Ronald Reagan (40)

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Ronald Wilson Reagan was an American politician and actor who was 40th President of the United States from 1981 to 1989 . Prior to his presidency, he was the 33rd Governor of California from 1967 to 1975, following a career as a Hollywood actor and union leader .


There is some misinformation here. Reagan did not lower inflation, the banks did and he took credit for it. He did not end the cold war, he started it again for no reason. We already had detente with the soviets, and Reagan broke it. If anyone, Gorbechev ended it. He did not at all help low income Americans, he completely screwed them over by slashing the budget for welfare. The gap between the poor and rich increased astronomically. Most importantly he did not fix the economy, he put us trillions of dollars into debt with his military spending, and lowered the average household income. I also read someone say something about the Iranian hostage crisis. He did not end this, the Iranians let them go on his inauguration day. Besides all this, he ended affirmitive action. This was a thinly veiled effort to reassert white dominance in the workforce. He also started the war on drugs, which targeted black citizens explicitly by giving longer sentences for crack cocaine and marijuana. He ...more

Ronald Reagan deserves to be regarded as one of the greatest presidents of American History. Reagan's achievement of dismantling the Soviet Union, ending the Cold War and liberating Eastern Europe are every bit comparable to Abraham Lincoln Saving the Union and Freeing the Slaves, and FDR leading the USA to victory in World War II. The Cold War lasted 40 years, and all Cold War presidents accepted that the Cold War was a given, and didn't think it could be ended. While their work was notable in keeping Western Europe free from Communism, it was Reagan who dared to suggest that the peoples of Eastern Europe deserved the same freedom. By dismantling the Soviet Union, he ridded the world of an evil country that had the capability of destroying the US. It is said that Lincoln Freed the Slaves and saved the Union. I'd say, so did Reagan.

Reagan was the best president ever. He should be #1.
Reaga-nomics 101-

Prior to the Reagan administration, the United States economy experienced a decade of rising unemployment and inflation, known as stagflation. Political pressure favored stimulus resulting in an expansion of the money supply. The federal oil reserves were created to ease any future short term shocks. Reagan reinstated Volcker as Chairman of the FRB but required him to adopt an entirely new economic philosophy that would later claim him as one of the champions for the recovery.
In Reagan's stated intention to increase defense spending while lowering taxes, Reagan's approach was a departure from his immediate predecessors. Reagan enacted lower marginal tax rates in conjunction with simplified income tax codes and continued deregulation.

During Reagan's presidency the annual deficits averaged 4.2% of GDP after inheriting an annual deficit of 2.7% of GDP in 1980 under President Carter. The rate of ...more

Iran-Contra, raising taxes on the poor and middle class, Savings and Loan scandal, Busting the PATCO--the air traffic controllers' union--the union's complaints were legitimate), catering to the Religious Right, ignoring AIDS, refusing to crack down on Wall St excesses, reducing funding for college students, attempts to dismantle reasonable environmental laws, tripled the national debt, forced all social security disability cases to be formally reviewed because he believed that most of the beneficiaries were cheats (cost a lot more money than was saved. ) spent money on Star Wars missile defense system that was regarded by expert scientists and engineers as unrealistic and risky, promoted 'trickle-down economics'--which put a lot more money in the hands of the wealthiest.5% with little benefit to the rest of us... Closed the mental institutions and woefully, inadequately funded community mental health centers, creating a huge homeless population. - errrr

What stands out to me is Ronald Reagan, the man. He was classy & dignified. A class act who loved his wife & the American people. Whenever Air Force One would take off he would pray. When someone asked "are you praying that the place doesn't crash, Mr. President? " He replied "no, I'm praying if it does God will take care of Nancy". He also had a wonderful sense of humor. When asked how the meeting went with Desmond Tu Tu. He said "so-so". He also refused to take his jacket off in the Oval Office because he felt that office deserved the upmost respect. When he was shot, he joked with the surgeons and asked "hope you all are republicans". He also prayed for himself, for Nancy, for the doctors, & also for the man who shot him saying "how can I pray for myself and not the man who was ill enough to do this? " Class act. He would turn over in his grave to see what has happened to the Republican Party.

