George W. Bush (43)

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George Walker Bush is an American politician who served as the 43rd President of the United States from 2001 to 2009 and 46th Governor of Texas from 1995 to 2000. The eldest son of Barbara and George H. W.


He gets far too much crap for his presidency; he faced some of the toughest situations America has endured and did the best he could, some presidents on this list would have fared far worse than he did in the same situation.

Probably the 3rd worst president in U.S. history after Buchannan and Andrew Johnson. Lying about the WMDs, helping the events leading to the Great Reciison (a.k.a. the great stock crash of 2008), waterboarded and by killing Sadam Hussein he made the biggest mistake in history. Now other groups such as Hamas and ISIS are growing and have allies such as Vladimir Putin. As well, on September 11th, 2001 one of the saddest and darkest days in both the U.S.'s and the World's history he was reading a book to some children in Florida (The Big Sheep). Coretta Scott King told him that a plane had hit the WTC's South Wing to which he replied- I'm reading. She later told him another plane hit the North Side to which he responded- I'll deal with it later. About an hour later, the pentagon was hit and he finally left. Total ass.

Bush may not be my favorite or the best president ever, but he is definitely underrated and gets way too much criticism thrown at him for stereotypical and washed out reasons just for the fun of it from his opponents. Here's why he should be respected more for what he did, in my view:

1. He inherited 9-11 and displayed his patriotism for America by calling for assistance efforts at trying to help the country recover from the attacks, and not bothering to negotiate with the terrorists that attacked us, which would have made us look weak in the eyes of al Qaeda. Instead, he displayed our will to stay strong at home and abroad by encouraging an expansion on military spending and a full-out fight against terrorism.

2. He used tax cuts similar to Ronald Reagan's that resulted in extra job opportunities for individuals struggling to find work, and contributed to expanding the overall US GDP without unnecessary government spending.

3. Along with tax cuts, he attempted to ...more

Bush first didn't act on 9/11 appropriately and invaded the wrong countries. Then he created a pointless war in Iraq that is hurting the world. Oh, and 150,000 innocent Iraqi's died because his administration thought it was a good idea to go to war. He then installed a new regime in Iraq that has dragged their country to new lows and led to the creation of ISIS. He also completly de-stabilized the Middle East in the process. The economy crashed under him and millions of Americans lost jobs, money, and futures. It was the worst recession since 1929. Unemployment was bad, Gas Prices skyrocketed, Social Security went to hell, and Real- Estate went out of control. He wasn't a smart guy, and had no control over his overbearing administration!

For what he was thrown into he did a great job. You realize that it's hard to raise an army and get them overseas, especially when you come out of a Democrat being president. He's definitely not the best (Lincoln), but he's definitely not the worst. Some bad presidents would be Clinton, Nixon, Obama, and Carter. Especially Obama. What has he done? The only good thing he's done is killing Osama. ObamaCare? Pfft, what a joke. It's only so he can have his name go down in history. Not to mention I think he's a liar and that his wife is racist. Just what I think, but I'm pretty sure it's correct. - iamnewlegend47

There isn't a single unbiased listing of American presidents that lists George W. Bush anywhere but where he belongs, in the bottom ten. You can list him anywhere you want on a silly survey, but you can't change history. Barack Obama pulled the nation out of Bush's recession, just like Clinton pulled us out Bush's dad's recession. Obama got bin Laden and scaled down The Iraq war. You can say anything to the contrary that you wish, but history will support me.

The carnage in the Middle East is blood on his hands, as he is the one who invaded the Region after false reports that Saddam Hussein was developing weapons of mass destruction. He then had Hussein executed while Barack Obama got the man who was really responsible for 9/11, Osama bin Laden. That Bush is ahead of Obama on this list shows how screwed up and uninformed the American people are.

Bush inherited a lot and was blamed for a lot that wasn't reasonably his fault just because he won the 2000 presidential election without the popular vote.

Despite the controversy surrounding him, the war his presidency will most be remembered for was one of the least bloody in American history ( far fewer Americans died in it than the bloodbaths the "great" Democrats of the 20th century put the country through ) and has been a success. The Iraqis have had several parliamentary elections since the fall of Saddam and have dealt with ISIS successfully in the northern part of their country.

Other great accomplishments of the Bush presidency include an unprecedented 90% approval rating, tax cuts, Medicare Part D, the Patriot Act, PEPFAR, and the only midterm since the administration of FDR to gain seats in two houses in a congressional midterm.

I find it hilarious when liberals say " Bush is the worst President ever." Trust me, he's not a great President. But there are worse Presidents out there like James Buchanan, Andrew Johnson and Franklin Pierce. Sure, The Iraq War was a big mistake. But, the liberals " idol " Lyndon Baines Johnson led us into Vietnam. Sure, he misshandled Katarina. But, ever heard of the Dust Bowl? And don't say " Obama is trying to fix the chaos that Bush made." He made the economic depression worse. Bush would be the 17th worst President.

