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Donald John Trump (born June 14, 1946) is an American businessman, television personality, politician, and the 45th President of the United States. Born and raised in Queens, New York City, Trump received an economics degree from the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania in 1968. In 1971, more.


I believe this is the man that will turn this country around. All throughout his campaign, he has faced hate and disgust in every corner of this spiteful world. But his ideas will truly be the epitome of wisdom, and his reign will surely bring America back to the shining glory it once had. His intelligence in the field of economics will restore the nation with pride and wealth. His knowledge on immigration can push this land in the right direction to triumph in our greatest challenges. I believe he can really do a 360 on our once amazing America, and once again make us shine from sea to shining sea. - NoEntranceHere

Trump is so far the only president that has kept his campaign promises, especially all within his first 100 days. I am not necessarily saying that makes him the best president, but I am saying he is one we can trust and rely on when he says something. Obama never kept any of his promises, except for is change in his slogan "hope and change", but we never got the hope. Trump won because he had a major message to the American people, Hillary has no message, only the same old nonsense over the past 8 years. This is why I voted for him and support him 100%. He is not a corrupt politician, he's a populist. We have never had anyone in the White House like him, and likely will never have anyone like him again. Support him or not, if you are American, he is your president. Your ideology does not determine your leader, the American people do.

This President deserves to be in the top ten. President Trump has accomplished so many more positive things for the United States in one year alone than most presidents ever in one term or two terms.

He has lowered taxes on the lower and middle class. Along with lowering corporate taxes which will create more jobs which supplies more resources to employ the American people.

President Trump has also passed along federal support for historically black colleges and universities.

I could list so many more great things President Trump has accomplished since being inaugurated in 2017 but let's wait for him to plan more and do more great things for this country.

Lol why is does his picture have a flame behind him. It's just his Inauguration Day today so you can't really judge him for anything YET. In my opinion he's better than Hillary, but he COULD make a bad decision.

It's an Attack on Titan joke which you can only understand if you've watched the anime - Mcgillacuddy

It was a time of chaotic campaigning, my fellow visitor. A time of chaotic campaigning. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

President Trump has so far kept his campaign promises. He withdrew from the TPP and the Paris climate agreement - which not only saves the country money, but keeps jobs here in the USA. He also cut our tax dollars from going to other countries to pay for their abortions (something Obama did). We are no longer penalized at the end of the year for not having insurance that we couldn't afford anyway. He's not part of the establishment. He is not a politician and people need to calm down. Give him a chance. If the Democrats would stop trying to find ways to impeach him and work with him; he could get more done. - Texas1971

He hasn't done anything that made me flip my lid yet, so I can't judge him now, but if he does do something stupid, I'm definitely coming back to this comment section to tear him a new ass. Also, I say keep the picture. It will be a good reference to what many people used to think about him in the future. - Mcgillacuddy

Why don't you have Trump's presidential photo? And Trump stopped jobs from leaving the US, therefore raising the employment rating (before he became President, by the way). He is giving America new allies, and fixing wounds that President Obama made with old ones (like Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu). He's even made peace with people such as Romney, and is making peace with the Pope. Given his past as a real estate mogul, he's great at negotiating with other world leaders. (Like Xi Jing Ping, with North Korea. Now if Kim Jong Un makes any move, he's as dead as a door nail. And given the fact that the Satan 2 bomb that Russia has made is capable of annihilating the state of Texas, (where I live by the way), I find it quite reasonable to want to be on good terms with Putin.

*I am not trying to attack anyone on either side. If you like or dislike Trump, I can completely respect your opinion on either side and will uphold such respect.* Uh... why is Donald Trump on the first page already? His approval rating recently just dropped to the 30's again. The only possible reason for him being high other than his loyal supporters is his authorization of the MOAB dropping. Other than that, I'm not really fond of his policies right now. I understand I'm giving Trump a hard time, but I find it really hard to like him from my perspective when I see a lot more bad coming out of him than good. Unless he does more good and consistently does more good, I can't really be too fond of him. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

5 days in and he's already done more that most presidents in a year! So far he's keen on keeping every single one of his promises. Let's see just how the next 8 years go!