Reagan did not tear down the Berlin Wall. The crumbling Soviet Union was not because of Reagan's "toughness," but because it had been becoming drastically weaker over time. It's states were beginning to leave and its people were becoming disillusioned with communism. Merely telling Gorbachev to tear down the wall did not cause it to come down. Reagan also helped the spread of AIDS by ignoring the issue because it was common among homosexuals. Reagan also spread homelessness and income inequality through his "make the rich richer" economic policies. Oh, and he was senile during his final years in office.

Clueless president. Reagan was a cheerleader, and nothing else. Trickle-down economics lead to a recession in the 90's and 2000's. Reagan's policies were disastrously executed, and claiming he won the cold war is like saying a runner beat a rock in a marathon. The Soviet Union was in critical condition even in the 60's and he did nothing to change that. Gorbachev made the changes in the USSR that led to the collapse in 1991. The introduction of soldiers in Afghanistan created the Taliban. His corporate "perception management" and the creation of media outlets to force a belief on individuals makes it possible so people actually think he did something worthwhile. All Reagan did was advance the oligarchy that was already in place in Washington, and create a hyper-right political base that is currently leading to the destruction of the Republican party. He took a gunshot, but not like Teddy. All he did was drive jobs away and make it easier for corporations to make billions of dollars. ...more

There does seem to be this myth going around that Reagan fixed the economy, when actually that was Clinton after Reagan and Bush 43 ruined it. The high salaries of CEOs started under Reagan. I do wonder how many people commenting on this website were even alive in the 80s. I remember that decade very well, there were several layoffs and shutdowns in the mining industry where I was living. He is the modern day God of the Republican Party, I understand that. People say Reagan cut taxes when he in reality raised them seven times. I understand why he is your idol, since both Bushes and Ford were awful and anyone else, even Nixon, was too liberal. If Lincoln or Teddy Roosevelt were alive today, there is no doubt in my mind they would be Democrats.

Reagan stimulated the economy with his tax cuts and created job growth. He realized that the government does not create jobs; it only creates a platform for the economy to create jobs, and the economy takes it from there. His ability to fiercely end the cold war and communism in the Soviet Union demonstrates his courage to end evil where it lurks. While many presidents today have failed to stop the threat of terrorism and unstable forces, Reagan did stop them and would stop them today. The man who won 49 states in 1984 and won 43 states in 1980 in the general election is indisputably the greatest POTUS of all time. That man is of course Ronald Reagan.

He was one of the worst Presidents of our time. He raised the national debt faster than anyone by cutting taxes and expanding military spending. He supported laws and appointments that reduced the effect of labor, human rights and voting rights. He was illegally involved in the Iran/Contra affair. He changed tax laws to provide the increase wealth of the 1% and influence the loss of the middle classes in America.

Ronald Reagan was a great man. I have a lot of liberal friends so they think I only like him because he was a Republican president, but this man has done so many good things. He fixed the economy, which Jimmy Carter kinda messed up in the first place. After fixing the economy, more and more businesses were able to be created and millions of more jobs were created, which lowered the poverty rate. Republicans are good, but Reagan was just amazing - invinciblemario99

He was a terrible president. Ask anyone who worked at an airport when he was in. My grandfather was an air-traffic controller. He was the best in New York State, preventing hundreds of near misses. Reagan promised new equipment to airports. He never tried to help. A lot of workers went on strike. He then blamed the workers and got them permanently fired, including my grandfather. This shows how bull this list is

His tax reform was the best act for the middle class since WWII. It created emense prosperity that lasted 20 years which is probably a record for the country. He continued and intensified the Truman Doctrine and was probably the main president to topple the Soviet totalitarian regime. He also reduced government regulations and along with tax reform created jobs and prosperity. His accomplishments would have been greater if he had a more favorable congress. He was able to work with that Congress to pass needed legislation and blocked legislation that would expand the federal government. He believed in the concept of a free people who delegate power to the government.

