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John Fitzgerald "Jack" Kennedy, commonly referred to by his initials JFK, was an American politician who served as the 35th President of the United States from January 1961 until his assassination in November 1963. The Cuban Missile Crisis, The Bay of Pigs Invasion, the Nuclear Test Ban Treaty, the more.


I feel STRONGLY that JFK is one of the most underrated Presidents, due to the fact he did not live to ensure that his intentions, actions, & legacy were properly recorded. He had personal faults, but he is the only President since...I can't think of ONE, who stood up to the CIA, the Mob, the Federal Reserve, ordered the printing of money by the Treasury, which was pulled out of circulation on his death, & would have left this country in amazing economic shape if left in place, he truly felt for Civil Rights & LBJ was a racist that took credit for his work in that area, & after the Bay of Bigs, he threatened to dismantle the CIA (they lied to him & were too powerful, independent, & had/have WAY too much authority/autonomy..(CIA set us up by financing Taliban in the '80's, 9/ ISIS)...he was killed because he did attack the corruption in government. Wilson signed the Federal Reserve Bill..he fixed that...he was making great strides with Russia, he was much more military savvy ...more

I have to add, JFK lost his older brother in the War, he had a purple heart himself, & as someone stated below, was willing to die for his country long before he actually did. He was also great at foreign negotiations & AVOIDING war. He was wise beyond his years the- things he put into motion while President, unfortunately, his determination to fight corruption in every level of government made him a target, & most people don't know what he even accomplished while President, because LBJ immediately erased every good thing he ever did, except Civil Rights, & he even messed that up, being one of the worst racist President's EVER. If JFK & his vision had lived, there would have been no Vietnam, a stable economy, & no CIA providing arms & money to the Taliban leading to 9/ name a few. Unfortunately, he made enemies of very powerful people in his quest to rid the government of corruption.

If I had a choice to vote for him at that time, it would be John F Kennedy, because he was a believer in truth, justice, and equality for all. He made America strong, not only to Americans but to the rest of the world. He stood up to oppression, which why we as Americans still believe in Freedom and Justice for All! The economy goes down when the rich get richer and the poor get poorer. John F Kennedy made our economy stronger and made America Strong & respectable to the world! I would vote for John F Kennedy more then 100%!

John F. Kennedy was truly a great president. Although there were many controversies during his presidency like The Bay of Pigs, JFK did some incredible things that very few people are capable of doing. In JFK's defense, it was Eisenhower's administration that started to plan out The Bay of Pigs. By negotiating the Cuban Missile Crisis, he prevented a horrible event. JFK is also the reason that the first man on the Moon was American. America should be proud of John F. Kennedy.

Okay, this man doesn't belong in front of great presidents such as Reagan or even Eisenhower. He's like a more conservative mix between President Obama, a good President in both parties' opinions, (let's go with Lincoln because of the conspiracy theories),and President Clinton, He's like Obama because his youth won him the presidency, he's like Lincoln because of the conspiracy theories and he helped us win the space race with Russia (and they were both assasinated, but that's considered a conspiracy theory). And last but not least, he's like Clinton because a week before his assassination, JFK had an affair with Marilyn Monroe, and as we all know, Bill Clinton was impeached for his sex scandal.

He is the best president there was by far, I mean really great person and it took a lot of guts to go up against all the protestants being the only catholic president; I mean that takes guts like what Lincoln did to end slavery. The guy also established the peace corps and was a key member to the moving along of the Soviet's fall later. You guys may think I like this guy because he's the only catholic president and I'm catholic but I'm not even Catholic and I think that!

Whoever really did kill him did not realize at the time what a horrific future they caused during the late 60's and early 70's. Vietnam. Lyndon Johnson supported sending troops to nam. Kennedy, on the other hand was a veteran himself, and knew there was a better solution than war in Vietnam. Johnson wanted Vietnam for Christ sake. Had Kennedy lived, Vietnam never occurs. Kennedy also prevented a near nuclear war, the Cuban missile crisis.

JFK was a very good President and he was killed because of his want for peace. Don't think for a minute that he and his brother were taken away from us by two lone nutballs. He cut taxes, built up the military and moved this nation forward. His push for the space race is the reason that we have so many technologies today. He loved his country and was extremely wise for his young age. Just imagine Nixon or even Johnson during the Cuban missile crisis.. No thanks. People forget how much he attempted to do in his short time.

