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1 Spencer and Toby

I honestly have no idea how the writers and producers of PLL created this couple. It's honestly the best relationship I've ever seen on T.V.. It's like you just want to see them together all the time. They're PERFECT together and they have so much chemistry you just feel like you're witnessing something huge happening in front of you that you want for yourself. Seeing them together honestly makes me so happy.

Spencer and Toby must be to the first place. It's the most romantic couple. I loove their first kiss. they are so much chemistry between them. They are so cute together. they take care of each other.

These teo bring me some kind of flashback to Chuck and Blair from Gossip Girl. And while their relationship is a tad on the boring side now days, it is perfect! I just think they need a little shake up, because season 2 and 3 was their journey back to each other and I loved it. They need to do something like that again. Because that keeps me invested in their coupling.

Hanna and Caleb are a beautiful couple, but that's it. They're Barbie and Ken, they are ok. Aria and Ezra are also strong, but most of the time I had no idea what Ezra was upto, he kept too many secrets from Aria for no reason and I was left feeling frustrated at him. But Spencer and Toby... they're so beautiful. That kind of romance! He build a house for her! He joined the police for her! He became "A" to protect her, even though it hurt him to stay away from her. And Spencer, she was there for him when he was still a misunderstood bad boy. She saw who he really was, and loved all of him. They both helped each other grow and we saw it happen on screen that is why it's so beautiful. Every single moment, From the day when they spend at motel together, he got pants, she wore his shirt and they ended up spooning in bed, to when spencer bought a car for toby, and the back rub when toby ended up kissing on her back (best back massage ever lol) To when Toby asked for Spencer's faviorite ...more

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2 Aria and Ezra

Aria and Ezra are soul mates. They will always be together and will always protect each other. They kick ass in this competition!

Whatever ezra did, now we see that he tries his best to win aria back. It is not enough that she forgave him. He wants really to win her back! Their relationship is epic. We see when ezra starts have feelings in reality in the show. In "There's No Place Like Homecoming" there is a change. There were lies but ezra truly loved her and now he shows us how worthy he is. He supports all the liars because of Aria! They HAVE TO be together.

After all the trouble they've been through, Ezra still loves and cares for Aria. He was too angry at CeCe for hurting Aria and couldn't forgive her no matter what. I'm pretty sure they still have strong feelings for each other but they're just too scared to admit it. Favourite couple since The Pilot!

They should be #1. They have been together since the 1st episode, been through A LOT together, can't stay away from each other no matter what, and they have fantastic chemistry. Because there such a great couple, you look past the kinks of their relationship. Ezria for the win!

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3 Hanna and Caleb

They are unlike other couples. Even though they have a kind of shaky start, they fell in love irresistibly and they will do anything to keep each others safe, to protect each other, because they love each other. I do think this kind of actions are better than every. Even though spencer and toby are great too, I just can't resist the chemistry between hanna and caleb more than spencer and toby.

They are the cutest couple ever, they have this brilliant relationship where they are like best friends but still girlfriend and boyfriend. Also, you can really tell just how much they love each other like how Caleb always has Hanna's back. They are like a match made in heaven.

Haleb go deep. The have amazing chemistry. The way the look at each other proves their chemistry. They will always have each others backs and will do anything to protect each other. They are best friends and in a romantic relationship which proves they can always trust each other with all their secrets. They have lied to each other at times but only to protect the other otherwise they will tell the other. They have the best chemistry on T.V., have funny moments, a love story between the bad boy and the sassy blonde into the perfect boyfriend and girlfriend. Hanna inspired Caleb that he doesn't have to be the sketchy boy to be okay and that love is more important and Caleb taught Hanna that she's beautiful on the inside which is more important than the outside.

I love them

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4 Mike and Mona

She really loved him and his face last night... goddess, it broke my heart!
This is the reason I believe they had true feelings for each other: Mike and Mona, two lonely broken people who found a little piece of Heaven together. In each other they found peace and redemption from their pasts.

I love Mike and Mona because Mike gave Mona a second chance even when she had tortured his sister and her friends he still managed to love her even when she revealed her faking her death plan but Mike supported her and never gave up on her

They are so cute together. I love their chemistry no matter their two year age gap.

They're everything.

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5 Alison and Emily

From the moment they met, they only saw the good in each-other, even when nobody else could. Even though they were separated they never stopped believing, despite what people said, they knew that the loved each other. The other couples are cute but they had to reassure each other of their love. fir Alison and Emily, the didn't need words to describe their connection. Sometimes you just know when two people on this Earth are blessed enough to find each other, you know they belong together. Even when Emily thought Alison was dead, even though they suffered hardship, their love wasn't scarred. Alison and Emily have a bond that can never fade.

I highly ship Emily and Alison because Ali was Emily's first love even though in the locker room Alison completely ditched Emily she knew she had feelings for her. I still believe that Alison and Emily still have feelings for each other you can obviously see it when they stare at each other. Emily never stopped caring for Alison even when she was missing she cared either way when they went to her "funeral" you could see Emily crying when they saw each each other the first time after she was missing they were crying of joy when they hugged. That why I ship them #emison

They were each others first love, they deserve to be together. They would do anything for each other. They saw things in each other that no one else saw.

