Best Presidents of Mexico


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1 Lázaro Cárdenas del Río

As honest as they came and that's rare with Mexico officials stood up to American and British oil corruptions in Mexico lands humble and honest not like his silver spoon son and grandson

Had the right priorities making Mexico for the Mexicans, not the outsider interests! We need more like him! I wish to be like him someday!

2 Porfirio Díaz

A brilliant man, one who brought economic wealth and stability to the Mexicana nation. Our current horrible president Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador, who has been a disastrous and disappointing calamity, truly the Mexican Trump, a man who has never failed to break his word when it suited him, should take a page out of Porfirio Díaz book.

Corrupt, corrupt, corrupt! He looked out only for his own interests and used Mexico to get them! No hero!

He was a real Hero...

3 Miguel Alemán Valdés
4 Adolfo López Mateos
5 Adolfo Ruiz Cortines
6 Miguel de la Madrid Hurtado

How can this man be here, he was brutally corrupt and was a gray president

7 Vicente Fox
8 Manuel Ávila Camacho
9 Benito Juárez

He fought for the rights of his people.

Terrible Corrupt, corrupt, corrupt! He looked out only for his own interests and used Mexico to get them! No hero always had the same haircut never changed his style.

#1 best president! Wish that every president was like him.

Terrible president!

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10 Álvaro Obregón

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11 Andrés Manuel López Obrador

He is the man trying to save Mexico from corruption, poverty & more. He is a good man & isn’t a puppet used by the USA or drug cartels. He really does care about Mexico but so far not much changed yet...

Best hope for this president

He is the best, he is changing the face of Mexico and making sure Mexico isn't corrupt! He is smart and is ending corruption in Mexico

12 Felipe Calderón

Felipe has the kwnolage to take the economic as well as no one could. The best of all president in mexico history.

13 Victoriano Huerta
14 Emperor Maximilian

He really tried to improve the life of the people in Mexico.

He did more in his two years in power than most. Respected the traditions, took care of the poor, organized the institutions, modernized the infrustructure. Sometimes it takes a foreigner to cross the imaginary barrier set by all mexicans to trully take advantage of all our potentials. Blinded by a nationalism that still plagues Mexican society, he was wrongly stripped of his power by a tyrant that is still adored in Mexico: Benito Juarez. What would Mexico look like today if the monarchy had survived?

15 Enrique Pena Nieto
16 Luis Echeverría
17 Ernesto Zedillo
18 Vicente Guerrero

He abolished slavery which is why I respect him

19 Gustavo Díaz Ordaz
20 José López Portillo y Pacheco
21 Miguel de la Madrid
22 António López de Santa Anna
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1. Porfirio Díaz
2. Lázaro Cárdenas del Río
3. Miguel Alemán Valdés


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