Although JFK was in for such a short time he did a great deal of things such as saving all of us from the Cuban Missile Crisis which could have been a catastrophe and he saved us too bad people don't know what this man did in a little over three years he was in office before he was murdered civil rights the starting of Medicare he only just started to touch the surface before he was murdered

This is too high for a three year president. The Democrats do not follow his request to "ask not what your country can do for you but what you can do for your country." His allowing the creation of the SEIU could very well bring down our Democracy. FDR was opposed to creating a federal government union knowing it could go rouge and not be accountable to the voters. With huge and expanding bureaucracies and a union not accountable to the people may lead to the fall of our Democracy. He had several foreign policy accomplishments including the Missile Crises, Test Ban Treaty and domestic policy achievements such as tax cuts, civil rights and promising a moon landing within the decade.

I mean SERIOUSLY he's on call of duty so what now he's a pretty good beast with guns

John F. Kennedy was one of the best presidents ever. He started the Peace Corps, stopped the Cuban Missile Crisis, and began the steps that would bring an American to the Moon. And all of this was done in a little over two years. By the youngest elected president. If he had lived longer, we could have seen many great things from JFK.

JFK should be placed at 2 because JFK was an amazing president if there were no term limits and he had not been assassinated he could've been in the White House for longer than Roosevelt. Kennedy was a popular president when he died I was in the 4th grade and I remember that a girl cried cause she was sad Kennedy died.

#7 and I like him. Don't really know why,
pretty good president though
he did all that president stuff that those president people do

JFK was the best. He should be number one. He was a humanitarian who had the best interest for his country and for the world. His achievements in such a short time is amazing. It is so unfortunate for him, his family and for humanity for not allowing him to do what he could and would have done for the world.

OMFG! What the heck is Bush doing #1 on this list? He's awful and JFK is so much better because he stopped the Cuban Missile Crysis, started the Peace Corps, and donated his presidental salary to charities in just 3 freaking years. Just think what he could've done if he served his full term.

He wouldn't be a Republican if he was alive today. In fact, he probably wouldn't affiliate since both parties are so corrupt. He stood for change and the future. Never looked back and changed America in 3 short years. We possibly wouldn't have Vietnam and the Cold War could've ended with him. - mr_crossover27

Not denying JFK was a great president, and he did solve the Cuban Missile Crisis, but he also allowed it to happen in the first place. Soviets moved into Cuba with dangerous missiles under his administration, and he ended up getting very lucky that they didn't launch any missiles.

ARE YOU KIDDING ME? JFK is the most overrated president everyone thinks he is awesome because he was assassinated. He was a very scandalous president had more affairs then bill clinton worse than nixon not that good of a president though he should not have been assassinated I don't agree with that

I like him as a president because he left a great impact on germany (where I come from) and we were grateful for what he did for us. And I doubt that a president like Donald Trump would have handled the critical situation with Soviet Russia during the Cold War like Kennedy did.

He fought for civil rights and was a great person in general. He was very competent, and had a very high 70% average approval rating. He never should've been assassinated, and we need to find out what happened that day, because it was a tragic day when he died.

I was 7 years-old when he died but what I remember is that in a small town of Middlesex New Jersey when I walked home that day from school when he was shot Dewar people in the school crying there's people on the way walking home crying and when I got home my grandmother and my mom were both crying From a 7 year-old point of view it seem like the whole world was crying for him

Him, Reagan, both Roosevelts, Lincoln, and Clinton are the best Presidents because they actually helped America. I mean JFK ended the Cuban Missile Crisis and tried to end the cold War, Reagan helped the economy and ended the Cold War, 1st Roosevelt wanted to help nature, 2nd Roosevelt ended the Great Depression and had to deal with America during Ww2 while in a wheelchair, Lincoln freed the slaves and ended the Civil War, and Clinton helped out the economy a lot. These guys are amazing!

He should be on the first 5. There was nothing he missed to lead our country in the right direction I sometimes wonder how would this country be if he was never killed.

John Kennedy is our best president by a landslide. Helped a injured crewman swim to shore in ww2 with shark infested waters for 4 hours for 5 miles. He made the peace corps. He stopped a war from happening that could have destroyed north America from Cuba. He helped blacks out. And his own brother was in politics too. It warms my heart to see the good things you write about him!