The most overrated president in modern era. Trickle-down theory was a hoax. You are asking the wealthy, on good faith, to share the wealth with them? Have you ever heard of greed? Tax breaks for the wealthy. Ignored the AIDS epidemic. Clueless with the educational system. Star wars program was a joke. He deserves an Oscar for his attempt as a competent president.

People are acting like high national debt means poor economy. Absolutely not. The economy, in fact, was booming by the end of his presidency. Yes, the national debt was high. But this was entirely caused by his defense spending, which was solely for the cause of winning the cold war, which he did. This man greatly increased the size and scope of our military, sending the Soviets scrambling to keep up. Without the funds to keep up, the USSR used up all of its money attempting to do so, and collapsed. This man almost single handedly destroyed the Soviet Union, launched the economy into orbit, and restored America to greatness.

Thanks, since I am a Democrat, I will speak for myself. I did not love Reagan, except as a person. He was funny, he was courageous, you could tell during the campaign that even Mondale liked him. But his trickle down economics ruined our economy and is still causing damage today. The United States added jobs every decade since the 1940s until the 1980s. While I believe in Reagan's integrity, his policies were horrid. The rise of CEO pay inequality began under Reagan. Shutdowns in the mining industry began on Reagan's watch. He may have added jobs flipping burgers at McDonald's, but real manufacturing jobs were lost by the thousands. Outsourcing began under Reagan, and pollution of the environment intensified. I do believe that Reagan thought he was doing what was best for America, but those who place him among the best presidents ever are completely ignoring what he did to the economy. Nice man? Absolutely. Great president? Nowhere near.

One of the greatest Presidents ever, and he left a very positive mark on the history of the United States. The government of the 1980s in the US was defined by his time in office. Economic conditions improved and the world had a new found respect for the United States during this time period. The man was a born natural leader who came around at the right time. He was able to work with both parties, and in turn, he was able to get much legislation passed so as to move America forward. He was definitely one of the most influential and admired Presidents.

Ronald Reagan made the children of parents who were on welfare ashamed of their parents whom they loved. Simply when he called them welfare queens. No on who was on welfare thought they were queens. No only that but most of the parents I knew who were on welfare were only on it until they obtained a good paying job!

The "Great Communicator", and he truly was in regard to his connection to the american people. His presidency was a "time for choosing." He choose america and defended her strength in the return of Iranian hostages, in creating an armed forces to be rivaled for in defense, and an economy where the people prospered. He revived the american spirit and raised it to new heights. He reminded us that we were the beacon of hope and freedom for the world. He reminded the world that we are Americans and American never give in.

How can Bush 43 be above REAGAN? It's Reagan's policies that brought our country out of a terrible recession. He was the reason for the fall of the Berlin wall, He was the reason for the collapse of the Cold War. His policies created the environment that led to the creation of the greatest amount of wealth that the world ever saw. I wouldn't have thought that Bush 43 wouldn't have been in the top 10, possibly the top 20, but not the top 10.

Nice man, not so nice president. I'm surprised any modern day Republican even likes him, as he raised taxes seven times and tripled the national debt. Aren't Democrats always being accused of wasting money? I lived in northeastern Minnesota at the time of his presidency where the iron mining industry provides most of the employment. Going into the eighties, the mines were booming. By the time Reagan's second term ended, over half of the miners were laid off. HW continued the same policies, and it wasn't until Clinton that the economy turned around. But he was funny and a nice man. Overrated greatly as a president.

He was a bad President because he preached "less government" but then ran up the highest federal deficit ever seen to that point. He loved to spend our money beating Communism when everyone knows Communism was already going extinct without his interventions.

much better than george bush, thats what I know for sure! - freezerman75

Reagan not only rebuilt the economy but national pride as well. He provides a modern day road map to fix most of the ills our current economy endures which translates into repairing the social problems created during the past seven years. Regarding foreign policy he provided a steady, predictable and strong style that led to the end of the cold war. He strengthened liberty at home and worldwide.

The Republicans must have regretted not nominated Reagan in 1976. Though he came in late but better late than never. He had saved the souls of the American people and brought the nation to its feet. He boosted the morale of the people and stressed the need for national pride. Without him, USA would not be what it is today. Guys like him are not easy to come by. God bless his soul.