Spencer and Toby


Hanna and Caleb are a beautiful couple, but that's it. They're Barbie and Ken, they are ok. Aria and Ezra are also strong, but most of the time I had no idea what Ezra was upto, he kept too many secrets from Aria for no reason and I was left feeling frustrated at him. But Spencer and Toby... they're so beautiful. That kind of romance! He build a house for her! He joined the police for her! He became "A" to protect her, even though it hurt him to stay away from her. And Spencer, she was there for him when he was still a misunderstood bad boy. She saw who he really was, and loved all of him. They both helped each other grow and we saw it happen on screen that is why it's so beautiful. Every single moment, From the day when they spend at motel together, he got pants, she wore his shirt and they ended up spooning in bed, to when spencer bought a car for toby, and the back rub when toby ended up kissing on her back (best back massage ever lol) To when Toby asked for Spencer's faviorite ...more

I love this ship. If you had told me by the end of the sixth episode that Spencer and Toby would become a couple, I wouldn't have believed you. They have an unconditional love for each other that is still there even after the five year time jump. Although they are with other people, they will always love each other and support each other. Their love is undeniably connected. No matter how much they try to move on, they will always find a way back to each other. They're meant to be together. They are undoubtedly soulmates for life.

This is one of those relationships that came out of nowhere but in the most fabulous way possible. So much chemistry! I'm honestly astounded by it. And yes, they've both made mistakes, but they've toughed through it and you can see they're willing to do anything to keep each other safe.

They are so magical together, they have such fantastic chemistry on screen and off, overall they are AMAZING... ! Would never choose any other pair for the other half! Just waiting for a huge step in their relationship now... marriage or a baby or even move in together, just anything... ! Please...

Spencer and Toby are very deserving of their first place position, and are the most incredible couple on any T.V. show, movie, or book ever. As others have mentioned, I have a hard time even understanding how the writers of PLL could create a pairing that is so in depth. Their chemistry is undeniable, and they care about each other so much. There are so many beautiful moments between Spencer and Toby, and I can't wait to see what the writers do with them in 7B.

Unlike the other couples they are selfless towards each other and bring out the best in each other and most of all love each other without any second thought. He is giving her an unconditional love and brings out the soft side of Spencer and both are always faithful.

The definition of the perfect couple. I can't even live without their relationship, how pathetic does that sound haha? They are just so amazing and so meant for each other. I have all of their scenes together memorized, seriously. AH, I just love them!

Toby's water and Spencer's fire. One can't survive without the other. With all the ups and downs they've gotten through it all. They always loved each other truly and are the strongest when together. They need each other.

! So perfect together they are the definition of love. seriously love them together. All of their scenes together are the best I can not live without them. I hope they are together forever.

Best couple in the whole world. Toby is so cute. He was A but I think he was just trying to help spencer. But now there back together I hope Toby is trustable now.

I love them so much. They have the best relationship on the show, and I just love them so much. I honestly think they're better then some real life couples. They are just so adorable.

They are the cutest and best couple on this show! I hope they have more scenes and moments in season 4 which is currently airing now. But they're so cute and perfect! I love them!

I love them together BEST couple in the whole world, I live how Spencer first "hated" him because she was so sure he was A and then they fell in love they just belong together - SeriesLover

They are just perfect. Every thing about them make you think about true love. They take care of one another and make each other life better. For me they are the best couple. I watched all of there sence more then a couple of times.. There first kiss, How he worked with A to find things. Just perfect. :D

The only couples who come close to this one has major problems. Ezra is a creepy teacher who likes having romantic relations with all his students, and Caleb is "haunted", whatever that means.

Cutest couple ever. How were they not endgame? Marlene King needs to feature them in the spin off, the perfectionist so all the question can be answered about them.

I think they are the cutest couple at first when Emily started a relationship with him I thought Toby was ugly and creepy the all the other pretty little liars but once him and Spencer started dating I thought he was hot I think those to make a great couple in the show and in realife

Love this couple since their first kiss. The combination of the two just makes their love story even greater

Spencer and Toby are an amazing couple. They have realistic problems, they overcame all the obstacles and now they are together.

The best couple ever! Two totally different characters getting together! And loving each other to death! Thanks Marlene!

I loved how she forgave after he betrayed her, there love scenes will always remain in our hearts.

The best couple ever! They are both so gorgeous hope they get back together in season 7

Spencer and Toby are one of the cutest couples ever and yeah

There a beautiful kissable couple adorable just adorable

Spencer and toby are perfect 4 each other. I LOVE this couple