William Clinton (42)

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William Jefferson Clinton was the 42nd President of the United States . He previously served as governor of Arkansas . He became president after unseating incumbent president, George H . W Bush in 1992 . He was re-elected in 1996 after defeating Senator Bob Dole .


Brilliant, eloquent, well educated and knowledgeable about policy and history. A stark contrast to the moron presently occupying the White house. Left us with a surplus and hope, unlike reagan who left us with a triple deficit and allocated not a penny to the scourge that was Aids. We need more leaders like William Clinton. So grateful for him.

It joys me to see Democrats praise Clinton as one of the best presidents of all time and the best for them economically. He was after, by today's standards, very Conservative. He signed a Republican-sponsored welfare reform bill which helped people get off of welfare and balanced the federal budget. He signed into effect the Taxpayer Relief Act which stimulated the economy by giving the largest capital gains tax cut in U.S. history. Not to mention he was extremely anti-regulation. You guys are playing yourselves for supporting him as an advocate for a great Democratic candidate when he had largely Conservative economic values but I will take it for sure.

He was great economically, but in the long run his NAFTA created an extreme loss of jobs (the most from any single policy ever) and he was really well-liked, even through being impeached.

Yes, he was impeached. People say all the time that he wasn't, but the House impeaches Presidents and then sends them to the Senate where a trial is held to see if he should be fully impeached and kicked out. He won his trial, but the House of Representatives still impeached him.

Bill Clinton is one of the greatest leaders of all time. Awesome economic boom and ridiculously good foreign policy. Not the best overall, but definitely better than GEORGE BUSH. What a terrible list.
1. Lincoln (held union together, terrific supporter of universal freedom)
2. Washington (basically founded the nations values set precedents yadayada)
3. FDR (wartime president, ended great depression, etc. )
4. Clinton (mentioned)
5. Kennedy, if only...
6. Jefferson
7. Madison
8. GHW Bush (he was actually pretty good).

Really, being rated ahead of Truman, John Adams, Polk, Jackson and Coolidge. All of his domestic legislation was initiated by Newt Gingrich or Bob Dole. Some of it was excellent and fortunately public opinion forced him to sign the legislation. In fairness to Bill he did expand NATO and built Middle East pipelines around our enemies, but he did screw up in his deals with N. Korea and China. If teachers would really teach American History he would not be rated any where near this level

The guy left his legacy with one of the worst policy's on the housing market ever. He made it easy for those with awful credit history and no money to be able to afford any house they wanted causing the housing bubble and recession! while he did have a good two terms before his last year and overlooking his scandals which shouldn't matter as far as policy and how presidents get the job done etc. he left us with the start of the housing bubble which has put us in so many hard times economically since!

Dude... We did have the best economy EVER! Who made Bush 8th? Under Bush, gas is almost 4. 00 a gallon, there is an incredible amount of homeless people and my uncle has had to go to war several times! Bush sucks. I bet I could get at least 600 to back me up on that. Clinton saved us from the 1st Bush but the 2nd one screwed it all up! How is he 8th?!?! This is really retarded. - Snuckles

Thank God my "Slick Willy" at least made the list! Though, I was POSITIVE I would find him listed amongst the 'Top 5' (Seriously people, 9?! ) William Jefferson Clinton, was the first Presidential candidate I ever voted for. He is also, by far and away, the most effective & influential President since Kennedy! That's NOT an opinion folks...It IS a fact.

Life was the best under Clinton and he left us with a SURPLUS. Not too many modern day presidents can say that. Proof is proof, all else is opinion. The economy was the best under Clinton and that is PROVABLE.

Absolutely brilliant, educated, intellectually willing and ambitious and a great ability to relate to all people. So much better than the sham we have in the White house now!

A lot of people hate Hillary but that's no reason to hate on her husband. He found a middle ground between Liberals and Conservatives, managing to improve the economy as a whole while also helping the poor get, in his words, "a hand up, but not a hand out."

Under his term america has developed well and he is not try to killed innocent peoples in the world related to terrorism he is not only popular in America popular in all over the world due to his peace personality in president term

While he helped to create the financial collapse through deregulation which would come to affect the US economy in later years, he was the only President in most current history that balanced the budget w/o a deficit. His personal life aside, he worked very well as a leader in foreign affairs, was a good negotiator, and domestically we as citizens could not have asked for more from a President. He worked well with Congress and created great economic prosperity. I will always remember this a great time in American History.

The best hansom president keep the world war less. strong economy development, minimize the jobless and won the people hart even personal problem, used ( Monica ) to topple him out from power of president, but not worked, USA Law president power two term only, if not non one can't stop him for another two more terms, but he will come back to semi power of USA soon

Really! Bill Clinton should be more like near 20 or above. George Bush Sr. helped with his tax increase to make the Clinton boom. He came in at the right time like Calvin Coolidge (great economic era) who was not a good President at all. There is some speculation that Bill did not react aggressively to world events which led up to 9/11. His embarrassment with Monica which helped in part among other things to talk about impeachment. He was a very likeable person.

Was able to do what Reagan Republicans couldn't... balance the budget as well as cut Medicaid spending. Then a radical calling himself a moderate Republican decided to triple the national deficit after ruining our credit rating and relying on China for debt relief. Don't even get me started on the alleged foreign policy screwups... - mgenet

Tens times more intelligent than Reagan and left this country with a booming surplus rather than a looming deficit. I think only republicans know about this list.

I have never really understood people got into Bill Clinton's personal life.
Even though he was a great president (the economy was great, jobs created were millions, stopped wars, and our country was at peace.) Why did the media get into Bill's personal life, why not Obama's life or Bush's life. The media tried to ruin his reputation just because he was a good president. Hillary is the opposite she lies, she is corrupt and she gets away with it. The emails is a huge incident and she gets off of it. It can't be president.

The best president of my lifetime.. I was doing real well during his time in office I thought he worked well with congress and was well liked around the world..I would have put him much higher on the list.

Brilliant, well educated, thoughtful and related so well to the people. Heads and tails over reagan.

Gas was super affordable, didn't really engage in any wars, economy was booming, his only flaw was that he was getting a boner while in office. - eman1986

Best contemporary president. Brilliant, great policies, very compassionate and humane. Should be way above that intellectually and morally bankrupt Reagan.

Clinton dies nit get honorable mention in my opinion. He created the worst trade deal in history. His actions helped to destroy trade in the country. The only positive thing he did was ride Reagan's coat tails.

It's as if Fox news sent out a bunch of people to vote on this list... How is bush in the top ten? He may not be the WORST we have had, but is somewhere in that list.

I know while he was president my life was doing better. I don't hold it against him about his scandals with women. He is a man and the women were willing.