Lyndon B. Johnson (36)

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Lyndon Baines Johnson, often referred to as LBJ, was an American politician who served as the 36th President of the United States from 1963 to 1969.


Johnson got Civil Rights through and was an incredible politician with a strong history of getting things done in the Senate. He inherited Vietnam and it was a hornets nest, but would have been for anyone. Many others would have led the US to Nuclear oblivion. Johnson managed it. Meanwhile, getting a lot done for society and improving the lives of millions.

Believe it or not, he is the president who has contributed the most to the lives of people in this country. The reason he is not higher up on this list is because he is usually skipped in educational curriculums across the country. Through his presidency, he ended racial segregation, decreased poverty by 8% through his programs, and led us through the Vietnam war.

So, Johnson was a diehard racist who used the Civil Rights movement to make sure his party would stay in power and get votes from one demographic for a very long time. His push for furthering Vietnam was disgusting and so is he. You folks who think that this evil man did great things had better get your heads out of your collective asses. Jesus Christ folks, he was directly connected with JFK's death.. Wake Up

LBJ is so underrated because of Vietnam. To be a southerner and lead the civil rights movement took astonishing guts. He said at the time that passing civil rights was the proper thing to do, but that Democrats could "write off the south for the next forty years". Unfortunately I think he may have underestimated just how racially divided our country is. I love my country but in many ways I am afraid of its future.

LBJ should be higher his issues came in his foreign policy. However his work in creating the america we see today is irrefutable. He passed the Civil Rights act of 64 and Voting rights act of 65 creating an Atmosphere where in which African Americans can prosper rather than be discriminated on. Not to mention 'the great Society' in this period he created a prosperous nation of equality which the US takes for granted today, it is my firm belief that as a democratic leader LBJ is the best the US has had however overall not so.

Johnson's record on civil rights, poverty, education and the environment was unequalled. This places him as probably the most influential president of the 20th century. His influence has endured and his reputation has grown steadily with time.

Domestically a great president. Few if any presidents have been more courageous and successful in accomplishing domestic goals. Unfortunately his tenure was stained by mistakes in prosecution the Vietnam War.

Even though he escalated Vietnam he helped finish a lot of things that Kennedy is created for such as he kept up at the Space Program and at the Civil Rights approach. Very underrated and deserves to be higher.

Over 90% of help people get from the government today is because of this guy... Yeah, he escalated the Vietnam War, but his accomplishments are enormous. The most underrated president, and top five overall

Started the decline of America with great society. We may never recover the American way of life because of this president. Only carter and Obama were worse and not really sure about that. Terrible president

This is how you know the list is based off of name recognition, and many people don't know much about the issues or people they bring up. Besides Vietnam, LBJ was an excellent president, putting forth many progressive domestic policies, such as medicare/medicaid, the civil rights act, voting rights act, etc. - fbrady

The most reforming president of the 20th century. His achievements in social legislation are unequalled.

Lyndon B Johnson in my opinion was responsible for the death of thousands of men in Vietnam. The conflict would have gone on much longer if he would have remained in office.Richard Nixon was the one who actually brought the troops home

This is unjust, he contributed to many accomplishments that helped make America the strongest country ever!

Bragged about the size of his penis, An inspiration to all

I agreed with the posted comments but would add that I've read out of all modern Presidents he did the least to raise the deficit.

Domestically speaking, he is the most progressive leader since FDR, bringing important social change with his implementation of the great society. A concept that was to eliminate poverty and discrimination. This took form though 3 key bills, one the civil rights act, two, the voting rights act, and three, food stamps act. He did all of this while opposing his party and fellow Dixie-crats.

A man of the people. Not only did Johnson want and aim to achieve so much for the people, he did. My favourite president.

He sucks he scrapped kennedys order to destroy the federal reserve we would've been a lot better if JFK was never assassinated

LBJ is shamefully neglected when it comes to rating US presidents. He fought his way to the top without having the benefit of patricians, as JFK had, who may have had an intellectual and moral motivation to end poverty and discrimination, but LBJ lived it! He was a plain man but a brilliant politician who inherited an unwanted foreign war and outsmarted anachronisms such as the Dixiecrats. He may not have had the charisma of a Lincoln, Kennedy or even a Reagan, but he was a truly great president and it is shameful to see who has now inherited this great office.

Don't care for him at all. He turned the Democratic Party into one which is not even likable.

Ensured the civil rights bills and was a generally a caring man

NO he was NOT in the Beatles! Where did you get that from? He kind of started the Vietnam War for the United States.

I am a Vietnam Vet and Johnson had little to work with yet did more than any other POTUS for people. There is nobody alive today that has not been affected in some way (however small) positively by his Presidency.

Very underrated and domestically successful president.