WHAT?! How is he even on this list. Bush tanked the economy, started a war, and destroyed some of our rights.

Bro this guy is trash, starting the Iraq war for no reason but to get back at Osama because they couldn't find him soon enough when they should've just kept looking instead of starting a war. In the Iraq war he ruined Syria's economy and that is indirectly why we have ISIS!

Yes he is right there with Commodus who destroyed the Roman Empire. We will be suffering the ramifications of his actions for the next generation. He is the father of ISIS and the countless lives and billions spent on Iraq to give the country to Iran. He did make his friends filthy rich was that a consideration.

Among the 45 presidents of the American history he should be farther in the list. As I'm not American, I don't know all the presidents but he was certainly one of the worst for all the reasons already submitted in the previous comments. - Toshin

This guy on the first page again? Seriously, how could anyone who claimed there were WMD's in Iraq when it was found out that there weren't any even be on this list? Oh well, it's just opinions. I could probably do a high-quality post ranting all about how much of a bad president he was. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

Really? GWB...9/11 he was TOLD about it by Massoud, a man fighting for democracy in Afghanistan, who was assassinated (on the 32nd attempt on his life! ) right after telling Bush this, only WEEKS before it happened! Cheney...CEO of an oil company before becoming VP, Bush, Texas oil money, Middle East, OIL, damn people, that's easier than 2+2! Got rich off killing Americans & civilians, then set up restrictions to prevent rebuilding their infrastructure, & American companies moved in & took over. Ask someone who was there if their objective didn't change "the minute they stepped foot off the plane". Saddam was an ally, then he decided to use the Euro to sell oil (more profit), & overnight became a dictator that must be overthrown...that's what the War was really about. I think he was just stupid, the man was TOLD by the leader of the fight for a free Afghanistan that the Taliban HE was fighting was planning a major attack on the East Coast of the US, right before he was assassinated by ...more

Despite the long wars on Afghanistan and Iraq, at the moment he did the right calls. He was a strong leader and kept the image of a strong United States. He tried to fix education in USA although his no child left behind efforts were fruitless. George Bush was a man that loved his country and did what he thought was the best for all of us.

He was the right man for the toughest eight years in American history. They say Clinton left a surplus, but at what cost. He didn't hide behind timid excuses but took bold decisions to take on the terrorists. No single incident on American soil after 9/11 speaks volume about the effect of his leadership. Countries like Iran, N. Korea, etc acted cautiously compared to their constant bickering now a days when Obama is president. They knew that they cannot afford to challenge him and get away with it. Tough, Honest and a Patriot.

He's still way better than Clinton or Johnson, which are higher than Bush. Honestly, he's just misjudged because he was placed in a bad historical time. I mean sure he made a mistake by invading Iraq, but other than that he wasn't bad.

This President seems to be getting a lot of negative comments, but at least he didn't sit back and do nothing when terrorists attacked us. Obama just let's terrorism thrive by not taking any action against it. You could argue that Obama launched drone strikes, but those where ineffective, and only George W. Bush actually ran an effective military campaign against terrorism. (And Obama didn't kill Osama bin-Laden, American Navy Seals did.)

Closer to #40 than #17. Terrible President or was it Chaney? He got us into a war where there was no weapons of mass destruction(DO WHAT YOUR FATHER DID===GET OUT==DO NOT GO IN). He siphoned millions or was it billions out of the economy. He sacrificed our soldiers for what? He put the economy in the sewer. He was just not up for the job.

If you feel "W" was a great president, then you shouldn't have any problem with him going out and campaigning for your Republican presidential nominee in 2016. By all means, put him right out front and show him off! Let me know how that works for ya...

You need to re-write your comments as FACTS! Shame on you for your bias! My 7 year old grandson was giving me a quiz on this and I started reading your descriptions! What about the other presidents that went to war for our country! And congress voted on it too!

I am so glad that 9/11 didn't happen under Clinton or he would have imploded. Bush is underrated because he was president in the toughest of times and could Clinton have done that well? No. He may not have done perfectly, but under the circumstances, who would? - moose4life19

He inherited a recession and did the right thing; reduced taxes to create jobs. Handled 9/11 very well, through such difficult times for the nation and the world. Then had to deal with Katrina, Wilma and right before the end of his second term with the financial melt down that he didn't cause. The media always blamed him for everything, high oil prices, not enough high paying jobs etc. You name it. I always loved President Bush and his DAD too!

I know he is a bit crazy but on the good sign
He aid 9/11 victims, organize a campaign against Saddam Hussein and Osama Bin laden. He should be the second. Or remain third.