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21 Melissa and Wren

Melissa and Wren was a MISTAKE. He is way too good for her, and clearly she didn't really love him because she got over him and was married to Ian within 3 days of leaving Wren.

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22 Aria and Wes

I so hope they bring him back to the show. These two are sooo cute together

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23 Aria and Sean

They did in the books and they were so cute, that's the only time I liked Aria.

But Aria and Sean never happened...

24 Spencer and Caleb

Hanna is such a ditz (not to mention a spaz), she is the character I like the least on the show. Caleb is far too good for her and I was pleasantly surprised to see him & Spencer hook-up. Toby on the other hand is completely boring (yawn! ) they just need to phase him out of the show all together.

I love Hannah and Caleb but I think mostly because Caleb is an amazing boyfriend. He's literally the best. I enjoyed watching him and Spencer getting it on!

Didn't think it will work, but hell yeah!

These two were perfect for each other. They were both smart, Hanna didn't deserve Caleb and Toby didn't deserve Spencer. Spaleb for life.

25 Shana and Carla

Who the hell are Shana and Carla?

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26 Jenna and Toby


27 Byron and Ella
28 Spencer and Alex

Spencer and Alex were cute together I was so upset when they broke up, but Spencer does have Toby now

I really liked this two, they were a great match.


29 Spencer and Jason

No Jason is meant to be with aria end of it

This is an unpopulair opinion but I shipped them before they were half siblings. When they have a scene there are always sparks

Lol better than jaria...although they are siblings well I don't know... What even is spencers family anymore?

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30 Hanna and Wren
31 Byron and Andrew

I love them they would have had the cutest children in the world plus they have amazing hair




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32 Garrett and Ian

I just really really want them to make out

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33 Mike and Aria

Let's all be honest, if they weren't brother and sister they would make the hottest pll couple.

34 Sean and Hanna

I thought Sean and Hanna were so cute together. I don't know why there are so many Sean haters out there; I thought Sean was such a good guy. I was cheering for them the whole time and was upset when they broke up! I definitely like them together. Cutest couple!

Sean and Hanna had that fake relationship that makes you think of too perfect relationships, so glad they broke it off and Hanna found Caleb,the guy for her

Lol Sean sucked

They rock
Caleb is just awful
I love pll
But whatever is what you think, this is my opinion so...
I'm porugurse by the way and I totally love pll.
My favorite carachater is hanna marin
Ashley benson forever and after!

35 Melissa and Ian

Melissa and Ian were a really strange couple but I suppose it did add to the drama

36 Alison and Ian

Ian was a horrible guy, Ali may not have been the nicest gal but she deserves better then HIM!

37 Jenna and Garrett

Jenna and Garett are weird together plus Garett Is dead

38 Emily and Ben

Seriously? He tried to rape her!

Emen sounds great like 'm' and 'n'.

Ben tried to rape her, so glad Toby came to her rescue

How is this higher than paily?
He tried to rape her

39 Mona and Noel

She suits Noel more than Mike

Moel represents the unlikely joys in a relationship to me

40 Melissa and Garrett
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