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1 Purple Rain

Just rock perfection, an album of anthems, the Purple reigned

Prince's definitive masterpiece.

2 Sign O the Times

Creamy perfection, every song is a classic, a bend of many musical styles that all have a a unique Prince feel to them. My favourite album in the world with amazing songs and so much musical panache. Adore is the greatest song ever written.

Remixes from original "Crystal ball" album ; original versions of songs sounded much better than this "hybrid" versions; try sign o the times DVD first or better unofficiall "Dream Factory" and "Camille" albums; than You will know why this album sucks - dubbelvla

Each song is a Jewel. - winner333

3 1999
4 Around the World in a Day
5 Parade
6 The Gold Experience

Purple rain of 90's - dubbelvla

7 Musicology
8 Batman

Fantastic soundtrack album, deepest lyrics! - DeadAsian

9 Dirty Mind
10 Diamonds and Pearls

The Contenders

11 Lovesexy
12 Controversy
13 Prince
14 Love Symbol
15 3121
16 LotusFlow3r
17 For You
18 Planet Earth
19 Crystal Ball

5xCD boxset album with many very good songs from different times of Prince career unrealesed, changed or newly made. Has very strong materïal ouuttakes from "The gold experience" album: "Hide the Bone", "Interactive", "Acknowledge Me", "Days of Wild" or original songs from first unreleased "Crystall Ball" album: "Crucial" and many other - dubbelvla

20 Come

Outtakes from "The gold experience" album released by Warner studio but neglected by Prince. Has major hit "Letitgo" and one of his best songs "Pheromone" - good to find out this one ("Pheromone" Video LP.verșion ) and rest of songs in different unofficial versions. - dubbelvla

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1. Sign O the Times
2. Purple Rain
3. 1999
1. The Gold Experience
2. Purple Rain
3. Love Symbol
1. Purple Rain
2. 1999
3. Sign O the Times

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