuclear bomb. He veto'd the keystone pipeline. he's tried to pass gun control legislation, he has also normalized relations with Cuba something that previous presidents before him had avoided. He also appointed the first Hispanic supreme court justice, Sonia Sotomayor. Obama is not perfect however, the heavy usage of drones in the Middle East and the use of the patriot act have all dimmed his presidency, however like every president he has his pros and cons. Just depends on if you think they did more good then bad.

Are you kidding me? George Bush is not the second greatest president ever!

For guy who inherited the country in a terrible state, he's done a hell of a job bringing us back. Where most would be mongering a war that would ruin the world as we know it, he's advocating peace. Where most would have just run the country further into debt, he's bringing us back out. And where most would have failed to enact fundamental changes that were a must in order for us to progress, he stood above the rest and succeeded. Also, he called Kanye a jackass.

Take Fox News out of the equation and Obama would be hailed as the most successful President in my lifetime.

Taking the helm from the disastrous decisions left over by the previous administration Obama has managed to turn this huge ship around restoring the US economy and position in the world despite the obstructions by a congress that from day one tried it's best to make him fail. Perfect no, but then again I also rate a President's success or failure on the harm they did while sitting in office as well as the good. By that measure I give Obama extra points for steering the country in the direction that will help all it's citizens and not just the wealthy and powerful like the Murdoch's of this world. Today Michael Bloomberg the former Republican mayor of NYC declared he would not run as an independent saying “I love our country too much to play a role in electing a candidate who would weaken our unity and darken our future" and so I will not enter the race for ...more

Under the circumstances there is no other president that faced the type of opposition from the opposite party and still manage to strive. Unfortunately this is the most racist country in the world and the only reason why the opposed him at every turn is due to his skin color not his character. At the end of the day they could not find issues with that. Obamacare was initially a republican idea and when he presented it that is when they oppose it. You have racist whites in the south who hate Obamacare but don't do anything to the ACA not knowing they are the same. The old saying goes you will chop off your nose to spite your face! Now you have the most ignorant president in US history running the country who most likely cheated with the help of a foreign government. I hope this president gets everything the republicans what because at the end of the day he will hurt more of the majority than the minority. Once the deed is done then and only then you will see that it is best to vote ...more

People love him as a president and person. Having that kind of caring and kind attitude is important for any person to have. look at trump for example: I don't mind that he is not "presidential" but he should carry himself in a kinder more respectful manner! He is supposed to be the most powerful man in the world, yet argues like a 5 year old. Also if you really take the time to think about it, you wonder why people are starting to hate the United States more and more. Well look at our president, he is "supposedly" representing us, but not doing a great job. While Barack was not only likable and lovable. He was good when it came to politics and handling tough situations. Of course I have to bring up Obama care because why wouldn't I. Most people would say that it was an economic disaster, but even if it did not turn the way that it was supposed to it still was a success. Not many president had attempted do such a thing like he did, yes it had its bugs, but look at all the people who ...more

He is hated for trying to fix the other presidents have left behind for him to clean up I wish he was more respected he is a fantastic guy I love his I can't get knocked off the horse personality I don't know why people think so negatively of this wonderful man like seriously leave the guy alone his doing a fantastic job.

Obama is one of the worst presidents we have seen in a while. Throughout his entire presidency, he has spent his time trying to please the people of his own party, rather than bettering the nation as a whole. Sure, he has done some good like fighting for same-sex marriage and killing Bin Laden. However, it's Obama's focus on the minute issues, like trying to fix things with Cuba and worrying about transgender bathrooms, while there are more serious problems out there like dealing with ISIS. Rather than developing a needed strong and tough approach for dealing with ISIS, Obama keeps trying the same ineffective strategies such as letting the Kurdish fight and performing airstrikes. Also, the Affordable Healthcare Act has been a complete failure due to its unfair taxes on the middle and upperclasses and the fact that most of the people who actually need help can't get what they need. But the worst thing about Obama is the fact that he doesn't even seem to like America. Hear me out on ...more