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Theodore Roosevelt was an American statesman, author, explorer, soldier, naturalist, and reformer who served as the 26th President of the United States from 1901 to 1909. As a leader of the Republican Party during this time, he became a driving force for the Progressive Era in the United States in the more.


Theodore may not have had any huge crises to deal with during his time in office, but that's solely because he avoided any and all possible catastrophes. He signed the Pure Food and Drug act and spent countless hours protecting the environment. He fought monopolies and saved the country from disaster during a coal strike that could have wrecked the economy. He issued the Roosevelt Corollary, asserted American dominance in the world without firing a shot via the Great White Fleet, ended a brutal war between Russia and Japan, and created the Panama Canal. I've heard countless times that Theodore doesn't deserve to be up on Mt. Rushmore alongside Washington, Jefferson, and Lincoln. However, if I were any of those three presidents, I'd feel honored to be up alongside Teddy. The world desperately needs another TR soon, or the future may turn out to be a very dark place. - Mangocave

While Washington, Jefferson and Lincoln might hold the top spots, they lived in a less complicated era where the country was more isolated and was able to allow itself to stay out of world conflicts for the entire century (doctrine of Monroe), Teddy Roosevelt took the office in much complicated time and executed his job on the highest level. Top class diplomat and reformer in economics, he turned the US into a superpower country.

A president few can disagree with. Few presidents have shown to be in the same ballpark for the endearment and devotion to the American people as Teddy Roosevelt. The Gilded Age saw corruption of many a politician, but none was to be found in this man. He was as great a leader as any man to ever live. A true American hero, through and through.

Abraham Lincoln was a weasle who said himself he didn't care about slavery before the war and only started it because he was mad the south wouldn't give the government more money from their slavery profit. As far as Teddy goes, he rode a moose, won a war, survived an assassination attempt, brought down the monster oil and banking tycoons that enslaved all of America, got in a a bar fight, AND created all those national parks to keep nature the way it is. What a bad ass guy.

Roosevelt was an incredible visionary. His foresight into where the country was going, where the world was going, helped define the fledgling United States of America, and found a balance between respecting rugged American individualism and ending crony capitalism. By breaking the trusts, Roosevelt brought competition and opportunity back to the economy. By creating the national parks, he created a national identity of pride and appreciation. With his leadership, the U.S. was on its way to a diplomatic and military powerhouse, in the Americas and beyond.

He was extremely tough, extremely honest, and extremely political. He got shot, and then gave a speech right afterwards, not to mention 'Busting Trusts' and having the Panama Canal built, he, Andrew Jackson, and Ronald Reagan were the two toughest presidents we have ever had.

For the people and common man. Took on big business and the industrialists and put them in their place. Did what he thought was in the best interest of the people and the country not the elite rich raping the American workers at the time. Bowed to nobody. A people's President.

The most underrated president there is would have to be Theodore Roosevelt. I'm not able to tell which presidents have the most integrity, but I doubt any more than 1 or 2 surpass the integrity Teddy Roosevelt held as a leader of this country.

I would say the first Roosevelt is the best Roosevelt. The Federal Meat Inspection Act, national parks, and a strong military are all to be credited to him. Also, the only president to be excited by politics.

A man who was not worried about being politically correct, which is why he was so great! He was not scared to get things done, and he was not scared to step over party lines to accomplish whatever was best for the country.

SUCH a great guy. He held out a gun in front of a bear. What did he do? He didn't shoot. Not only was he a great politician but he cared for small things like that, that even Lincoln didn't care much for.

Forward thinking president, a progressive before it became fashionable to hate the word. The national park system is largely due to him. Knew how to get things done, although he crossed some ethical boundaries doing so (Panama Canal).

I love Roosevelt. He is my absolute hero, and I love the Rough Riders. He got us out of war with Spain, and now I most definitely have one thing to say, Theodore Roosevelt is my favorite president.

The man was in the middle of one of his speeches and got shot?!?!? I mean seriously he stood there afterwards and still tried to give a speech. He fought his helpers every step of the way to stay on stage and still talk.

# 5 A great honest person who believed in protecting our environment. He was a outdoorsman who was so like your next door neighbor. He started the inspection process. He had to deal with monopolies. He was great.

A great leader who accomplished quite a lot. A man who cared about the common man and was also very intelligent. The fact he was shot and then still gave a speech tells you how great of a leader he was.

Helped create 5 new national parks and 42 million acres were set aside as national forests, wildlife and areas of special interest. We need somebody who cares about the environment that much now.

People are loving abraham lincoln for ending the civil war. It doesn't matter who was the president, the north would have won anyways. And even if the south was victorious, slavery would have drifted away over time.

Teddy was a great president. He created the national parks, implemented food inspection acts, and also got shot before a speech yet still went and said the speech.

Come on, he kicked ass in the 1899's, if it weren't for him this would be a whole different america.

He said one of the most morally complex lines: "Speak softly and carry a big stick; you will go far." That should be enough reason to put him at number one amongst numerous reasons.

He created regulations which prevented big corporation from exploiting others, fought for civil rights, and wanted to conserve our resources.

He took this country from being small and insignificantly within the world and made us a world power that was feared

Oh my gosh this guy is awesome! The teddy bear was named after him and so much more he did to change this nation he deserves to at least be number 4 - juliaandlucyforever1

The ONLY Gilded Age presidents that was not corrupt. Put a stop to bad trusts. He showed to presidents that they should think about democrats AND Republicans to have a strong nation. He passed the FDA, made national parks, memorials, and made the U.S. a better navy. He deserves to be number 1