Even though Alsion was a bitch to Emily at first it is clear that they have true feelings for one another, and how Ali gets jealous of paige and Emily is so cute

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6 Spencer and Wren

I just love how cute they are together. It seems that spencer may still have lingering feelings for wren despite dating Toby.

I wish they had dated

I just love when they are together and wish they'd get in the bed

Wrencer is absolutely adorable. Cuter than spoby. I love how wren really respects Spencer, and he didn't take advantage of her when she came to his house drunk. They really should be endgame. They just seem like they were made for each other. They would for sure be my #1 otp if they had more screen time

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7 Emily and Maya

I don't care if Maya is dead or not they were always the cutest. Maya taught Emily so much. Everybody's else's boyfriend worked for A and had a part in trying to hurt the girls. Maya was just as much as a victim as the rest of the girls maybe more.

My favorite couple I can't get over them regardless of maya being dead I just have high hopes she's not because I love Emily being with her. She seemed deeply I love with maya instead of Paige I don't know just love them I can relate so much

Regardless of what happened, Maya was Emily's first love and they were perfect together, they have a history together, let's not forget everything they have been through,

Maya is totes not dead so more Emaya for us!

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8 Lucas and Hanna

YES I AM SO GLAD THIS IS AT LEAST IN THE TOP 10! Lucas never gets the spotlight and he should. He is adorable and super cute with Hanna and just by himself.

I love that couple I hope they let them fate in season 7

This isn't the best couple but I reckon Lucas and Hanna r better than Hanna and Caleb I thought when Lucas kissed Hanna on the forehead was really adorable

9 Aria and Jason

Come on, everyone knows Jason's hotter than Ezra and obviously has more chemistry with Aria. It would so sexy if they were together. Jason just so attractively bad and it's sexy. They're relationship would be dangerous while it's fun. Best match.

Aria and Jason would be magic. I know she had all the history with Ezra, but I know it became harder and harder for her to resist Jason. And that one time they kissed, it just seemed right.

I love Jason... And ever since new Jason came in because old one was stupid I've loved him

I want them together

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10 Emily and Sahara

Who the heck is Sahara?

4th fave couple here

It's Samara lol

It's Samara

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11 Ashley and Ted

They are a perfect couple and Ted is cares about Ashley so much. He paid for her one million dollar bail.

Aw, these two were actually really cute until Jason came between them

Love them together! Ted is such a sweet guy

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12 Emily and Toby

I loved them in the 1st season. Wished they had more scenes together now.

I love their best-friend relationship. Toy helped Emily come out! They are the best!

I loved their bromance in season 1, but when Spoby happened Toby got so incredibly annoying. And I'm sure he is a great person, but I don't like Keegan's acting at all -especially in romantic scenes. Most people will probably hate me for saying this, but I wish they had done it like in the books: Paige and Caleb don't exist, Ezra has to go to jail for being with Aria and Toby is dead. I just don't like any of the 4 main relationships... Jake and Aria, Travis and Hanna and Alex and Spencer were much better than Spoby, Ezria and Haleb. Emison is okay though. I also don't get how you can prefer Ezra, Toby and Caleb over guys like Mike, Wren, Jason, Travis and Jake... This is just my opinion and I don't mean to offend anyone. And sorry for any possible mistakes; English isn't my first language...

She's gay remember

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13 Alison and Lorenzo

These two actually had a chance

Alison was going to give head

Who the hell is lorenzo

I think that Lorison could have actually have happened if Alison didn't steal Lorenzo's id card to sneak into the police department.

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14 Ella and Byron

Seems like y'all are forgetting about the parents, that's why I'm adding this one! Anyways, they were so cute together, WHY did they have to get divorced? GRR!

Best PLL parent couple. They are goals actual goals

15 Jenna and Shana
16 Pam and Mr. fields

They are perfect and have a nice caring relationship

Exept that he's dead

His na

17 Aria and Jake

They are so cute together. She is finally getting over Ezra and that is because of Jake. I mean I loved Aria and Ezra but I think it is time for Ezra to let Aria go and be with Jake. She has moved on and he should too. And this time not with one of his students and for that matter not a minor either.

They need to be together because what Ezra did to Aria was horrible so she deserves to be with a handsome and gorgeous guy like Jake

Ezria is boring... Jake is hot and supportive! He's got so much potential

Aria and Jake are cute together, wish they were still together!

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18 Noel and Aria

They are practically the best couple in the books, so they could do just as good on the show.

I'm obsessed with Noel and Aria! I'm happy to see that this made the list, as people usually hate Noel. I LOVE them in the books and show, in both Noel genuinely cares about her!

Noel and Aria and Hanna and Mike were so awesome in the books, Ezra and Caleb are just weird...

I'm starting to like this pair

19 Emily and Paige

I love them! Paige is the best for Em!

Amazing Paige cares for Emily so much!

Favourite ship of all time! They are just so cute together. They should be way, way, wayyYY higher.

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20 Caleb and Miranda
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