Left wing media has portrayed this man as something he is truly not. Don't listen to them, he truly isn't a perfect president not person for that matter, but he is passionate about trying to fix the mess Obama left behind, attempting to fix failed relations between China and Russia, trying to liberate a country led by a wild dictator (Kim) that leaves his people to starve and suffer. He will never help anyone if people keep protesting against him, your only destroying yourselfs America, it's not his fault you can't adapt to change.

This man has gotten more things done as president elect than Obama or Bush have gotten done in 8 years. And Mai Zedong was like the 20th century Hitler. Just put the Pres's presidential pic on there already. You probably think it would be "unfunny and immature" of someone to turn Barack Obama into Godzilla, right? (I'm not saying I can actually, but I'm just trying to make a point.) We republicans tolerated president Obama without disrespecting him, and this is how we get paid back?

It's funny because democrats back in the 80s HATED Reagan as well and all the media and everyone talked about was how worried they were about him being president. Same goes for teddy. Just so happens they turned out the bethe greatest presidents of the 20th century. Mark my words, this will be another time in history were people will look back at trump and talk about him being one of the greats

First of all he is nowhere near as bad as they say he is probably because it is popular to talk trash about modern day presidents and the news always has something to say when over half the time they make no sense but somehow they believe it, come on the news has a schedule and most of the time they make it up and he has filled the holes that obama dug and definitely a very good president.

Definitely in my top 5. I know it's only been a little over 100 days, but I'm very optimistic about how many of Obama's screw ups he'll fix. Now that Trump's in office, we may actually have a better chance at taking out ISIS. By the looks at how Obama treated them, it's like he's their leader - invinciblemario99

You know I hate it when people say that whoever watches Fox News is dumb, when CNN is such a garbage news channel. They could literally make something up and people will believe it. BREAKING NEWS! LEAKS OF DONALD TRUMPS ZIMBABWE BIRTH CERTIFICATE!

Trump has gotten North Korea to not only talk about peace, but agree to it. You can say he's obnoxious and hot-headed if you want, but there's no denying that he's done more in 3 years than Obama did in 8; he's already achieved a great victory for world peace, and he seriously deserves the Nobel Peace Prize for it.

Thank God for our President! We feel safe again! More jobs, good economy, stock market booming, people feeling good and confident, regulations out, relations with Israel healed, the list is too long and it has been only six months? WOW! God bless him

Donald trump is the reason we have more people educated today he got rid of common core math and brought back normal math thank you president trump he also dropped a bomb on isis he's kept all his promises

I don't think that much of Trump because of his tweets and his off-hand comments, but I just voted for him in this poll because of I think even less of the people who support putting this picture up in place of the many other pictures that could have been chosen. Grow up child.

Honestly I don't feel like delving into the deep, toxic political arguments going on around the internet... but I will say this: Trump is the first American President to have met a North Korean leader since the Korean War. The 2018 summit in which it took place has gone extremely well, on both sides. North Korea, up until now (June 12, 2018), was our worst foreign adversary, and not one world leader had dared to do anything about it. Then in steps Trump! He is not my favorite American president, but he is definitely up the ranks. I have big hopes for him. (cue the hate comments lololol :P) - NickLancer

He's making America Great Again. People don't like him because of his personality, but other then that he's done a decent job in terms in his policies. He also kept to his campaign promises unlike some presidents. - HauntingStomper

Our lord a saviour Donald Trump is the best president the U.S has ever had and he will live on has the best U.S president the media needs to stfu when Donald Trump is doing better than any other president, the media only reports the bad and that's what all the people start to believe if the media would actually go and stop being so democratic socialist no one would even consider Trump to be a bad president.

We needed to breakaway from the "same ole" career politician and shake things up. Right, wrong, or indifferent Trump has created a much needed global stir and has the drive to bring the US back to its formal glory. No more tiptoeing around social, economical and defense issues for fear of political incorrectness. Go get'em Trump!

He is already bringing thousands of jobs back to our country, he is protecting the United States from terrorism, rapists, and pedophiles, and he is removing a lot of Obama's disastrous policies and regulations. He is Making America Great Again!

Donald Trump is keeping all of his promises and you have to remember he has to clean up the mess he inherited from Obama. (also please remove this photo) - Matt49ers1220